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They have the best barbecue in town today is january. 21St. 2021. This will be my second dose of the vaccine. Pfizer biontech and i received my first shot. Initially january 4th 2021, so it’s been about three weeks. They want to give about two to three weeks, and i wanted to post this video up so that individuals that are unsure or are worried about it. Somehow that do not worry. We want to provide education material to especially the elderly and the sick or underserved. I myself will be going to get my second dose in the later weeks and months. Things might change, but this is the process right now, and this is how you’ll be seeing me react to the drug if there are any reactions, and so far the first vaccine went very smoothly. It went very well. The only thing that i had was a sore on my shoulder at the spot of the vaccine injection, and so it lasted about maybe one to two days, and that was about it all right so i’m, just about to get my shot i’m at the site here With the nurse and um we’re, just gon na get started all right: Music, yeah, i’m gon na. Have you wait for 15 minutes, okay and i’m gon na write down the time sure i really hope so as well. I really appreciate that yeah. I know right. Oh it’s, all good you’re still here, oh thank you very much.

I appreciate it. I’Ll see you upstairs yeah. It was relatively painless. Just like the first one, um they’re having us sit down for about 15 minutes just to rest, to see if there’s any negative reaction to anything Music, Music, i’m, um, pretty good right now. The second vaccination really didn’t have uh some impact on me, and i gave myself about another hour and i still don’t feel anything. I’M gon na go get some dinner. Oh yeah, hey after the shot, i feel like. I want to go: get a beef brisket and some ribs, so uh we’re gon na do that up since i’m. Wearing this shirt already it’s firebox deli firebox st paul, they have the best barbecue in town it’s the evening of the second vaccination shot, and i want to let you know that i feel fine. I don’t have any chills. I don’t have a fever. I am not dizzy and um yeah, i feel wonderful um, so it is the next morning. I feel wonderful i’m getting ready to go back into work and i have no side effects. It’S been about 24 hours since my second vaccine, i don’t have any dizziness, no fever and i don’t feel tired or woozy, and i just wanted to let you all know that i’m doing fine. So beyond this 24 hours, i don’t think that there will be any other side effects if there were supposed to be any down in the description box below i’ll set up a link that you can click wait to get into the minnesota department of health’s vaccination website.

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