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How crews say fellow hikers likely saved the man’s life? Your news starts right now. This is kgw news at five and we begin with new developments tonight on the coronavine virus front. Two cases of the new, more contagious uk variant have been found in washington in sonomas county. That news was just announced about 30 minutes ago. The second case of the varian has also been detected in oregon. It was found in a person from yam hill county who doesn’t have any known, travel history. Now the spreading of this new variant comes at a time when cases in oregon have been relatively low compared to past months. Today, the oregon health authority reported 775 new cases and 13 more deaths. Now, a key to getting the virus under control is vaccinations. Rollout has been slow going, the oha says so far: 285 914 thousand shots have been given, and that includes some second doses that’s about 58 percent of the state’s current supply and there’s frustration from oregon hospitals as the governor expands vaccine eligibility amidst uncertainty around supply, the Oregon association of hospitals and health systems is concerned, people will show up to hospitals expecting to get the vaccine, but the supply will not meet the demand. Yesterday, the governor announced teachers would be eligible for the vaccine starting next week with seniors soon to follow. I think there’s a recognition that this is going to take a long time. I’M. Just not sure it’s been explained well to the public and we don’t want people to expect something that they’re not going to be able to have for some in some cases weeks and maybe even months on friday, governor brown defended her plan to vaccinate educators ahead of Seniors saying she’s using every tool to get kids back in the classroom this year.

To be clear, the association says their concern is not with how the governor is prioritizing the vaccine it’s with over expanding eligibility and the community’s expectations and as experts and advocates debate, vaccine priority we’re hearing from some of the potential people impacted caitlin etlin dives deeper into The issue of chronic conditions in oregon’s, coveted vaccine rollout, steve brown of southwest portland, knows about cancer too well and you’re. Only one more scan away from your death sentence. He frequents ohsu’s knight cancer institute. In 2009. He learned he had spindle cell sarcoma, a rare cancer in his arm that called for amputation in 2016.. You see there’s no arm, then in 2019 he was diagnosed with stage 4 matastic lung cancer from the sarcoma part of his lung had to be removed. Last year, people like him are at much higher risk for severe covet outcomes, so he’s watching closely as oregon’s vaccine advisory committee debates priority a specific place to start. In addition to people of color, the committee is considering recommendations for oregonians with chronic conditions, there’s a group that includes almost 1.8 million people. The list is not final, but includes people with diabetes, cancer, hiv and transplants, because they’re, immunosuppressed and they’re at higher risk groups like the american diabetes association and american cancer society, are working to direct patients to vaccinations, but in oregon that priority does not exist yet. Others, like the american heart association, say in particular people with cardiovascular risk factors, heart disease and heart attack and stroke survivors should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

It’S not just the lung disease it’s when it gets into the blood vessels that it causes trouble. Oregon health authority is reviewing how a list of conditions would be enforced and what counts the chronic conditions that are specific to kovid. If you go four years for the sarcoma it’s, pretty good steve brown is now on a decade of survival, but knows his time is limited he’s over 65. So he could get the vaccine before younger people with other serious conditions, but he knows some need it sooner. That you could have a couple months to live without fear of dying of colvin, give people some time to enjoy life yeah as much as possible. Galen etlin, kgw news. Well, the path to a vaccine is a little clearer tonight, for at least one group, teachers and others connected to schools in the greater portland area will be contacted early next week by their districts. They’Ll get an online link to sign up for their covid shot. Nearly all of those vaccinations will take place at the oregon convention center. The mass vaccination site will start giving those shots next wednesday. Tomorrow, another drive through site for coveted shots will open up. Ohsu is partnering with the port of portland and the american red cross to vaccinate about 1 000 people living with disabilities and their caregivers they’re transforming a parking lot at the portland airport into a mass vaccination site just like about all other vaccination sites.

These shots will be given out by appointment only and we have been getting a lot of questions about how seniors can make an appointment for their shot. Unfortunately, we just don’t know yet there’s no centralized place to make an appointment or get on a list right now. We know that mass vaccine clinics in oregon will eventually be open to seniors, but they’re, not yet. Doctors, offices and pharmacies are also hoping to get vaccines, but they don’t know. When that’s going to happen, you can keep checking back with us or check your county health department websites, often because some counties may move faster than others based on that supply, not to make things more confusing, but remember the rules are different. If you live in washington there, anyone 65 and over is now eligible for the vaccine, but the struggle to distribute those quickly is still the same. The state is still working to get all health care workers, their first doses and they’re, not getting enough vaccine doses to get through the 300 000 seniors. All at once, washington is planning mass vaccine clinics as well. The closest to us will open at the clark county fairgrounds in ridgefield that’s supposed to happen next week, but we don’t know yet if you need an appointment in advance. In the meantime, there is a form you can fill out on the clark county health department’s website to help you get access to the vaccine and we have a team dedicated to getting answers to your vaccine questions.

You can simply text that number on your screen. It’S. 503, 226. 5088. With your questions or just text, the word vaccine to that number and you’ll get a link straight to our latest coverage Music. A sad update now from the gorge, the body of jennifer moore, has been recovered by multnomah county sheriff’s deputies. The 50 year old was swept away in a landslide while driving near dodson on january 13th. Her suv was buried under about 15 feet of mud rocks and logs ground. Penetrating radar helped determine her exact location. After digging for more than a week, crews were finally able to get to her today. Debris cleanup is still ongoing in that area and our hearts go out to her family, a traffic alert tonight. This is a live. Look at. I 405 it’s closed in both directions in downtown portland. This weekend the closure stretches from highway 26 to the fremont bridge. Crews are putting in a new bike and pedestrian bridge called flanders crossing when it’s done, it’ll connect northwest portland with the pearl district. We expect i 405 to reopen by 5 a.m. On monday, let’s turn now to weather. This is a live. Look from our wells, fargo sky cam, just a beautiful blue saturday out there, but that nice weather might not last through the entire weekend let’s bring in chris mcginnis and my iphone weather app is calling for snow, so what’s that all about chris yeah a lot of People have been asking us about that over the last couple of days.

There is some snow in the forecast and, i think, even down on the valley floor, we may see some snowflakes tomorrow more on that in a second let’s. Take you right now live to timberline, where we are appointed south towards mount jefferson and literally within the last 60 seconds, a cloud just swallowed up mount jefferson. I promise it was there just a second ago. We’Ve got a time lapse on this. I hope to show you that in the next half hour, but it was a gorgeous day up in the cascades and through the valley and even the beach enjoyed some sunshine. Today we transition to this. What does that purple mean everybody shaded in purple, under a winter weather advisory tomorrow, let’s break that down in a little more detail in general it’s for elevations above a thousand feet, but uh, specifically in the portland vancouver metro area, it’s for elevations above 700 feet and In callets county, we drop that down to about 500 feet, and i just want to let folks at home know. I posted a really useful link on my facebook, page uh, courtesy of the folks at the weather service, that break down a lot of uh locations across southwest washington and northwest oregon to kind of get you an idea of. You know how high those locations are. Council crest is up over a thousand feet: pcc sylvania in southwest portland, 750 prune hill east side of vancouver at 6, 50 and so on so that’s.

What we’re looking for the possibility of some accumulating snow generally above a thousand feet, but in some of those locations i just mentioned it’s possible that the snow comes down heavy enough and we get just cool enough to see some scattered, isolated snowfall accumulation. Again word isolated! There britney here’s the general theme for the portland metro area and for the valley we will be above freezing tomorrow morning, so no problems on the valley floor, a rain, snow mix and then we go with just spotty showers in the afternoon with temperatures in the lower 40S i’ll break that down in more detail and have a look ahead to when our next low elevation snow event may be coming up in just a few minutes. Wow. So much to talk about all right thanks so much chris multnomah county’s budget for 2021 includes money to expand a program, helping impacted help people impacted by the criminal justice system. It focuses particularly on people of color. Christel coomway tells us about the legal clinic. The legal clinic is a partnership started five years ago. It connects multnomah county and the metropolitan public defenders, community law division it’s to help people who have been impacted by the criminal justice system to reduce barriers and provide more opportunities for housing and secure better employment. Cynthia domingo, ferraste and sonia good stefani are attorneys in that division. They handle a variety of legal matters for clients like the removal of criminal records and reducing felonies to misdemeanors.

In the wake of protests calling for racial justice last summer, the multnomah county board of commissioners expanded funding for legal services with a focus on black indigenous and communities of color. I think what we see is an entire community that’s been over policed and, as a result, has a long history of criminal records of minor offenses that prevent them from having gainful employment and study safe housing. A report from the brennan center for justice shows black and latino men and women make up more than half of all americans who have been to prison and while people who have been to prison face severely reduced earnings, black and latino americans are less likely than whites To see their earnings recover that’s, where the partnership wants to make a difference, there is incredible communication between our division and these caseworkers and then our clients right clients are referred to legal clinic attorneys through county programs. In my program, metropoli uh multnomah stability initiative. We have seven agencies that work with families on what stability looks like to them. We serve adults and youth who are find themselves in the criminal justice system, and our job is to work with them to get them the resources and the services that they need. The legal clinic helps lift legal barriers which could be preventing people from getting jobs or housing. The attorneys provide services at no cost to clients to have a concentrated effort to kind of remove the harm that was done to these communities it’s.

You know it’s amazing, for the individual person who is able to do that, but it’s also about building wealth within the community. Last year the legal clinic helped around 120 people with more than 400 legal matters.

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