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Today is the last full day of the donald trump administration. Some people be sad about that. Some people happy but part of america right. We move forward. We move forward with a new administration tomorrow. I thought about asking you for comments about that about this being the final day of the trump administration, but i also thought you know what i’ve heard enough i’ve heard enough. Is anyone changing their mind this morning? I don’t think so so we’re going to talk about something a little more fun this morning. Give you something to dream about, because the weather is not anything yeah there. It is riley nailed it there with the cbsm minnesota morning, update forecast 4 p.m. Burr it’s about 18 right now, as we bring you this update in the 7 34 time slot. It is chilly this morning, it’s going to get colder as the day goes on. It may be snowing in your area. There are some pop up flurries. We had some flurries out near lake minnetonka there’s, some flurries now in the north, suburban area, so be aware of that throughout the morning hours. But once we get into the afternoon, the flurries will be gone and the chill will be on, but not for long. Things are warming up over the next couple days before they cool down again. The roller coaster is on. Maybe you will be able to escape the cool temperatures with an amazing luxury vacation, because perhaps tonight is your night to win the big lottery jackpot today and tomorrow, 1.

6 billion on the line nearly a billion tonight mega millions is at 850 million dollars, it’s the second Highest mega millions jackpot in history, the powerball is at 730 million dollars tomorrow. So we wanted to know how do you pick your numbers? Do you let the machine do it? Do you use like special dates or birthdays or anniversaries? My birthday, as riley pointed out on the news this morning is sunday and i’m thinking like what a great birthday present for me. If i could win both the mega millions and the powerball that’d be great, i would give everyone in the in the our production team. Everybody gets a million dollars, producers, half a million production crew – oh i’m. Sorry amber. Our producer is like what you get a million dollars too it’s on tape. If i win 850 million dollars, you all get a million dollars. My wife better deal with it. That’S what’s happening um, so let us know how you pick your numbers. I usually let the machine do it, but it is kind of fun to fill out the little bubbles and pick your own uh numbers with, like you know, family birthdays or whatever. So let us know: we’ll read through some of that. In just a moment, minnesota does have a new covet 19 vaccination plan in place. Today is your day who’s lining up at noon to try to get a spot in the vaccine line. Oh remember: when we used to do that to go to concerts, it was so much more fun.

I don’t know actually like the anticipation. I am more excited about getting a vaccine. I’Ll tell you that much if you’re, a teacher, a child care worker or older than 65 you’re all eligible problem is in minnesota. That’S a million people. We don’t have a million shots right now minnesota getting about 60 000 doses every week. Some of that is allocated for people with you know: pre existing conditions over 75 they’re in long term care facilities, hospital workers, whatever so only about 20, 000 or so will be allocated to the newly eligible millions. So if you’re in that new group and you want a shot, be prepared to wait, but you can sign up starting at noon today, minnesota’s largest school district is bringing the youngest kids back to in person. Learning today remember the governor told all the school districts around the state like let’s go let’s bring the elementary kids back regardless of the virus loading, your county, so anoka, hennepin school district, they’re, a big one. They’Ll have kindergarten first and second graders they’re back in school. Today, five days a week full time uh, some families were able to choose distance learning, but i’ll tell you. I have a lot of friends and family members with kindergarten first and second graders it’s hard to do distance learning. It just is like trying to manage your kid on a screen when they’re six yeah, so the district will start transitioning the rest of the.

Hopefully things go well right. If things go well over the first couple weeks, then they’ll bring the third graders, the fourth graders, the fifth graders middle and high schoolers, still continuing distance learning. The research does show those older kids do get sick and they do pass the virus along at least somewhat. So that’s, why uh? It is the way it is, as i mentioned today, the last full day of the trump administration president trump expected to spend his final full day in office issuing pardons and commutations. That is something that is very typical of a president on the way out the door, but this process is a little different expected to pardon about a hundred people, he’s not expected to pardon himself, which some were wondering. Would he do that? Would he not, but because of the senate impeachment trial, which is looming, i think there’s fear among trump loyalists that if he pardoned himself, a lot of republicans would say forget this and vote to convict security in washington dc it’s super tight, leading up to president elect Joe biden’s inauguration tomorrow, it’s going to be, i mean this was just two weeks ago right two weeks ago tomorrow, angry mob storming the capital that’s the platform where joe biden will stand and take the oath. So, of course, questions about safety tomorrow, minnesota senator amy klobuchar is on the inaugural planning committee and here’s. What she told nora o’donnell last night was a scare security scare this morning that led to the capital being locked down.

What, if that happens, wednesday, take one thing at a time: there’s always always plans and ways you can change things, but that turned out to be not a real occurrence of any security risk. So look at this image. This is what joe biden and kamala harris will see tomorrow when they stand on that platform, 200 000 flags have been placed on the national mall and part of that is, you know, that’s about the number of people that would normally attend an inauguration, but because of Coronavirus uh pandemic and security threats that will not be happening. The flags are so striking, though cool idea, cool idea, garth brooks, has been added the lineup of performers for tomorrow’s inauguration. You might have been concerned yesterday, if you saw garth brooks trending on social media. Garth is fine, garth is a republican and he said i’m, probably going to be the only republican at the inaugural. He said this is not a political statement, he’s not saying he’s on team biden or anything he’s saying this is a statement of unity that he loves. This country brooks performed during the inaugural celebration, president obama. In 2009. He turned down the chance to play for president trump in 2017, citing a scheduling conflict, and you can read into that whatever you wish, you can also expect the extra security at the minnesota state capitol to be sticking around a little longer. You know we’ve seen huge security at the capitol huge security and that’s, because the fbi said hey minnesota.

You might need to watch out because of boogaloo boys and other extreme far right groups that have been detected here in the state and they have seen threats. No serious issues, though no credible, specific threats, governor tim walsh, says, look we’re going to we’re, not taking any chances we’re keeping this extra law enforcement at the capitol through the inauguration tomorrow. This image i saw yesterday morning on twitter and thought is this: photoshopped? Is this real look at this red car upside down on top of three other cars? This is just like in a south minneapolis driveway and there were no like visible tire tracks leading up to it. So you’re like what in the heck is tom taggett’s talking to john lauritsen it’s tom’s house. Apparently this nissan, the red car lost control, crashed they’re, thinking that that driver was speeding, hit some ice and it hit a curb and then just flew through the air. No one knows where the driver is: the driver ran for it, unbelievable. What a crazy situation for this guy to have something like this happen now, it’s just devastating, because i just don’t understand i did nothing wrong. You know what i mean and it’s just too bad that things things happen around here and nobody takes accountability and nobody takes. You know. It just seems like it’s, okay and it’s, not okay. I mean that’s a real bummer about this right. He was uh fixing up these three cars.

One of them was in the process being sold. One belonged to his aunt, who had recently died, police, say they’re looking into it. This car was not reported, stolen, it’s registered to a guy and his son. One led some blame one lives in minneapolis tom, hoping insurance will help him, but you know when you’re fixing up cars, you never quite know whether the insurance will cover or not over the past year, we’ve all likely been afraid or worried at some point about the Covet 19 pandemic, but this is either a horribly sad incident of mental illness or someone who, just like really let the fear take over his soul, there’s, a man that has been living at chicago’s, o’hare international airport for months. Adidas singh arrived from los angeles in mid october, so he just stayed at the airport after he was finally discovered. He told authorities. He was too afraid to fly back to la because of the pandemic. He’S been inside security. He never left the security zone. Apparently, two united airlines workers confronted him on saturday and were like who are you? Can i see your work id and the id he had was a stolen id, so he had like a manager. Id singh is charged with trespassing in a restricted area of the airport and also theft. You hear that story. Your heart goes out to him. Obviously you i mean you’re, not everything’s, not well, with someone who’s doing that right.

Luckily, no harm was caused, but wow three months living in the airport. Okay, our talker today is about the lottery big drawings tonight, big mega millions, 850 million dollars powerball tomorrow, 740 million dollars uh. How do you pick your numbers? Matt moberg gon na manifest them honestly. He doesn’t know what that means, but he read it in a tweet, so we’ll call her me compel. I also might have seen many people talking about manifesting various things i think it’s. Just like you, you visualize it i don’t know. I don’t know what the kids are talking about. My young young producer says correct. Paul says we do uh quick picks most of the time once a while combinations of birthdays in the family numbers are children and grandchildren. Nothing’S worked so far, so paul’s going to hold off on buying that luxury six slice toaster. That is how you’ve hit the jackpot paul. I was shopping for uh, a new stove and i went to look at a stove the other day that cost i’m like this is a nice looking stove i’m like how much does it cost eight thousand dollars like? What does it include groceries? Does it do the dishes brittany lets it randomize, that’s that’s? How i do it dianza’s computer might do just as well yep your personal luck, not that great, and that says i don’t play i’m, not a lucky person. You know what self awareness is valuable in that i like it.

Let the computer do it judy if she bought a ticket. She picked numbers that are special. What you want to do is make sure go, buy a lottery ticket during a really busy time. Go to the counter and then just start asking questions. How many do i have to fill in what’s uh? How many powerballs do i pick? You got a pencil. Anybody got a pencil, peggy, picks, birthday’s, anniversary’s, favorite numbers and then close your eyes and see where the pen lands. I like that that’s kind of fun. Actually, i really like that peggy, if you just took the because it’s like a scantron thing right, remember those when we took the scantron test and just fill in the bubbles, all right thanks, peggy thanks everybody for watching the morning update from cbsn minnesota. We are your only local streaming news source and if i win the powerball i’m going to buy it i’m buying out cbsn, minnesota and i’m going to run it from my yacht. It’S going to be terrific have a great day everyone.

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