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m, all right guys. So i came across this information um that has to do with birmingham alabama. This is what it looked like as a tornado hit faulted, fultondale alabama around 10 40 pm local time. In alabama monday night, where you’re seeing our transformers being blown as a tornado, rips through power lines and other structures in the area, let’s take a look at this video rewind it all right. So we had a tornado going through birmingham alabama and fultondale alabama, all right. Let’S, take a look at the storm prediction center. We got tornado watch three. It says urgent, immediate broadcast requested a tornado watch number three northwest storm prediction center for norman oklahoma. The nws storm prediction center has issued a tornado watch for portions of western and northern alabama eastern central and northeastern mississippi. Much of southern middle tennessee effect this monday afternoon and tuesday morning, from 5 50 pm until 1am central time. Primary threats include a few possible tornadoes, scattered damaging wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour possible, isolated, large, hail events from 1.5 inches in diameter that are possible. Summery thunderstorms are expected to intensify gradually this evening and broken prefrontal bands from central northeast mississippi to western northern alabama and southern middle tennessee. The storm environment will favor supercells available for producing few tornadoes, damaging gusts and isolated large hail into overnight hours. The tornado watch area is approximately along 80 statute, miles, east and west of a line from 80 miles, south southwest of columbus, mississippi to 50 miles north of huntsville alabama for a complete depiction of the um of the watch, see the associated watch outline on these um Tracker markers, as so there’s precaution just remember, a tornado watch means conditions are favorable for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms in and close to the watch are persons in these areas should be in the lookout for threatening weather conditions and listen for later statements that are possible warnings.

So pay attention to radio and if you live in any area that has either a trailer home or has unsecured, um it’s an unsecured location, please seek a shelter, try to stay away from windows and glass doors and try to find either a low location. Like a basement or a shelter location like in the middle of a building, for example, if you live in an apartment, the bathroom, with a tub and enclosed location, to seek the best shelter when it comes to tornadoes all right, let’s get back to the information here. It says the breeze lofted around fifteen thousand feet by the full dale tornado, an indication that is a strong tornado center point needs to be in the safe place. Now that was an hour ago by alex puckett and alabama weather, all right, it says, confirmed tornado going through northern birmingham. This is an hour ago. It says alabama’s suburbs, specifically for ondale right now, 10 48 pm. So they were going through tornadoes, and here is some of the damage. It says major tornado damage in the hotel in fultondale, alabama let’s, take a pic, a look at this picture and look at the damage created to this hotel. Look at this. The roof is gone. The side of the wall, power, poles down and electric wires down as well, so please be safe. If you live in these areas, it is very dangerous. It says multiple agencies called to assist for undeal alabama, with search and rescue people trapped with likely injuries.

So this is happening right now, um, you know people injured the the damage of the tornado and the debris. I do believe. Let me see take a look here. I do believe this says here. First responders are requesting that the public avoid the fulton, dale and center point areas to allow them to safely continue their operations. So if you are in fultondale or if you’re heading into fultondale, because you want to just take pictures or um, you know record as much as you can. Their first responders are requesting that the public avoid that area, the fulton dale and the center point areas. So they’re able to safely uh continue their operations. So all right guys let’s, take a look at this. It says for my buddy, who is not a storm chaser, but just happened to be in fultondale. He was in the full under tornado, and here is the image that he uh took. Oh my goodness, look at that that’s, a closer image of that um hotel i’m. Guessing look at that there’s a debris all over the ground, all right, guys, let’s, take a look at my post that i had taken that says from cara kennedy photo of hampton inn and full of tornado damage in alabama let’s. Take a look here. Look at that! The sign broken the hotel destroyed from the top all right says here: our tornado damage in fultondale north of birmingham, courtesy of abc 3340 heavy storm damage and then tornado damage and intersection of i 65 and walker.

Chapel wrote exit 267 near futundeo of north and downtown birmingham, so they have power. Poles snapped in half the power out in most of these areas. Here all right, so a lot of debris and, as you see here, the lightning going through um, the town as um. The storm passed through all right let’s take a look right now. This is the radar in um, the atlanta and the birmingham and parts of columbus here. This is the storm systems going through. So these are this: the um, the systems that are bringing the tornadoes or the storms, possibly through these areas and it’s going to be passing by georgia and heading into uh, tennessee and part of north carolina. So you see, the storm system is coming all the way from louisiana going across and coming all the way to birmingham and these areas in alabama all right. So please be aware: if you live in these areas, the south right now is um going through some storms. Please be aware if you live in these areas and stay safe, all right guys just wanted to make sure i brought as much information as i could i’m gon na leave the links to these uh articles and um this radar map. So you can check it out for yourself. Alright, guys hit like and subscribe for more news stay safe out there in alabama and pray for the people of alabama going through this disaster. Alright, god bless.

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