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Scattered showers are working their way across north georgia this evening, as a warm front pushes through the state with the winds from the south, it will be warmer and wetter to start the week in addition to scattered showers during the day, we expect some storms tonight into Early tuesday morning, critical timing for heavier showers and a few storms will be 11 pm monday to 8 a.m. Tuesday updates 5 20 a.m. Here’S a look from 11 alive’s joe ripley as those storms moved over atlanta a short while ago, be careful on the roads. 5. 15 a.m: looking ahead to where that broken line of storms coming in from alabama to the west has continued to bring up patches of quick, hitting thunderstorms. A significant weather advisory is on the lookout until 5 45 a.m. For western kuwaita northern troop and herd counties 5 10 a.m. The tornado watch that had remained in carroll, cobb, halding and douglas has been canceled 505 a.m. Some heavy rains falling over midtown and downtown atlanta 5 a.m. Looking ahead over the next hour, looks like most of the hard rain will be concentrated northeast over gwinnett north atlanta could also feel it for a minute before the system begins. To kind of clear out of the metro for 50 am really a thin line. Stretches west to east over various parts of the metro, carrollton to south fulton before following up by 285, a bit to sandy springs and then over lawrenceville, lillburn and snelville to the east of there.

Again, though, no active warnings at the moment for 45 am going by the 11 live radar, looks like some nasty stuff over sandy springs and north fulton, passing through for 40, am here’s the latest from 11 alive meteorologist chesley mcneill for 30 a.m. If you’re up and hearing the rain, slash, thunder and seeing the lightning, this is probably going to continue off and on a bit more this morning, the line is coming in from the west and won’t really fully clear up until about 8 a.m for 20 a.m. Some heavy rains fender slash lightning moving through over cobb slash paulding, but no warnings issued as of yet for 15 a.m. The tornado watch has been canceled in cherokee haralson and polk counties continuing through 7 a.m, in cobb, douglas halding and carroll for 10 a.m. Follow the 11 alive radar for the latest track of things in the next 20 to 30 minutes. We might see some renewed activity for am if you’re in places like dallas, kennesaw or woodstock looks like there’s going to be a good bit of rain over you at the moment. No warnings out at the moment, though, 3 50 a.m. Floyd and bardo counties were removed from the tornado watch that’s in place until 7am 3 50 a.m. A significant weather advisory is in place for mainly north cobb and parts of cherokee and paulding through 4 30 a.m. Noting that there could be more strong thunderstorms on the way 3 30 a.

m, stay alert as the national weather service reports, a broken line of storms that could bring renewed severe weather over the next couple of hours. A tornado watch continues in the northwest metro atlanta region until 7 a.m. This morning, 2 45 a.m. The severe thunderstorm warning for bartow, cherokee, cobb and paulding counties has expired: 2 30 a.m. The national weather service has canceled the tornado warning for cobb. County 29 a.m. 11. Alive’S tyson paul captured this video, as tornado sirens went off in woodstock 2 22 a.m. The tornado warning for cherokee and paulding has been lifted, but it continues for cobb county until 2. 45 a.m. 2. 17 a.m. A tornado warning has been issued for portions of cherokee cobb and paulding counties until 2. 45 a.m. 206 a.m. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for bartow cherokee, cobb and paulding counties until 2, 45 am 1 37. Am a tornado watch has been issued for barto carroll, cherokee cobb douglas floyd, harrelson, halding and polk counties until 7am eastern standard time and cleburne and randolph counties until 6 a.m: central standard time, 1, 32 a.m. The tornado warning for cleburne, calhoun and cherokee counties in alabama has been canceled. According to the national weather service, 108. Am a tornado warning has been issued for cleburne, cherokee and calhoun counties in alabama until 12 45 a.m, central standard time, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado, was located over piedmont, moving east at 45 miles per hour.

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