Severe weather, Alabama, Tornado CATASTROPHIC EF5 TORNADO: Tornado Alley – Real Time Tornado: Joplin, Missouri (PART TWO)

If i power lines down at about 24th and shift, i can’t cross any further south. When i heard the officer down call, i immediately checked my radio because it was coming to see the vehicle it was coming from officer. Water’S vehicle there was that clinch in that minute of panic, um, but i checked my radio 270 status just north of 241. Yes, he was safe. He was under the bridge. He was actually taking care of people at that point, but it’s still a terrifying feeling to hear that come over the radio at you, oh my god, kcrg 24 hour storm center lots of reports of damage. Let me stress that we, the phone’s ringing off the hook, what’s up, stop stop tyler’s down, go back to where you came going to go east, okay, oh man, she will try to intercept the toronto. The sensor release the power lines that were flashing uh, as the tornado was hitting him earlier. We were more focused on just trying to get back to the to a main road where we wouldn’t have to encounter any more debris. Okay, we were actually more going into rescue mode at that point because we knew it was going right through the town job. We need to get up in the job and help people out because Music, oh there was a calming point there. We thought we were in the eye of the tornado, so inside him there was just debris everywhere see you basically saw people’s lives just all over the yard clothes pictures.

I remember there being a torn up bible things. You basically saw if you just threw 20 houses together, shook them up and they dropped them. Oh here we go nearly just 30 40 seconds after that is when everything got real crazy. I just remember it being so so dark real quick. I just remember the trees going back and forth. I remember the ways of rain. I remember debris flying by the window hitting the it’s turning window, a real nightmare man pretty fast. I could tell how bad this was and we weren’t even around the corner. Yet watching this on your kcrg storm tracker radar – and that is a big concern – tornado warning still in effect until 6 30, and we expect this to continue now had been some damage. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be that man in that situation and there was cars passing esco in 100.. One thing we are seeing is uh lots and lots of uh lots of lots of damage. So far, we knew that our son connor was okay and we knew that our family members were okay, but we did not know if our house had flattened and that was really scary and still waiting to get more ports coming in in carthage. We’Re, getting reports of debris is falling from the sky. Well, at the time of the tornado, joplin had five fire stations. Two of those uh uh were destroyed in the storm.

So basically, what that did was wipe out. You know half of our emergency response fleet. I recall thinking that if our station had been damaged, then there were going to be a lot of houses and homes that were were damaged as well. This is crazy, guys, i’m gon na level with you here, i feel like the the world, needs to be a bit more educated on this situation, because as much as this happens or as little as this happens, depending on where you live and where you’re from i Just feel like that people aren’t educated enough on this situation, because here in the uk i didn’t even know joplin had a tornado as catastrophic as this. Until i started doing these tornado videos – and i just feel like – we need to be more educated on this because there’s so much people there’s, so many people out there who they move to america. They move to different parts of the world and then they experience these tornadoes and have no idea what to do, and i just feel like there should be more education about around mother nature around these extreme situations, because you never know when things can change with a Click of the finger and it’s it’s scary man, we will be down, we started hearing debris, hit the back of the building. My buddy was like we need to should we go into the beer cooler over there. Oh man, this is the video you know mentioned that the front of the store just blew out.

Oh my god, reports, the store at 17 and range line has been hit birthday. One i’ve got about man, Music, the little kids that were in there. I remember hearing that over the older people, just because it seemed so much more genuinely scared, Music. It kind of settled down for a second and i think, it’s over right when that happened, then the second part of it hit Music. The ceiling dropped three feet as the walls of the building got blown away. I could look out and just see the sky. Oh my god, when it passed, everyone was kind of just um either it had knocked them over or like. I was sitting on top of someone’s legs. This feels like forever as well just sitting here was just in shock because you didn’t know whether or not people were hurt at that point. This isn’t even an hour after uh, and we do have uh chad and shelby joining us now we’ll check in with him good evening, chad, hey josh uh. I am on rangeline road. We were listening to the am radio station in joplin we made a quick decision. A photographer and i hopped in the car and just headed west to joplin rangeline is flooding. I am plowing through the water right now we were just preparing just to do normal reporting and it was just going to be a normal shift. Oh my uh, there are people that are there have got to be injured right now, josh they’re, applying people fatalities.

Right now, people are statesmen, buildings missing josh that used to be station. Once we came in and started seeing the destruction that’s when we started to get a sense of this is bigger. Petrol station anticipated some italian one. This is cheap one. I have clearing skies so uh. We uh look at these. These and fire units begin rescue efforts. This is the aftermath man. This is the bit where it gets real. When you really know the sort of damage that we’ve got to, we had literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of 911 calls in the first 24 hours. Most of us are used to tornadoes that move through an area very quickly and then are gone. This one took 30 minutes to get across town. Normally we can get out a lot faster and start responding. We just weren’t able to with this one go slower, do debris, nails go slower, we saw debris, but we saw houses and and buildings intact. I was thinking. Okay, the tornado brushed, you know the north side of town or something like that. This is bad. Oh, my gosh! This is bad jesus. It wasn’t until we got deeper into joplin that we started to notice some pretty heavy damage. Okay, are you talking to kevin that’s, seriously heavy damage and that’s when we somehow met up with kevin and his dad? We ended up in the same place and, i said hey: we need to start pulling people out of the rubble.

Look at that. That is destroyed completely when we first parked. We couldn’t see anyone, but nobody was out walking around. Nobody was nobody was to be seen because it i mean it literally just happened. People are still trying to crawl out from the rubble my gosh well, i was definitely not mentally prepared to see what i saw, or i don’t think the other guys were either. It was a total devastation, it’s just so extreme it’s, just catastrophic man, Music. At some point it was like we just kind of felt like sitting ducks, so you know we probably should move and we probably should go towards where the sun is, and so we actually headed west. Oh, i don’t know got about half a block and we saw a tree down it’s another tree down and remember one house there being three or four trees falling every which way and the house was actually missed, and i remember saying: oh, they got a real bad In this part, and then as we’re driving there’s a fence line, and once we cross that fence line, it was like a roll yeah. I could imagine man, but i can imagine what he was gon na say more. You went west, the more it got more serious and you realize how lucky you were on the outskirts of just a few trees going down you get through that way. 20Th wow, i remember just being calm like it – was all this destruction all this chaos, but it was like eerily quiet.

You could see, you could hear the law. You know like alarms, going off uh honking. That was the majority of the noise at that time and the rain it was still raining. It almost looked like you hit pause just like the end of the world: Music, no Music it’s after the boys, i called them, fanned out to try to see who they could help in the area. I’D stayed behind with the vehicles. I cannot believe this with a broken back. A gentleman approached me and said there’s, a lady that’s underneath her own wall. She can’t get out and she’s she’s really hurt. As we were talking with her holding the wall up uh, she said that her back was hurting her and she couldn’t sit up. So we decided to get a door that we found in the rubble and put her on the the door and take her to a waiting, pickup truck that was going to take people to the hospital yeah. I remember the makeshift stretcher with his with his baby son and the baby was bleeding really bad uh. They had been in a pickup that got hit, but he asked whether we could get him to the hospital. We said sure, and so we headed out to the hospital broadcasting live from the darkened ksdrg 24 hour. Storm center power is out. We are running up back up generators at this hour and it was like driving through a war zone.

Needless to say, as soon as we topped this little crest, you could see the hospital and our hearts just sank like oh, my gosh. Now, what do we do so where’s, the next nearest hospital chad elliott. That brings me to the end of this episode. What did you think, let me know down in the comment section: i hope they get to a hospital asap because man, this is getting. This is crazy. Man like where’s the next nearest hospital like do you have multiple hospitals in joplin? Hopefully you do hopefully one’s. Okay, hopefully one you can get people to it and they can start getting help that they need guys insane in the last episode, we’ll be out very very soon so stay tuned for that i’m gon na see you in the next one.

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