Stock, Beyond Meat – TACO BELL DEAL, TIME TO BUY!?!

There has been a lot of news that has happened since the last time that we spoke about this on the channel. This will not be a full in depth breakdown, but we’re going to go over beyond me, we’re going to go over some fundamentals and as well as the news and catalyst that came out last week that they will be partnering with taco bell. We’Re also going to take a look quickly at the chart and ultimately i’m going to give you an idea on if i would be buying beyond meat or skipping out on it. So if you guys do want a full breakdown, a full analysis of beyond meat, their products, their business model, everything about them. I will put a link to the video i’ve done before right here and down below, so you can go and check that out before we get started hit. The like button subscribe to. This channel really helps this channel grow and continues to help me put more and more videos out each and every day, so let’s get started. So for those of you who don’t know what beyond meat is beyond me, company offers plant based burgers. The company offers its products in ranges and categories such as the beyond burger, beyond sausage, beyond meat crumbles, which are actually pretty good and beyond chicken strips the company sells a range of plant based products across the three main meat platforms such as beef, pork and poultry.

It provides beyond mushroom bacon, cheeseburgers chef, spikes, original brats, roasted garlic, italian sausage, yadda yadda that’s, not really that important. Essentially they are a meat substitute, and now they have everything from pork to poultry to um. You know burgers in general when they started, they were just a burger company um that basically was replacing having a burger and they’re honestly pretty good, like they’re, not bad, but it’s extremely expensive. One of the biggest things that i have to ask myself when i’m. Looking at this company, first and foremost, is, is this a fad that’s going to be happening because you look at a lot of things like keto, you look at a lot of things like uh, paleo and atkins and intermittent fasting. Like all these things, i’m, not saying they don’t work, i just say that they’re fads and they like to the fitness industry and health industry likes to sell you on these things, and then they usually end up going away and then potentially resurfacing again. So is this meat substitute just a fad, or is this potentially a long term solution to number one, the the problems that we’re having with the earth where you know it takes a lot to like i, i used to be a vegan and i don’t endorse veganism And being a vegan, i really don’t um, but one of the biggest things you have to think of when you’re eating meat it’s, not necessarily that the animal died which you know to some people.

They they can’t stand that. But the biggest problem for me is the agricultural problems that you have how much water it takes to. You know for an animal just to live to be slaughtered, how much methane each one of these animals creates what it does to the land. All these things that environmentally are not good, so this could be a huge turning point if we started making. You know fake alternatives to meat that were healthy, which is my biggest thing. But i talk a lot about that in the main, deep dive, but let’s just kind of get to the news and then where i see bynd going in the next couple of weeks and years, so taco bell is partnering with beyond meat to create a plant based Protein taco bell is also bringing potatoes back to the menu as part of it to push into these vegetarian options. Now. For me, the whole vegetarian option thing that’s cool, but when fast food companies try to do vegetarian to me, that’s just kind of like a fad thing and i don’t – i don’t – really trust fast food in general. In the fast food industry and we’ll kind of talk about that in a minute, so taco bell announced thursday. It has partnered with beyond meat to create a plant based protein that will begin testing out next year. This is the brand’s first steps into the world of plant based meats, other big, fast food companies, including fellow yum brands, chain, kfc and mcdonald’s corporation, which is expecting to launch the mc plant in 2021.

So they are actually partnering with the mcplant. I mean with uh mcdonald’s, to make the mcplant, which to me is like the worst name i could ever think of so beyond me and mcdonald’s have not confirmed their work on the mcplant, which analysts find extremely strange. So if you guys remember, if you look at beyond meat last earnings, the stock dumped and it’s really odd, because you would think it would be really good news that they’re going to be working with mcdonald’s from a business standpoint. That’S really great. But there was really vague the way that they talked about it on the earnings column. We still have not heard anything since then, which is kind of weird, so we had that initial sell off beyond meat has partnered with and popped up on menus across the culinary spectrum, and this week the company announced that they’d be doing a beyond breakfast sausage. That will be offered as part as a free breakfast promotion at gregory’s, coffee in new york, city love, burger, shack in dallas craftsmen and wolves in san francisco and plant burger in washington dc. Among other places beyond meat shares jumped 13.7 percent early thursday trading after taco bell made the announcement. Taco bell is also expanding. Its existing vegetarian options by bringing back potatoes, cheesy, fiesta, potatoes and spicy potato soft tacos will be available march 11th. Uh taco bell has offered other meatless items. Okay, so i don’t care too much about taco bell.

So beyond meat is partnering with taco bell, we can see. Obviously beyond meat is partnering with a lot of other companies. I believe that they’re partnered right now with dunkin donuts, to make like a breakfast sausage, patty they’re, making the mc plant i’m, like 90 percent sure that’s happening with mcdonald’s and overall. I think that at 115, before we had this massive rip beyond meat was at a good price number one from a technical standpoint. This is a very strong support. We are bouncing around here. I know uh. My good friend actually got some leaps on beyond meat not too long ago and it’s, probably making a ton of money right now with them. The thing for me, like i said before, is: is this a fad and really, how can they grow the business in a way that keeps the integrity of what the company does, but also makes it a great investment? I talked a little bit about this company in a video i made a couple days ago saying for the company to scale. They probably have to cut corners because it’s really weird, when i think of like healthy and when i think of meat substitutes and i think of like saving the planet, which is kind of the mission that bynd is on. I don’t think of taco bell. I don’t think of mcdonald’s, i don’t think of kfc, i don’t think of dunkin donuts. However, from a business standpoint, i think dunkin donuts kfc beyond meat all these things.

This is amazing. This is great, so i think it’s going to be tough. I i think that beyond me is not a safe investment. By any standpoint, however, i think that it could be a huge potential return, and so i think that, if you’re buying beyond meat here at like a hundred and forty dollars, you’re really not getting a deal. I think that you’re buying something that is fairly valued, i would have been buying heavy if it hit like 90 or 80 dollars, but at 115 to where we are right now, i think it’s a fairly valued company to be quite honest if it pulls back a Bit, which i don’t think it will, i think, we’re just going to continue to push up to like the 160s, but if it does pull back, i might actually start a leap position. So if you guys don’t know what leap positions are, it is a long anticipated um appreciation. I actually forget what does leap stand for guys. I’Ve been doing this for seven years. I don’t remember uh options, leap, uh, stand for it’s, long, long term, equity, anticipation, security. So essentially, you’re buying a deep in the money call i like to do this when i don’t have a lot of cash laying around so i might end up doing this. What i want to do is start a longer term portfolio once again and show you guys how i would manage and run that i’m selling a property of mine and should close within the next month so i’m, probably going to use some of that cash towards starting A long term account again, maybe i’ll start just like 10 grand or 20 grand 30 grand or something in there.

Let me know, though, guys are you going to be buying um bynd? What do you think about these? This news that they’re going to be working with um. You know companies such as taco bell, dunkin donuts mcdonald’s. How do you feel about that? Let me know guys i’d love to hear from you hit the like button subscribe to this channel. If you want to be a part of my private stock market, community, get access to all my trades. Live, live stream with me like this. Every single morning, from the first hour of market open and get access to 60 hours of courses and lectures, make sure you hit the link down below and use the code academy 90 at checkout to start for ten dollars your first month.

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