Vanessa Bryant, Gianna Bryant, Kobe Bryant Christmas with out Kobe and Gigi

Obviously, we wish that he was here with us to celebrate okay, so it has vanessa bianca, natalia Music, gigi. What about you? What do you think what is family like now with the dad at home? All the time it’s better, we get to see him more Music, it’s beautiful. You know it’s uh, and now you know more so than ever, because i get a chance to spend time with them. Like you know, this christmas is the first christmas we’ve had we didn’t have to rush to get things done right, we’re like okay, we don’t have to rush on. You know, opening gifts and things of that nature, so it’s beautiful Music. That was a really special one. We were really looking forward to it and it was like you know, most of the time christmas you can kind of enjoy the time in the morning with your family and so forth, Music, we met actually a video shoot that i was filming and she was there And we actually had when we first met, we have it on tape, so we get to show our kids kobe bryant got creative after his 2016 retirement from basketball now out with his second novel legacy and the queen. Well, i have four girls at home and uh. You know i want to make sure it’s important that they, you know, see, characters that look like them and that are also athletes and they get tired of hearing my voice.

Our responsibility is to always inspire help, kids grow and understand how to be better human beings. Music, so Music, Music, god knew they couldn’t be on this earth without each other babe. You take care of our gigi living their life they’re they’re, having a good time, and i think kobe would have wanted that right for them to go on, live a great life and and just have enjoy yourself and vanessa’s. The reason for that – and i think she’s got a great village around her people around her to give her that support Music Applause. They don’t call me uncle shaq for a reason. You call me up. You find me i’m, not hard to find i’ll. Do whatever y’all need? I talk to her every single day and just you know, continue to pray for her and stay positive for her. She i tell her every day, she’s, the strongest woman, i know and i’m really really proud of just how she’s handling everything and just want to continue to be there.

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Vanessa Bryant, Gianna Bryant, Kobe Bryant Emotional Public Speech at the Memorial Service of Gigi and Kobe Bryant