School, School district 2021 CRPUSD Middle School Registration Tutorial

Please go to b. I t dot. L y forward slash r c h s s: u: r v e y 21 bitly forward slash rchs survey 21, complete the questions in that survey and then click submit. This is a brief tutorial on how to use powerschool to request your courses for next year at rancho katati high school. First, you will log into powerschool using your rapid identity account go to Please note that these instructions do not work on the powerschool, app and screens may look slightly different if you’re, using a browser on a mobile device. When you have gotten to the rapid identity, page use your middle school username to log in then click go next. You will use your middle school password and click go on the applications. Page. Please choose powerschool student. You will then be asked to enter your gaf account information to proceed to the next steps. Once you enter that it should take you to your unified classroom screen view. In this view, you should click quick links, then, on the pop out menu click class registration. Next, you will be asked to sign in to your gaf. Google account one more time. Click the sign in with google button and then enter your gaf information again. Next, you should be taken to the class registration page after you, click on quick links, then class registration and sign into your google account one more time. You should see this class registration page for incoming freshmen.

Your selections should match those you see on the screen here. In order to select classes, you must click on every pencil with the red icon next to it. Until all the icons have turned to green check marks incoming freshman students must choose a first choice. Second, choice and third backup choice: academy, your social studies, english and math class will be pre loaded for you. Please complete the alternate category for these. If you have been recommended for honors or another option for these classes, if the pre loaded classes match your course selection, then you do not need to complete these two optional categories. Incoming freshmen must also choose a physical education class and an alternate physical education class. In case their first choice is not available. In addition, incoming freshmen must choose one elective as well as three alternative electives in case their first choice is not available. You will notice that under the classes, there are additional instructions and notes. Please read these carefully to know how many classes you must select as well as any other information. The counselors would like you to have, while you’re registering to select a course. Click on the yellow, pencil icon, a pop up screen, will show up with your course choices. You will all can always see a message at the bottom that tells you how many courses must be selected for this category. For pe you must select at least one course click the box. Next to the course you would like, and then click.

Ok, you will see that the icon has changed from a red icon to a green check mark and that your selected course is now showing some courses may have more than one page of options. For example, under electives you will see that there are four pages, of course options. If you do not see a course you’re looking for on the first page, make sure to check the other pages, it is also important to read the prerequisite notes for each course to make sure that you meet that requirement or to know if there is additional information. You will need to provide once you’ve selected your courses. All of these red icons should be turned to green. When you have completed you will scroll down to the bottom and click submit.

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