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Take a look at this. This is video from fultondell near birmingham, the town suffering a devastating blow strong winds, tearing down trees, ripping roofs off of homes and churches, the storm also tearing into a hampton inn. I just decided to go to the bathroom and crawl underneath the sink. They had a big open area and grabbed a towel, put it over me and just wrote it out and all of a sudden. The windows blew out in my room and and the lights went out and this siren shrieked and it was just surreal. Officials say those staying in that badly damaged hotel were all able to escape and more breaking news out of baldwin county. This morning a bayman man is in jail in connection to a deadly shooting you’re. Looking at the mug shot of christopher atchinson, right after he was booked into the baldwin county, jail on a murder charge, he’s being held on no bond, we’re told the shooting happened yesterday near whipperwill lane and highway 225 in the crossroads community investigators say that the victim 30 year old chase, childress of baymonet was taken to the malbus emergency room and then transported to sacred heart hospital in pensacola, where he later died. The shooting remains under investigation. This morning, funeral arrangements have been announced for baseball great hank heron, the atlanta braves legend and mobile native died last week of natural causes, that’s according to the fulton county medical examiner’s office, we’re learning that a private memorial tribute service is set for noon today at truest Park in atlanta, the funeral also private, is tomorrow at noon at friendship, baptist church fox 10 news will live stream, the memorial tribute and the funeral service.

It will be on our social media pages baldwin county, getting ready for another one of its mass vaccine clinics. Today, like last week, registration is not expected to last long with how many cars are in line when the gates open at 6. 30. This morning, the state health department is shooting again for more than 800 vaccinations. Today and thursday. The shots will be given out today between 9 a.m and 3 p.m. Today, now these are for people 75 years of age and older first responders and health care workers. You must bring your identification now right now, the thousands of vials of the vaccine are frozen at a facility in baldwin county until they’re, thawed and then given to people at the daphne civic center. I think they’re going very well. I think they’re serving the citizens of baldwin county, keep in mind when we still don’t have as much vaccine as we want in the state of alabama. Our vaccine is based upon population. To give you an idea of how much vaccine baldwin county is getting, the entire state of alabama is receiving between 50 000 and 60 thousand doses. Each week the state health department now telling us that baldwin county is expected to vaccinate some 2 thousand per week. I’M. Meteorologist michael white, with your fox 10 storm, track reports strong storms last night in north alabama tracking south, although the system is getting weaker as it’s moving into our area. That being said, there are some pockets of heavy rain and lightning and you’re, seeing some of those just before 4 30 in the morning, around north washington, county north of chatham and a marine warning located offshore south of baldwin county and some heavy rain, showing up right Around pensacola beach gulf breeze over the three mile bridge, the garson point toll bridge and some lightning, showing up north of navarre along florida, highway 87.

we’re going to end up dealing with occasional rain and storms. Today, as the approaching cold front is going to be stalled. Basically, along and south of interstate 20., you still have what’s left of that tornado watch box showing up just to the north of montgomery, but that will be canceled out soon and as far as our weather expects 60 percent coverage of rain and storms intermittently throughout the Day and then we end up turning drier by tomorrow, night and that’s. When the colder january air returns check out the temperatures baton rouge is at 69.. Shreveport is at 46.. You can easily see where that cold front is slicing through the southeast and will bring us back that january air very soon severe weather risk zone. For today, a level one out of five, a marginal risk and it’s for locations that are east of interstate 65.. You’Ll be the ones with the best chance for lightning and gusty straight winds. Your weather headlines for today, showers and storms remain possible tomorrow, a clearing sky by the evening and then, as we head into the week ahead, we’re expecting the colder air to return. Let’S time it out with our fox 10 futurecast rain and storm coverage will be peaking.

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