The stock market is closed, an observance of mlk day but it’s monday, and we always bring you the best penny stocks to buy now – and today is no exception. I’M really excited to share with you. This transformative company that uses digital marketing in a very unique way across the world. This is a very high tech, digital advertising company that has a lot of neat gadgets and a lot of neat technology and software at its disposal with a stock price that is under two dollars and not too many investors. Investing in the stock has a very low trading volume. This is perhaps one of the most hidden gem stocks that we’ve done on this channel there’s, almost no other news outlets or youtubers, or news articles that are talking about the stock, with the amount of positives that there are with this company i’m surprised investors haven’t, taken A serious look at this company, but before we dive into this company let’s, take a look at some of the other penny stocks featured on this channel that have already received amazing gains so far and, like i said before, the stock market was closed. This monday, due to mlk day, but the market, will open back up tomorrow, tuesday january 19th, so let’s take a look at some stocks that have received amazing gains so far. One stock that we talked about several weeks ago, sg blocks, has seen a huge, huge stock search congrats to everyone that got into that stock surge and received those amazing gains.

This is a very interesting unique company that utilizes shipping containers and turns them into living spaces. This is an interesting green energy play. Another stock that we talked about on this channel. Nndm has already received amazing gains so far. We first talked about this stock several months ago, and the stock has seen a huge stock surge and a lot of investor excitement. Many of you guys have wanted me to make an update on nano dimensions, and i hear you we could make an update video very soon on this channel stay tuned for that nano dimensions, video and if you didn’t know now, you know this channel focuses on penny Stocks have good management, good brand awareness and steady financials, a pretty easy thing to understand. If territo the dog can invest in these penny stocks, i’m pretty sure you can as well be sure to smash the like button and hit the subscribe button. It really helps us out and it really helps grow. The channel and many of you guys have asked for a discord group, and we finally have that the link is in the description below joining, helps a channel out and helps support me and territo create more amazing videos for you. Now that we got all that out of the way without further ado, torito roll that intro and let’s learn about this very unique company Music. So our penny stock today is creative realities, ticker, symbol, c r e x.

Now, first i got ta say a quick shout out to one of the subscribers that brought this stock to my attention. I seriously would have not found the stock if it wasn’t for your help. Thank you so much and remember guys if you want me to talk about a stock. All you have to do is comment down below and i might make a video about it. It’S in its name, it’s a creative company, and i really like it to better understand what exactly this company does and what makes them unique from other companies on the market. Let’S, take a look at their website and let’s see what management says about this company: creative realities, trades under c r e x and provides innovative digital marketing technology solutions to a broad range of companies, individual brands, enterprises and organizations throughout the united states and certain international Markets, we have expertise in a broad range of existing and emerging digital marketing technologies across 18 vertical markets. Our technology and solutions include digital merchandising systems and omni channel customer engagement systems, content creation, production and scheduling, programs and systems in a comprehensive series of integrative marketing technologies. Okay, so that was a pretty confusing about page there, but let me break it down for you. Let me make it a little bit more simple, so creative realities they’re, essentially a digital marketing company that utilizes technology to display advertisements in a broad medium. So this could be anything when you walk down the street in a busy city.

You could see a large digital display overhead that digital display was designed by someone, and the folks at creative realities have designed a wide variety of digital displays, like that, when you go into a store, when you go into a mall, you could see a small digital Display across an aisle someone had to make that someone had to design and display that these guys do that. So let’s take a look at their investor presentation to get more insight on this company. We help clients use the latest technologies to inspire better customer experiences. We build and maintain digital signage systems like this, and we design and support dynamic content experiences like this, so this is really cool. This is something really far out something very high tech, something you can see in a science fiction movie. So when you’re walking down a busy street, you can see all these huge digital advertisements, overhead, and here you can see a large wide variety of ways that they have actually implemented their technology and a lot of retail outlets. So they want to work with signage networks. Digital advertising experiences and retail technology shopping centers, so they have locations across the united states anywhere from la to dallas, to boston to new york and their headquarters is in louisville kentucky over the years. I’Ve noticed that there’s been a lot more big digital billboards across highways. In the united states – and i think this trend will continue – they also have a full suite of cloud based content management tools that help companies with their advertising.

They have an experienced number of field engineers that work in cities like new york, city, boston and many other u.s cities, they’ve also developed systems in other international markets. Here are 50 urban panels that they’ve installed in philadelphia, they’ve, also developed large scale led panels in philadelphia. So you can see they’ve developed a lot of digital advertising displays across the country. They’Ve also developed huge displays in many airports like lax, so this is really cool. This is a really interesting industry that they’re in the digital signage industry – and this is a huge growing industry – that’s gon na experience – an eight percent annual growth rate across the next five years. So here you can see they have a very diverse uh clientele. They can either be in a very luxurious store like a chanel or they could just be like in a gas station like a circle k or a quick trip. Digital displays at a convergence of a 125 billion in retail technology investment and 170 billion annual advertising spending, which includes 7 billion in dynamic out of the home advertising. Smart cities are a 1.5 trillion digital media opportunity, as urban problems are solved and opportunities are addressed through the use of media for wayfinding transportation alerts and public space communications, and this is another thing to note for the future growth of this company. Many young people, gen z, millennials, are more visual learners compared to older generations like gen, x or baby boomers, so seeing large digital displays, overhead is going to be very effective tool to reach a huge audience.

That being said, experts say that two million digital advertisement displays are created and utilized in the united states every year. Creative realities is also helping with the pandemic response with their innovative thermal technology. This thermal mirror uses an ai analytics platform with a digital screen to detect temperatures with or without a mask, and it does it very, very fast and efficiently. It’S fast and agile, it’s, a powerful ai in analytics that can be configured to measure important kpis. The safe space solution is something that is absolutely transformative. I can see a wide variety of places using this technology to better stop the spread of the virus. Anytime, you go into an airport or you go into your job when there’s a pandemic like there is now this special face recognition software can read temperatures and then store that data for the entire business. The dashboard provides daily updates, trending alerts based on set kpis. So this is really cool. I really like this technology and the future outlook of it. So now that we know what this company does, let’s take a look at their financial data to get a better insight on how the company is doing and what they have planned in the future. So first things first let’s take a look at their previous quarterly result to get an insight on it. It looks like they decrease their marketing expenses as well. Their research and development expenses did decrease, which is a good sign that they’re cutting down costs.

It seems like the company is banking, that this thermal mirror product will really hit big. We continue to believe that cri’s solution in a market leader has the opportunity for continued adoption in the marketplace throughout the remainder of 2020 and into 2021, as employees seek to adapt technology that will further enhance the safety of the workplace and their employees and over the Past few quarters revenues have gone up over the past quarter. Revenue went up a lot. There was a bit of a dip because of the pandemic, but i have a strong feeling that this company can recover from it. Earnings per share is not the best here, but there’s still room for improvement. The total debt of the company has increased a lot over the past three years. Operating cash flows are not too bad here with the company decreasing debt, while still increasing revenues. One stat here, that’s a bit troubling, is the company does not have that much cash on hand, a sign that the company has burned a lot of cash over the past few years by researching and developing new products. I would like to see the company gaining more cash over the next year. They need to build bigger capital in order to really make a dent in the market. Analysts see this stock as a buy, and they predict that revenues for 2021 will increase 56.7 percent. Overall. This is a very unique company and i think that there’s a huge market for digital technology to really innovate across the board, and i really think that digital advertising technology can really improve over the next few years and especially this decade.

There’S still an added risk to this company, given that the market is so niche and they’re, putting a lot of faith that this thermal technology will really hit big. The company doesn’t have that much cash and they have a lot of debt. Revenues are increasing, but there’s still a huge risk to this company. Their innovative technology is something to look forward to if you’re investing in this company in the long term. In my opinion, i can see this stock shooting to around five dollars per share by the end of this year. Remember guys i’m, not a financial advisor so always invest safe and cautiously in all these penny stocks and growth stocks. This is just my opinion with all the research i’ve gathered. I hope you found value in this video. Well guys. Let me know what you think about creative realities in the comments section below. Is there any other penny stocks or growth stocks? You’D like me to talk about comment them down below and i might make a video about them be sure to hit that bell icon to get notified every time. A new video is posted and trust me, you don’t miss any of these other amazing penny stocks. We have for you in the future, be sure to check out the link down below and join the discord.

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