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At this time, i invite you to join us in the pledge of allegiance. I pledge allegiance. Thank you this evening is a celebration. The rockwood board of education recognizes individuals with four different awards. Two of them are presented to recipients at their schools or departments. The superintendent’s certificate recognizes those who have contributed to the success of education in rockwood. The community service certificate goes to those who support the district and its communities through service projects intended to benefit a worthy cause. The other two awards are presented at board of education awards ceremonies like this evening. The first is the above and beyond award as it recognizes individuals or organizations that have shown outstanding contributions through service or volunteerism, by supporting projects or programs that impact rockwood or its surrounding communities. The other is the board of education award which recognizes people or organizations that have achieved the highest standards of excellence that embody the rockwood spirit. Please note that immediately following our board award ceremony, we will hold our regular board meeting and now it is my privilege to introduce rockwood superintendent dr mark miles good evening, welcome to the rockwood board of education awards ceremony. Well, our ceremony may look a little different this evening. It is wonderful to be able to to celebrate all of our successes as a community and we are honored to share this evening with you before we move into the first part of our awards program. I want to introduce a group of people who devote themselves to serving our community and our district, our board of education board members.

Will you please stand when i call your name, laura lee mondell president lynn made yet vice president jamie bayes director, thomas dunn, director, dr keith, kinder director, randall miller, director and tamara romberg, director, a round of applause in person and virtually for a board of education Applause? The ceremony is being live, streamed on our district youtube channel and we will post a replay of the event on our board awards page tomorrow. Tonight’S awards recipients are situated in zoom breakout rooms that will display on this screen behind me when it’s their turn to be recognized to begin our board award presentations tonight, please welcome eureka high school principal, dr corey sink Applause. Thank you, dr miles hello. My name is dr corey sink principal eureka high school tonight i have the honor of recognizing some of our outstanding students first i’d, like to recognize our national merit: semi finalists aj nolan and jenny trentman. Next, junior madison cheer, who earned all state status in girls, volleyball maddie, was unable to join us tonight in person. Please join me in congratulating our board award recipients from eureka high school Music Applause. Now it is my pleasure to welcome dr karen calcatera from lafayette high school good evening. Thank you, dr sink. I am karen kalkaterra. The principal of lafayette, high school and i’m happy to be here this evening to honor our students. Our first recipients tonight are here from the girls cross country team. These girls are the class five misha state champions.

We could not be more proud of these girls. Please join me in acknowledging grace tyson hope, ware alyssa, barnard, katie, reed, maddie slater so sophie yaroshenko, katherine wanger, melissa, white hannah mariani and emily derecki, along with their super coaches, steve stalis, jill harmon and marianne moosman. Congratulations: girls, Applause on that note i’d, like to honor sophomore grace tyson for her second place finish in the class five mission state cross country race. Next we have brooke biermann, brook earned class four misha all state status, placing second place in girls golf. We also have ben mckinnis, who was named a first team, all state boys, soccer player, morgan eisenberg and lexi basler, who were named first team class, five, all state and volleyball Music and junior tommy hagan, who was named a first team, all state football defensive lineman. Now now i’d like to move on to our national merit, semi finalists andrew chain, kyle, klosterman row hithrally and anna willis Music Applause. I am pleased to announce the following: students that are commended by the national merit: scholarship program, catherine blyth ben coopmans, sophie davis, karan, kamu, sneha minakondan, eric reed and taylor wolfe. Please can please join me in congratulating these students. Finally, i would like to congratulate senior brooke biermann named all metro girls golfer of the year for the third straight year, senior mia simpson, who was named the first team, all metro in girls field hockey, elena malek, who is named second team, all metro and girls field Hockey sophomore magdalena rasao, who was named third team, all metro in girls, field hockey, senior hope ware, who earned a class five misha all state status, placing 6th, sophomore, alyssa barnard, earned a class 5 misha all state status as well as katie reed, who also earned a Class 5 all state status in cross country and finally, our girls doubles team consisted of emma tobin and aaron reynolds, who earned a class 4 misha all state status, placing 5th in the state tournament.

Congratulations! Everyone! Applause, Music! With that i’d like to turn the mic over to dr steve hankins from marquette high Applause school good evening i’m, dr steve hankins, thank you for joining us this evening, i’m excited to present these awards tonight. First, i’d like to congratulate a few of our students for earning a perfect score on their a.c.t junior sushi vajraju senior robert zhang senior, grant hayes and freshman alice liu there. You go. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. Well done next i’d, like to acknowledge our national merit. Semi finalists phoebe calabrese joshua caruso, eric chai moody, krishna, swamy, vishnu kumar, joseph liu, sridhar magnani, william millsaps meg, morrow, sri rajan, luke, roeder, teja, saravanan, scott schneider, panishari shah dursunen, brandon, foley, ann walters, jane zhang and robert zang. Congratulations! A long list! Well done Music! Our national america committed students are maya, anand, magali, camacho and nagarita ashish donald koda, kate, krogan, shelley, ladd and rebecca thompson. Applause i’d like to recognize seniors connor thornberry chris cray and colin fisk, who received first team. All state honors for football from the missouri state, high school activities, association. Congratulations: gentlemen. Give us a wave Applause. Senior olivia meyer received all state honors for girls, volleyball, congratulations, Applause, Music, cena, recon, jaguar moody was named one of the top 300 scholars in the 2021 science talent search. The talent search is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science and mathematics. Competition for high school seniors, sophomore artie paulina pond placed second in the missouri state, math league and qualified for nationals.

Congratulations, Applause, senior, amanda, eshelman won the national award for aspirations and computing awarded by the national center for women in information technology. Well done. Please join me in congratulating all of our board of recipients from marquette high school, great job, guys Applause. It is now my pleasure to introduce dr emily mccown from rockwood summit high school all right good evening. I am dr emily mccowan proud principal at rockwood summit high school. It is wonderful to be here tonight to honor our outstanding students. I will be. I will begin with the girls golf team led by coaches, corey, choat and debbie spiezio. The team consisted of katherine schreiner, danica, stillwell, isabelle, thrall and marisa thrall. Are this year’s class three state champions Applause also finishing individually i’m pleased to announce that danica stillwell finished third and catherine schreiner finished second in the girls state golf tournament, so congratulations to them. Applause! Music Applause: we have some 2020 grads that aren’t unable to join us this evening, but we wanted to certainly recognize them for their accomplishments. Last spring, our fbla global business team, consisting of recent graduates, nikhil krishna, edward jensen and dawson beau, earned third place in the state. Competition we wish them well with their bright futures Applause. We have several students who have been selected: first team, all state in their sports senior mason crew for soccer junior chloe, ryan and sophomore abby ulsas for softball and cg senior, abby van buskirk for volleyball.

Congratulations to them. Moving on junior michael serrano placed first in the introduction to information technology at missouri’s, future business leaders of america state competition, congratulations to michael for that he is we’ll. Go ahead! Talk to that Music! Michael is also being recognized this evening for receiving a board award for earning a perfect a ct score as well: Music Applause, Music, his sister freshman michelle serrano, placed second nationally in the invest right, competition as well. So congratulations to both of them. Talent certainly runs in the family. Applause finally, i’d, like to recognize our national merit. Semi finalists and our national merit commended students. Our semi finalists are allison byrne, catherine dillon, paul larson, caleb, messerly, sammy mitra, casey rose calvin, yan and zach swing. Congratulations to them! Our commended students are john du bois. Sarah roberts, laura schneckgecki, justin, stange, danica, stillwell sydney, tang and maya vincardo. Congratulations please join me in congratulating our board recipients from rockwood summit high school now, i’d like to turn the program back over to dr miles. So, thank you, dr mccowan, so before we convene before the evening i’d like to take a moment to honor some of our outstanding middle school students and a few of our hard working staff members, crestview middle school students, mahir amin, mahir, bhasani, erik chen atarva, shindi and Lucas zhang all placed in the top 5 nationally in the amc, 8 math competition exam hosted by the mathematical association of america. Congratulations, Applause, lasalle springs: middle school, 7th, grader anna coppin earned a notable award from the bow seat foundation for her stop motion.

Film anna’s film. Educates others about the importance of protecting our rivers and oceans. This film was selected from over 5 000 entries worldwide. What an accomplishment, Applause, Music! We have three teachers from eureka high school who have received their national board certification in education. I’D. Like you to join me in congratulating mary white cassie, renner and brian claire, our nationally board certified teachers from marquette high school are felicia durst, catherine churco and ken bearmore. Congratulations at rockwood summit, high school jason schneider earned his national board certification. Congratulations. Applause certainly takes much hard work and dedication to earn this status, and i want to thank you for all that you do, for our students. Continuing diana orloski, the school nurse at werther elementary, has earned her national board certification in school nursing in what has been a challenging and unusual year i’d like to extend my sincere gratitude for your dedication and hard work. Thank you so so much Applause, dr katie severson from crestview middle school, was named. Moe shapes state teacher of the year and katie royce from ridge meadows. Elementary was named mo shapes district elementary teacher of the year and coach douglas robinson was inducted into the missouri high school fast pitch coaches associations, hall of fame. Congratulations, coach robinson. This concludes our ceremony this evening. Congratulations to all of our students and staff members for your excellence and for joining us this evening. Let’S have a round of applause for all of them.

At this time, we’ll take a five minute pause and then we’ll begin our regular board of education meeting.

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