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116 fills uh awesome day, man can’t complain, portfolio was up. Three percent and i’ll do one by one some videos on some stuff that i did and some and uh some of the winners and some stuff that i saw uh one of the ones that uh took off after hours. Obviously i missed the top, but you can’t always hit the top it’s impossible. Uh 386 bucks on 100 shares. I got rid of it around here, uh, probably a little bit less, but it kept going crazy. I had got in it uh about about six bucks. I think it was see here, let’s see if it pulls up my order. History well, that’s the that’s charge. This is the yeah so 386. I had picked it up the other day because um i saw i saw a bar i’m trying to see where, where it pops up, when, when i picked it up, so it can be exact date. I don’t know why it’s taking so long, oh here we go all right, so i bought it on the 19th on the 19th on the 19th right here i saw this big bar right here on some heavy volume. I said why not take a shot had high short interest. It seems like the market is attacking everything with short interest when we look at costs here, uh has 43 short interest, very small flow and um and that’s. Why i jumped on it i’m sure everybody saw gamestop today that was pretty pretty crazy um i didn’t do any.

I i hold some positions in game stuff, but it was before the the the the madness today. Uh i’ll show you what i have or maybe i’ll do a video on gamestop. I i didn’t do anything in gamestop today. I don’t want any anything to do with that right now. I already have my position in there from prior to this to this blow up, but whatever so yeah man. I i this. This little company is not bad. I kind of i’m kind of pissed that i should have probably held on to it because i like what they do here’s the website. They sell earphones, uh earphones, um, you know um for gaming uh. They have speakers, i kind of pissed for selling it, because i don’t think i’ll get it back at three bucks. What did i have in that should have held it? 364. sold it at 720, but whatever i mean it was so it’s it’s a double i mean you got ta, take some profits, um right now, it’s a 957 let’s see how it opens up tomorrow in the regular hours see if it sells off. Um here are the futures pretty flat: bitcoin oil flat: yes, black gold, flat, small caps, flat uh nasdaq, not down nine dow jones down to 26 silver down 10 cents, vicks down a little bit. What else bonds bonds down a little bit yeah, so everything’s pretty flat? No action yet, but anyways that’s, my little video on class i’ll do some more videos.

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