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Today we have an incident at kiwanis school district on january 21st, at approximately 10 23 a.m. City q, a police department received information from the kewanee district that they had received involving a threat to the school, while the target of the threat was not specific. All area schools were advised of the threat and asked to take precautionary action. At this time, law enforcement is working with the kiwani school district to confirm the source of the threat and follow up accordingly, the law is the public release from the jewish school district. The qi school district is currently in lockdown due to an outside threat. Mentioning a firearm due to the lockdown. No one is able to enter or leave the building. At this time, we ask that our community stay clear of the facility as we work to secure our campus. All students and staff are safe within the facility and this incident remains under investigation, so um questions uh a few questions for me. Questions for mr tremble or chef johnson, how was the threat received via phone was received over the phone to the high school office, so anybody that’s been going over there right now can see you guys are pulling kids out. How are you doing that safely? Okay, so there are officers on the scene and well, maybe maybe uh sure, so we went into a lockdown. We knocked down our school facility after confirming, with a little action, was to get kids home and reunited with their families as soon as he believed it was safe.

After talking with local law enforcement, we put together a plan where we would first release our busing students and then, after that, we we did release a message to our parents and at this time we are releasing students to their parents. They are pulling into a checkpoint. They’Re showing us their id they’re, pulling up to um it’s in our bus voting zone, which is very close to the gymnasium, and then we are bringing our kids out to them, and local law enforcement continues to be on site and continues to be monitoring the situation. Um and ensuring that our reunification process is safe. When did this threat come in like what time so the call came in at 9 26. I believe the call came in earlier this morning, um the call was put through to our high school principal, who was in a meeting at that time, and it was around 9 23 that he listened to the message and then immediately contacted our school liaison was on Site at the time immediately contacted our school liaison, who then immediately contacted law enforcement with the sheriff’s department in and kiwani police department, and they immediately came in to support us and assist us at that time. We that the 10 30 time right around there is when we went into lockdown, then to keep our our staff and students safe, and you guys have been in school for doing school in person for a long time right.

We have been in and out, but we are back to actually this week. We’Re back to all of our k5 students are in school again and the only students that were not in today were our senior class and um our a b group. We had a cohort model going on so, yes, most of our students were in session today. I assume they weren’t moving around that much then, in the first place in kind of that model, correct, okay, correct and they did all once we um went into our lockdown. All students stayed in their classrooms, we did move some students into the inner classroom um and then we started taking them across the needed bathroom breaks and things like that. That was all within the inner parts of the school. Nothing held the cycle so now you’re doing an early release. We did do an early release correct, so our buses came. They started our kids, we loaded kisses kids on buses at one o’clock and then now our parents are are coming to pick up their students. The plan for tomorrow, at this point or pardon, i was going to say the plan for tomorrow for the school as far as we still will have a discussion with local law enforcement um after our students are all out of the facility safely. We’Ll have our staff um also leave, and then we will talk about our recovery from this, so ensuring that we have counselors in place for our students and our staff and we’ll be we’ll, be talking with them and will make decisions later today.

As far as what we should do, next is our school tomorrow for peace of mind of the public. Has the school been swept with dogs or anything to make sure there was nothing that was there in school law enforcement is, will be going through brazil, correct, okay and that’s after everybody’s out there? Yes, i guess what’s the next steps for law enforcement. If this was a phone call, how do you investigate that um, so we’re working tape teaming with the kiwanis sheriff’s department? And yes, it will continue to investigate any indication that this is somebody in the area. I cannot comment on that. I know you got ta. Take every threat, but was there any indication that this was a prank gone wrong or um? You want to come back to that yeah, okay! Well, one of the precautions that we did take and which is one of the reasons as far as broadening this beyond just the kewanee school district, is that, unfortunately, there have been incidents in the past nationwide, where people do what’s called uh. You know where they basically make a threat towards one facility, but use that as distraction to the other. So again, i think that um, you know kudos to all the law enforcement to school districts, where we definitely air to the side of caution, because although this was directed towards one facility again, we don’t know we don’t know if that was possibly something that could have Been a distraction to an actual event somewhere else, so you know we unfortunately have to learn from all these terrible tragedies throughout our nation, and you know, respond in such a manner so again, hats off to everyone for really going above and beyond and responding at a Higher level of precaution i mean, as we stated, you know, we’re working together at this point in time the children are not going to say in danger.

The community is not in danger and we’re going to use our law enforcement resources to um to arrive at the individual. Who did this and then take? You know take what needs to happen, whether that be charges, whatever that’s going to result in and we’ll, have more follow up so right now. This is all very preliminary, but we are, you know we are tracking down and chasing down any leads that we may get as far as any information that may be suspicious and that’s the stuff that we’re going to then share with the school to allow them to Make a decision as to whether they come back in session, and if that threat has been, you know, identified and taken care of speaking of follow. Ups uh. Are there going to be more officer presence over the next coming week? If you guys do go back to school, so we’ll talk, we’ll talk about the superintendent and we’ll make some determinations of what’s best for the school. Are you asking for the community to if they have known of anything or hear of anything? As far as again the internet information – yes, any information will be well welcomed and i think it’s also important to mention that as students um, you know if they see any information. I know where you know, unfortunately, young people, the things that they may feel uh frustrations or whatever it is. You know, it’s not appropriate, uh to respond or to communicate in a in a violent manner in an abusive matter, because this is the response.

This is how we’re going to respond, and i again, i think, we’ll – be very proud of how local law enforcement, the school districts responded and that’s. What you know, i think, is an important message to the students that when they do see or hear something like they always say, say something. You know make sure that we’re sharing this information early um. But again, if they’re, in a situation where they’re they’re feeling frustrated um, you know a proper response is necessary because, if it’s improper, and especially if it’s violent, this is the response. That’S going to happen, we’re very proud of it and i think the school and the police department they’re doing an excellent job in how we’re handling this response. Are you planning an update tomorrow or anything scheduled at this point? Let’S get more information, i’ll send over press release, so this is a violent uh was. Can you kind of describe the nature of the call? Was it a violin called? Were they threatening to come and shoot people? Can you give a little bit more information on that? Well, i think, to what you saw from the school district. You know it didn’t involve a weapon, so it’s sort of your question about sweeping the building. I did involve let’s say about you know it was specific to a weapon so that changes our response and how we’re going to deal with it so that’s about as far as we can go, is that it involves this this.

You know this. Unfortunately, reoccurring theme of bringing a weapon to school and, of course, we all know that that’s that’s a no go, it’s not going to be tolerated, and this is the response that’s going to happen, even if it’s just a threat of bringing a weapon to school right. So, as a school district, you know we have to take any threat of violence seriously. We have to because it’s the safety of our kids it’s the safety of our staff – and that is you know. The decisions we made are all about: keeping our status students safe. So and and again, i would also like to thank law enforcement for their immediate response. They they were immediately there and helping and supporting us so i’d like to thank them for everything they did to ensure that our students and our staff were safe throughout this unfortunate event, was this isolated to the high school? Then it did not say it. It didn’t state that it was just the high school um it’s a call came into the high school office though, and you have a i’m just not familiar with the school district as well, but how many buildings do you have in the school district? So we are all connected, so we have one. We have one um facility that has our pre k through 12 in and then another uh site that’s across the street, but that’s just our aid marine center across the street, not just but that’s our eight learning center.

But otherwise we are one facility that is, that is connected how many students are in the school district. Approximately we have about 940 students in our district. What other school districts were notified, then of this? Yes, so we uh notified all of the districts, including oklahoma and luxembourg casco, as well as proprio schools, again just to be precautionary. So, although again there was not a general threat that may have been um, you know directed at them. Our concern again is that whole idea of distraction um and possibly trying to defrag it over to another facility. So again we work as a community we’re, not isolated, it’s, a small community county wide and when something affects one area it affects us all. Okay, i think that’s all my questions: yeah i’m, good, we’re, good! Okay! Thank you very much guys, um. I also want to thank the street department. Uh they’re him 10 minutes notice to bring combs and uh and they came with all their troops and helped out the whole process of um. The dismissal so there’s a lot of people involved in this situation.

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