Stock, Beyond Meat YND Stock Update! Beyond Meat is going UP!

Stock is up almost 14. You can see here, it’s on quite a run ever since opening up this morning, uh pretty much just been bye. Bye, bye, bye, spike here went up to, like almost 164, had a little dip with the market and now we’re kind of stabilizing around the 160s. So the question is what is going on. Why is this happening here with beyond meat and guys, if you like this new video style? Let me know in the comments down below and smash the like button as well always appreciate it. So the first thing that i noticed was this article right here: uh vital farm ceo applauds beyond meat, um, oatly trends, uh, so much industrial food to be disrupted uh pretty much. This company here thinks that there’s, a secular shift towards people being more conscious of food choices and wanting food to reflect their values. I mean this is something we’ve been going on and on about on the channel. Whenever we talk about beyond meat it’s pretty much setting the tone for what the future looks like for food, you can see the trends are pretty clear, with people wanting more healthier food, more plant based food and pretty much cleaner food for for their diets and beyond Meat, essentially, is that option they have. You know plant based food, ranging from burger patties to ground meat to sausages, a bunch of stuff and i’m sure over time, they’re going to have a lot more, so i mean this is the first thing i found ceo from this company is applauding it that brought Some attention that could be contributing to this nice move here today.

The second thing that i saw, which is a bit i guess more realistic for today’s big move. Is this article here on the motley fool pretty much talking about how you know gamestop if you’ve been following that some crazy stuff going on there with a short squeeze, and they believe similar thing is happening here with beyond meat as well so um? This author here says that they believe that there is a short squeeze logical explanation in beyond meat stock. Um beyond meat is a stock that is shorted typically quite heavily in the markets. A lot of investors bet against this stock. A lot of investors are pessimistic on the stock, reminds me of tesla in many many ways, so yeah so that’s pretty much the second big catalyst here. That could possibly be the reason why the stock is moving so much, and you can see here that in this article it says short interest and beyond me is substantially less than gamestop. But short interest is 24 of the stocks float, which means that 24 of shares right now are short on beyond meat. So if there is any sort of good news, any sort of buyers that come in um, you know when big institutions start buying or a whole bunch of retail investors. Even it really pushes the price up higher because these shorts start covering and when they start covering. This is what you get. You get massive moves in a very short period of time.

So what could have happened? Is we had a spike? You know. Shorts covered had a spike, so it’s covered has spikes shorts covered, and this is just like a self fulfilling prophecy. It just keeps going and going and going and going until the shorts are finally like. Okay, we’re done for now, we’re not going to cover anymore and that’s when the buying pressure starts slowing down, and then buyers are kind of double guessing like oh, you know. Why should i take my profits and then selling starts and then you know we, we repeat the opposite cycle here. Something like this happens right so either way. This could be a good possibility, but i think the main catalyst really is this article top five consumer. Good companies for 2021 again from the motley fool – and this was released – um pretty much in the morning jan 24th, and this really outlines some good companies to look at for 2021 and guess what, in this one of the big names talked about was see. If i can find it here there, it is beyond meat beyond meat was pretty much discussed in here in pretty good length. I would encourage you to look through this article. A couple of things that i pulled out of this really is that here they talk about the management team um right over here they have a sign of a very aggressive, sharp management team, which is something that i’ve pretty much been.

A very big bull on i’ve said that ethan brown and the rest of his team are really, on top of things, they’re able to shift really well when uh their face challenges like they did in 2020, and you can see here. This is pretty much what um sharma pretty much says here. They turn on a dime. They took some risks, um, they increased mind share with consumers and it’s it’s starting to pay off. Consumers are flocking to this as more of a regular option. I know for myself whenever i go to costco now i pick up a pack of those patties that they have and uh yeah it’s kind of my go to burger option. I don’t really eat angus burgers that much anymore just leave some chicken burgers once in a while, maybe when beyond releases those i’ll switch over as well. But this is a pretty interesting read here. You can see that you know they’re talking about how a lot of people are kind of moving more towards plant based um, healthier options and beyond meat is really the number one option in that space right now now in case you missed it. I did create a video recently as well covering this news, but we did get taco bell come out here and say that they’re going to be looking to partner with beyond meat for options at their restaurants. Taco bell is a big chain, so this will be kind of a big move here and they’ll kind of help actually establish the um like the bacon bits and that kind of stuff, maybe that they have at beyond.

They even have some crumbles and that kind of stuff, i think, that’ll, probably get a nice push here with uh with the taco bell partnership if it works out well and really it’s, just it’s, just catalyst after catalyst right now, it’s just good news for beyond meat. Just look at the last uh last one month or even six months here you can see the stock. You know it had a good run from summer, all the way up to like almost 200 per share. But then you know, earnings came out some bad news. Bad news, bad news stock really took a bad beating and now we’ve kind of leveled off here and recently we’ve gotten the taco bell news that spiked it and then today we have another spike and yeah in just the last month. The stock is up almost 30 and i think this is just the beginning, guys there’s a lot more coming with beyond meat and i’ll try to keep you guys updated as much as i can here, because this is definitely a stock that i am ultra bullish on. Going into the future – and just you know right now, we’re sitting at just under a 10 billion market cap. I think this company could be in the tens of billions of dollars of market cap within the next few years. So yes, i’m bullish on beyond meat anyways. You guys enjoy the style of video. Let me know in the comments down below we’ll: do this more regularly but either way.

Thank you. So much for watching don’t forget to invest positively and i’ll.

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