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Now we were having some technical issues uh here just a second ago, but i do apologize. Hopefully now you can see uh this right here and uh. There is a tornado watch box, uh that has just been issued by the storm prediction center there. It is on your screen, uh for a good portion of alabama and far eastern and north eastern mississippi. Ah now this does include places just off to the north of jackson, mississippi. This includes tupelo columbus, just north of meridian, starkville, philadelphia, mississippi, tuscaloosa, alabama pickens, lamar, fayette walker, winston hill county greene county and as far as sumter county now in the watch box, this watch goes until 1 a.m. Central standard time. A few tornadoes are possible, hail up to the size of ping, pong balls and scattered wind gusts upwards of 70 miles per hour within this watch box area. So if you’re, underneath the watch, including tuscaloosa birmingham, columbus, mississippi, starkville, mississippi philadelphia, mississippi be on the lookout between now and 1am, for the potential of isolated tornadoes hail up to the size of pong, balls and scattered wind gusts of 70 mile per hour possible. Now let me take you over here to the radar uh real, quick and show you uh. Give me just a second. I do apologize uh that we have a strong line of thunderstorms. Let me make sure you guys cannot see that yet here we go all right. We have a strong line of thunderstorms that has just recently um popped up here over the past few hours and if you are north of reform, if you’re north of gordo uh, this storm right here has really packed a punch and it is sitting uh.

Basically, on the pickens tuscaloosa fayette county line. Now let me also go in here and show you i’ve been watching this storm uh, because it has shown signs back over here towards reform of having a couple of rotation with it right here over the city of reform and then uh this one up here. Uh just to the north of gordo uh over here in the rural area of pickens county uh. Now there is no warning as of yet uh, but this one right here over the city of reform. It does bear watching as it continues to move on off to the north and to the east, all right so uh. This is one area uh, basically the first wave of severe storms that we have to watch now. None of this is severe right now uh, but we’re gon na have to keep an eye on on this area uh, because the potential was there this afternoon and this evening uh for the potential of a few isolated tornadoes with this line of storms. Now let me also back out and show you uh, that we have that line of storms and then we’ve also got um. This batch down here near kosciuszko, mississippi that’s got to come along and then we’ve also got to watch the actual cold front itself uh. That is lined up basically from just off to the west of oxford, down to greenwood, mississippi, so, basically uh. This lawn right here that i just dropped drew off to the west of oxford.

If you are west of that line, if you’re over here in cleveland, mississippi uh indianola inverness, rolling, forks, uh, green veal, mississippi your severe weather threat is over. If you are along and east of that line, that is the biggest and most threatening weather for the rest of the evening and into the overnight hours uh, so once again, uh there is a main batch of storms uh. That is lined up basically from coleman. All the way down to canton mississippi – and let me put this into motion for you and, as you can see, it is slowly but surely uh trying to creep on off. Okay, i just got a notification of a significant weather alert off from the national weather service. In birmingham uh just below the severe weather limits for walker and winston right now, and walker and winston, and that would probably be uh for this sale – that is hugging the fayette tuscaloosa pickens county line right here, uh. So there’s no formal warning right now but, like i said there is a tornado watch in effect until one a.m. In the morning uh. I will continue to watch this and if conditions warrant i’ll be right back here on social media providing severe weather coverage. In the event that we actually do have a tornado warning anywhere in mississippi or alabama, but let me take you back over here, one more time. Uh, because i see we have 22 people watching uh.

Your screen is going to go dark here for just for a second to apologize and uh. Let me turn this on and we actually the reason i’m here is because to let you know that we actually have a tornado watch uh that has just been issued by the storm prediction center uh for a good portion of northeast mississippi and a good portion of Northern alabama, including columbus, mississippi, tuscaloosa, alabama, jasper, birmingham, albertville gadsden, huntsville florence, uh tupelo, mississippi columbus, mississippi, starkville, philadelphia and even as far south as the northern suburbs of the jackson, mississippi metro area. So if you guys are in this watch area, make sure that you keep abreast of the latest weather information, and i will be right back here on social media if and when a tornado warning is issued. Uh. If we do have a couple of tornadoes tonight here in the watch area, so i intend to do another update, probably about seven o’clock uh here on social media before and if necessary, i’m sting ray in the sting ray layer. Water center have a great week.

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Tornado, Alabama, Tornado watch, Severe weather Extreme Winter Storm Forecast