Tornado, Alabama, Birmingham und! Damage confirmed!! #Centerpoint #Fultondale

We are in the uh middle of the sport there’s a tornado coming right through here. Sorry, i got ta clean the camera off there’s, the tornado headed right, get it right for us. Oh lord, please, lord lord! Lord. Only in alabama in the south tornado in january, they said we might have a light chance of rain this evening. Oh right yeah, what the hell i’m gon na get hit by a tornado i’m uh only. I guess there’s no way to see it coming so so good. Okay, that sounds like a train. I got ta go check. Uh the weather report, you’re talking about a tornado, something that has had we’ve got a okay we’re right there in the red Music. Oh, my god, Music come on man. Oh it’s, coming right through here, y’all, please, pray for me. I mean it’s coming right through our neighborhood pick up the phone, give them a call and let them know a tornado right there around the lark wood area. The debris signature still it’s not as pronounced as it was just a few moments ago, but we still have something that’s being lofted up around the center point area. Wes is rewinding this over the last 15 minutes. Oh Music, it could be leaves, trees could be building materials, we just don’t know, but we do know that it is something up uh if you’re in this area, this flashing area make sure you are taking. Tornado are literally right.

Uh springsville here uh what’s, like asheville area uh, you need to make sure you’re in your safe place. Even holly springs, you’re gon na be in that college. All right, i got ta stay. Oh wait. Yep power is out. Oh fire. I can’t can’t see nothing’s on me. There we go. The power came back on all right.

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