If you buy and hold these stocks long term now it’s important to keep in mind that this most likely will not happen in the next year or two years. This is probably over five or ten years, maybe even longer, but i think these three stocks present a really good opportunity for your portfolio. If you buy these stocks and forget about them – and these are what i call filing cabinet stocks, which means you basically take them and you forget about them or you know you buy them, and you forget about them, because when you sell a stock like one of These that i’m about to talk about, and then you see the stock up. You know a thousand percent in the future, you’re, definitely going to regret selling that stock, so anyway, guys that’s what we’re going to talk about today. If you are new to the channel – and you want to see more videos – just like this – be sure to hit that subscribe button, if you guys want to go on over to weeble and get your free stocks, i have that link in the description you get. Four free stocks just for signing up valued up to thirty seven hundred dollars, it’s a fantastic promotion and then finally, guys if you do get value out of this video and you wan na support me a little bit further. You can head on over to my patreon channel and support me for four dollars a month.

I have a private discord chat on there, where you can talk stocks with other people and you know really we’re trying to build a community on patreon right now. So if you want to help out the link is in the description as well all right guys, so the first stock we’re going to talk about is plnhf. The planet 13 holdings company and this stock also trades on the canadian stock exchange and i believe the ticker symbol is p. L nh or something like that. I could be wrong with the canadian version, but here in the united states it does trade on the over the counter markets. It has a market capitalization of 737 million, and this company is growing revenues, basically they’re doubling revenues every single year. So if you don’t know about this stock, i have talked about this stock on my channel before. Basically, this stock is or this company is in the cannabis space or the marijuana space. So what they’re doing is they have a super center outside the las vegas strip? Currently and people can go there and they can smoke cannabis right and they can hang out and they can have good food and it’s, basically a big center where people come and they can get their products and walk out or they can stay there. A while. Hang out and do their thing, and so this has become very, very popular and in fact, in 2019 the planet 13, i believe, did like 60 million dollars in revenue just in 2019 from that one location and they are also working on a second location in santa Ana california, this is going to be absolutely massive long term for this stock and when we think about the cannabis market, we have to keep in mind that it’s, not even federally legal, yet and so what’s going to happen when it becomes legal federally is that the Market is going to expand dramatically and keep in mind.

This stock would most likely be on one of the major exchanges right now, but because of the nature of the business it’s, just not allowed to go onto a major exchange right now, so that’s. Why it’s trading over the counter, but in the future think about the opportunity if this stock is going to get listed on a major exchange, i definitely see this company absolutely the share price skyrocketing. No doubt in my mind, i think this stock could go to a 10 or 20 billion dollar market capitalization. Currently just 737 million, like i said, and this stock is currently trading at 5.66 and the share price was down today. It’S actually been down the last couple days, so great buying opportunity. In my opinion, and like i said you look at the revenues from 2019. Just from the one location, it was 64 million dollars and when we look at the quarterly financials i mean last quarter alone. They did 23 million dollars in revenue. These revenues are growing exponentially they’re, starting to make a profit too. In fact, they made a 360 000 profit in the last quarter and this is going to continue so do your own research on this company. I can’t give you all the facts in this video because i don’t want to make this video an hour long, but i really do like this stock. I think this company is going to go a lot higher in the future and anyway.

That brings me to stock number two, and that is beyond meat. Ticker symbol is bynd. Now this stock trades in an 8 billion dollar market capitalization now, if you’re unfamiliar with beyond meat and what they do, basically, they serve vegetarian patties. So it’s one of those things where like, if you picture a burger patty but it’s, not actually meat, so it’s beyond meat, and so really what they’re in the business of is selling plant based protein and a lot of people actually say that their burgers do taste. Like real ground, beef patties, which is pretty amazing, i’ve, never tried one, but nonetheless these products are sold in a lot of places. In fact, they just closed the deal with taco bell to produce a plant based protein within their uh distribution network. So we’re going to see how that plays out, but that news just came out like last week and they also have a lot of other clients they. They have a lot of other restaurants that they sell their products and you think about dunkin donuts hardee’s flood ruckers. These are all names, i’ve heard of and i’m just reading through the list. Right now we have subway, we have tgi fridays, we have yard house, we have all these different restaurants and there’s a huge list of them on If you go to or on google, you can type in beyond meat clients or corporate clients, and they also have all these different grocery stores they’re in including walmart, is one of the grocery stores you have target.

You also have and i’ve seen these products in target pretty much. I think every target sells these. You have publix, which is a grocery store down in florida. You have safeway i’ve heard of safeway kroger, so you have some very big names starting to carry these products. Now, one of their main competitors is impossible, foods and impossible foods does have distribution in a lot of restaurants as well. However, they don’t have distribution in as nearly as many grocery stores and beyond meat has them beat in that regard, and so they actually have a lot more customers than impossible foods, and so i definitely see beyond meat taking significant market share in the future. I believe this stock could easily go to 100 billion dollar market cap and, like i said this is not going to happen overnight because it takes money, managers and wall street professionals. You know to figure this stuff out. It takes them a decent amount of time. They want to see the numbers start rolling in and so they’re not going to pour big money into this stock. If the company is not really, you know making a profit right now and they’re going to be kind of skeptical, just the way that a lot of money, managers and wall street investors are. But if you’re like me and you’re. Looking at this company and you’re, saying to yourself wow, look at the market that you know they already have the grocery stores, the restaurants.

They already have think about what they could have in the future, so we’re talking about a massive opportunity. I definitely see this company going to a 50 billion hundred billion dollar market cap. I think, quite honestly, this stock will probably 10x in the next five or 10 years, in my personal opinion and in case you’re wondering about the revenue numbers. So when we go back to 2018, we can see that they did 87 million dollars in revenue, 297 million dollars in revenue in 2019 and then in 2017. If you go back even further, they did just 32 million dollars in revenue, so this company is growing revenues exponentially and their net loss is growing, less and less as well, so that’s always a positive sign. I can’t wait to personally see the q4 financials and what the total picture will be for 2020, because it was kind of a rough year in terms of the coronavirus hitting their business. And it was like that for a lot of businesses. But at the same time, when you look at the revenue numbers they’re doing even you know their gross profit and how yes they’re spending a lot of money right now, they’re trying to grow this business and they’re reinvesting a lot of the uh money that they’re raising To grow the business, but at the end of the day i think this stock will do very very well. So i encourage you to research it like i said i can’t go over everything in this short video, but anyway, let’s go on to the next stock, which is the tattooed chef company ttcf.

Now i just bought about 10 shares of this company. I just started buying this stock a couple days ago and i’m going to buy some more shares tomorrow, because this company, as well, is going to do very, very well in my personal opinion, and when you look at you know, for example, i found this article on The motley fool and so it’s, basically just going over the tattooed chef company, and so basically, what this article says: i’m, just going to read through a little bit of this article tattooed chef, directly sources, ingredients from farms and turns them into ready to eat frozen food Options all products are either vegetarian or vegan, and many are gluten free and the company believes it’s poised to seize this large and growing market. According to its analyst day, presentation its current market opportunity for frozen prepared foods is 34 billion dollars and it can soon expand into the desert category, which is an almost 13 billion dollar opportunity, not bad for a small cap stock because of its large opportunity. Tattooed chef is guiding for one billion dollars in revenue in 2026 to get there, the company plans to introduce many new products in the coming years, like its exciting new launch. Last month, on december 8th, it announced new plant based pepperoni and plant based sausage crumble products entering the plant based meat category currently dominated by household names like impossible foods. So currently, this company has distribution agreements with walmart, sam’s club and costco and there’s other retailers, as well so we’re, currently sitting at just a 1.

72 billion dollar market cap, which is absolutely insane considering the future growth. I believe this company has because, at the end of the day we haven’t even scratched the surface for this stock. I mean when we think about all of the additional markets that this company could enter into, but tattooed chef has the exact same opportunity as beyond me. We’Re talking about a huge list of grocery stores that i believe will eventually start selling tattooed chef products because they are very, very popular. And when you ask people you know, i was watching a video from jeremy from financial education and he was talking about how these people, who are buying these products and tattooed chef they’re, just selling out like crazy and that’s that’s. One of the things you want to watch for because they’re moving that inventory, and so when you look at these big box retailers, they want to see that tattoo chef products are moving out of their store and that’s. Exactly what we’re, seeing and you’re seeing more and more stores carry these products, and so i would say you know, buy this stock hold on to it five or ten years. I think you’re going to do very, very well in this company. You know when we consider the total addressable market and how many different markets that tattoo chef could enter into. I mean the possibilities are absolutely endless. I mean they’re in some major retailers right now, but i think there’s more coming in the future, and so i would definitely be watching this stock.

I would definitely be adding this stock to your radar or, you know, maybe even buy some shares because i’m buying this stock right now and i can’t wait to buy some more shares tomorrow, because it’s been going down, it’s been down the last couple days, so that’s A great buying opportunity, but you know i’m, not trying to trade. These stocks, like i said i want to buy these stocks and hold them long term, because i really do like the fundamentals, even though these companies aren’t even profitable a lot of people don’t like the idea of not buying a profitable company, but at the end of The day you look at these major companies that have gone public like amazon, which didn’t make a profit for a long time, just one example or you have tesla, i mean look at tesla’s share price performance, absolutely insane, and these companies weren’t making a profit now tesla’s. Starting to make a profit – and i think that’s going to continue, but you know just because the company is not making a profit, you know, obviously it makes it more risky, but at the end of the day the returns can be astronomical because a lot of people Don’T, like investing in stocks that aren’t making a profit – and you know that are kind of more speculative, but i think these stocks are very solid and so anyway, guys. Let me know what you think in the comments down below and if you’re buying these stocks.

What do you think of these stocks and uh hope you guys enjoyed this video? As always, if you have any ideas for videos i’d love to hear what your thoughts are in the comments, if you guys want to see any kind of stock analysis, videos on any kind of specific company or anything like that.

What do you think?

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