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By the way, this video will show you how to set up a pie hole regardless of the type of router that you own. I just included a few extra steps at the end that will help ubiquity router owners configure their network for piehole let’s, get to work. Here’S, what you’ll need to get piehole setup? A raspberry, pi i’d recommend a pi zero w because it’s cheap and it has a wi fi adapter built into it. Pihole has very low computing demands, so you don’t need to go overboard with a high end. Pi or anything. You’Ll also need a power supply, a working internet connection. It can either be wi, fi or ethernet, hardwired, a micro sd card reader and a compatible micro sd card that’s at least 16 gigabytes in capacity step 1 reformat, your micro sd card, insert your micro sd card into a card reader then plug it into your computer. Now, download and install a free application called sd memory card formatter. This is an excellent free program, that’s made by the official sd association and it’s available for both mac and windows. It has given me the best results for micro, sd card reformatting. I’Ll. Add a link to the website in the video description when you download the program, zip file, open up the application and let it install select the drive letter for your micro sd card and select quick format for the formatting options, relabel the volume pi hole or whatever You want to use, then click format, click! Yes, when it warns you that all data on this card will be erased once that’s done.

The micro sd card’s contents should now be empty step. Two install the raspberry pi operating system onto your newly formatted sd card. Go onto and yes, i’ll, put a link below you’re, welcome and download the raspberry pi imager program since i’m, using windows 10 i’ll be downloading the one for windows. This imager is a new way of installing the raspberry pi os open up the imager application that you just downloaded and when the installation is complete, run the raspberry pi imager now choose the operating system. Click raspberry, pi, os other than raspberry pi os lite. The 32 bit version choose the micro sd card that we just reformatted. Then click write click. Yes, when you get the imager’s warning about erasing all data, then it’ll take a few minutes to write raspberry pi os to your microsd card. Let’S fast forward. Click continue when you get this right, successful notification. If you get an error at the stage, do the micro sd card reformat and raspy and re imaging all over again. It has happened to me once before, and sometimes all you have to do is start fresh, but in this case we’re good to go close out. The raspberry pi imager step 3 safely eject and remove your micro sd card. Then reinsert it open up the micro sd card in explorer, and it should look like this. These are the raspbian os files so far, so good step, four give raspberry, pi os your internet connection details this right here is your root directory, create a new text file called wpa, underscore supplicant dot conf and hit enter on your keyboard.

Yes, we do want to change the file name extension open up this newly created file in your text. Editor, application of choice add the following code and yes, i’ll put it in the video description, replace the ssid entry with your wi fi hotspot’s name and the psk field, with your wi fi access points. Password save then exit this text file. Step 5. enable the asynchronous serial communication protocol, also known as uart. This allows us to connect a usb device like a keyboard to the raspberry pi for troubleshooting. If we have to to enable uart go into your micro, sd, card’s, root directory and open the file called config.txt scroll to the very bottom of that text, file and add the following text: pound enable uart new line enable underscore uart equals one save the config.txt file. Then exit step 6. enable secure shell, also known as ssh. This will allow us to input commands into the pi hole. Wirelessly go back into the microsd card’s root directory and create a new text document file called ssh, no file extension needed just ssh, then click! Yes, when you get this warning about changing a file, name extension, so now you should have three new files in your boot. Folder config.txt, ssh and wpa underscore supplicant.conf step 7 safely, eject your micro sd card from your computer and insert it into your raspberry pi’s microsd card slot. Step 8 start up. The raspberry pi connect your power plug into your raspberry pi’s micro.

Usb port then plug it into a power source, look for the flickering green led and if you can see that that means it’s working now wait about 10 minutes, while the raspberry pi completes its first boot up process helpful tip an external hdmi monitor can be useful Here, because it can show us when the boot up process is done and ready. So if you have one plug it in, if not wait, 10 minutes and you’ll just have to play the guessing game in the meantime, proceed to step nine install bonjour print services for windows. We do this, so we can change our raspberry pi’s hostname, which allows us to rename our pi hole on the network very helpful. If you have more than one raspberry pi in your network, if you’re a mac user, the service comes pre installed on your system and you can skip this step. But if you’re a windows user like me, you’ll need to install bonjour print services for windows, i’ve included a link in the video description, so download the bonjour executable file open it and let it install click finish once completed. Step 10 find your raspberry pi’s ip address. There are two ways to get your pi’s ip address. One go into your access point connected clients and devices section if you’re using a ubiquiti access point like i am just open up your unifi controller application click, this icon with a laptop and smartphone. On the left hand, side and look for the raspberry pi and take a note of its ip address alternately.

You can download a smartphone, app called thing, that’s fing, which allows you to view all of the devices that are connected to your wi fi network. Same deal open up the app just look for the connected raspberry pi and take a note of its ip address, step 11 ssh into the raspberry pi wirelessly. If you’re on windows, you should download an application called putty download link will be in the video description. This is the best desktop application for ssh ing into your raspberry pi, so download the putty installation file open it click next then finish. The installation then open up the putty application in the host name field put in the ip address that you noted down in the previous step. Port number should be 22 connection type ssh. Then click open, you’ll get this putty security alert click! Yes to proceed. If you’re on a mac you don’t have to download putty, you can open up terminal which should be in the utilities. Folder then type in the following command. Ssh space, followed by the ip number of your pi hole, device space dash, l, space pi. I use windows. So i don’t have a screen recording of this step, so here’s a cat. If you see this login screen, you are now connected to your raspberry pi wirelessly through ssh step 12 log into your raspberry pi, using the default credentials, which is name pi, password raspberry then hit enter and you’re in just like a hacker step.

13 change. Your raspberry pi’s hostname, we do this by running the command, sudo space, nano space forward, slash, etc, forward. Slash host name, delete, raspberry pi, then type in pi hole, ctrl x to exit then key in the letter y on your keyboard. To save it will ask you at the bottom to confirm the file name to overwrite hit enter to confirm there. We change our pi’s hostname step 14. change the hostname in the hosts file to do this run this command sudo space, nano space forward, slash, etc forward. Slash hosts use your arrow keys to move down to the last line then use the right arrow key to bring the cursor to the first letter in raspberry pi delete that then change it to pi hole ctrl x to exit y on your keyboard. For yes to save, it will ask you, at the bottom, to confirm the file name to overwrite hit enter to confirm step 15 reboot, your raspberry pi. We do this by typing in the command sudo space reboot then hit enter. You’Ll get this error from putty about a closed network connection. This is normal because when we rebooted we severed the connection, so click ok and close out your old ssh command prompt window and your raspberry pi unit’s green, led light will turn off it’ll turn back on and start flickering when the light is lit solid. It has successfully rebooted, which means you can go to the next step.

Step 16 ssh back in again using putty just like before use your piehole’s ip address as the host name. Port 22 click open punch in the default login credentials again, login name pi, password raspberry. Then hit enter step 17 change, your raspberry pi’s default password because the default password of raspberry is very easily guessed and really not secure, enter the command p. A s s. W d then hit enter re type. The current password, which is raspberry in lowercase, then type in a new complex password and take a note of that password and store it somewhere. Secure i’ll use keypass for this and, if there’s enough interest i’ll deep dive into this incredible password encryption software hit enter once you’ve added your new password and reconfirmed it step 18 install pi hole. This is very easy and can be done with this single line command. Curl space dash s, big s, big l, space, https, colon, slash, install dot, pi dash hole, dot net space vertical bar space bash hit enter now it’s going to install pi hole for you. It should take about 20 minutes. Your raspberry pi’s led light will start blinking, which is normal, sometimes raspbian appears to be frozen, but i promise you it’s not just wait. Select, ok with your enter key when this intro screen appears then ok again at the free and open source window and again at the static ip address notice. Step 19 configure your pi hole.

Installation select, google, as your upstream dns provider. Next screen asks you to confirm that you’d like to use the steven black blocking list for blocking ads make sure the star is in the tick box and hit enter. You only need ipv6 to be ticked. If you have ipv6 and if you have it you’ll know, most people will only have to tick the box for ipv4 press the down arrow on your keyboard. To go to the lower line then hit your spacebar to remove the star from the ipv6 tick box. Then hit enter. This is the static ip address. Confirmation screen, it all looks good hit enter to continue hit enter when you get to the screen about ipconflict select on for the web admin interface. This is a web based interface that shows you, the pi holes ad, blocking stats and white listing options for your pi hole. It’S useful, select on for the web server php modules select on for logging queries, show everything for the privacy mode then give raspberry pi. Some more time to complete the installation hit enter when you see this installation complete notification record your randomly generated password. This is what you use for accessing the web based admin user interface. Page again, i use keypass for recording my passwords but use whatever secure password locker. You prefer and only write it down on a sticky note. If you want to get hacked, then laughed at select. Ok by hitting enter step.

20 visit the web based admin user interface page you can get there by visiting this url http colon forward. Slash slash your ip number forward: slash admin, click login on the left hand, side then type in that randomly generated password that we just got beforehand: click login, so the web ui interface works, but, as you can see, it’s not actually blocking ads yet that’s, because we Still have to set up your dns server in the network before the pi hole can start blocking ads. So this is where i’m going to start talking about ubiquity specific configuration for pi hole. If you don’t have a ubiquiti router leave a comment below and i’ll. Try. My best to help you out step 21 back up your edge router’s configuration to do this you’ll have to log into your edge router admin interface; click on the system, tab on the bottom scroll down to the configuration management and device maintenance, section click download, backup configuration File, save that file to a safe and secure location on your computer step, 22 change, your ubiquity router’s name server, scroll back up a bit to the name, server section under system name server type in your pi holes, ip address scroll down to the bottom, then click Save step 23 change your dns we’re. Almost there i promise exit the system, menu click, the services tab near the top click, the actions drop down, menu, select view details, change, dns, one to your pi holes, ip address, then click save exit, the dhcp server, lan option window last and final step.

Restart your router do this by reopening the system tab on the bottom scroll down to where it says, restart device and click the restart button. Your wi fi connection will go down temporarily and when you’re ready to connect, you might have to disconnect and forget your wi fi connection, then reconnect to it once your internet connection is back up and running again log back into your web admin interface or the pi Hole and after a few minutes your pi hole should be blocking ads across your network that’s. It you’re done a word of warning if your raspberry pi ever gets unplugged or goes down for any reason. Your internet will stop working across your entire network because, right now, all of your external dns is going through the pie hole. So if your pie hole goes down, you can’t resolve dns. There are two ways to avoid this: one is to get an uninterrupted power supply and plug your raspberry pi into it. So if your power ever goes out, your pie hole is still powered on or you put together a two pi hole device setup where one raspberry pi acts as your backup on your network and that’s. How you set up pi hole on your ubiquiti router hope you found this useful and if you did please like and subscribe to my channel, because we just became friends now here’s a clip of some apple pie.

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