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I know some of you like penny stocks, or some of you call penny stocks below five dollars. Some of you kind of call penny stocks below three dollars and if you take the word literally penny stock, then it’s literally any stock below one dollar is a penny stock. But not a lot of people really take it literally people. Most of the time consider penny stocks below five dollars. I personally consider penny stocks below ten dollars, because uh well there’s a lot of penny stocks that are like eight nine dollars and extremely volatile any time of stock. A penny stock that goes over ten dollars has pretty decent fundamentals like let’s, say, for example, nndm has great fundamentals: um, you know and it’s over ten dollars. It was below ten dollars now it’s over ten dollars, so that is no longer in my books. Considered a penny stock, so that’s what i mean by penny stocks, now the three stocks i’m going to talk about ticker symbol, amc, ticker, symbol, cba, t and ticker symbol; s e, a c okay, these three stocks. I want to talk about why i like them and where i see them going as well as, where i’m looking to buy them more okay, cb 80 and s e a c. I already have position on them: amc i’m, trying to build my position again and i’m. Trying to buy more this time now, first one i want to talk about, is amc, but before i go ahead and do that make sure to like this video as well as subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already, it helps out my channel tremendously and, of Course guys weeble is giving out four free stocks.

If you just open an account and deposit a hundred bucks that’s, all you need to do you get four free stocks, and this thing ends february first, so get in now, because you are you, like, you literally, have like one week left um a little more than One week, but you know, go ahead open your account deposit, a hundred get four free stocks. Just free, like you, don’t have to do anything you just deposit 100. You get four free stocks. Why wouldn’t you right? That’S free money, um, but yeah go ahead and check it out. My discord link is down in the description that’s, where i do. My 10k challenges was alert a lot of plays. We had a you know a ridiculous plate last year. What yesterday as a swing? It was snapchat, i bought 100 contracts closed it for over 10 000 profit members were ecstatic because they were able to close it for a lot of profit. So you know that was one of the good plays we had and we don’t. We also have some negative plays like slb right now, which is not really doing that well, but it will turn around because we have a long expiration date. We got netflix on the 10k, account challenge up and down, but i think it’s going to turn around as well. For those of you who are part of the discord group um, you know we got some place essentially it’s, not all you know, wins: okay, nobody’s going to win all the time.

That’S, not how trading works. You’Re gon na have wins. You’Re gon na have losses, but the goal is to keep your wins. Higher loss is lower. Okay, so first talk on the list is amc, amc just released news today, and the news was that they first of all tweeted this out we’re thrilled to welcome you back to the movies at amc. Theaters most theaters are now open and our top priority is health and safety for our guest and crew. Key here being most theaters are now open, meaning amc is coming back. Okay, amc is coming back and in the comments in this tweet i’m, seeing a lot of people pretty excited about it. You know, because you know amc, you know they want to go back watch some movies have some. You know movie date and stuff like that. So amc is coming back great. I absolutely love it. Another news literally came out today, six hours ago or seven hours ago, based on when i’m making the video amc opens. 42 theaters in illinois, 42 theaters. Okay, that is beautiful, that is a beautiful, is absolutely the perfect news we want, but also, i think this was like last week january 6 january 7th amc. This is another news um i didn’t notice that’s why i just found it today. While i was looking for the news from amc, um amc reopens movie theaters in pennsylvania as well as philadelphia, so you know more states.

Now all they need to do is open up in new york city and i think they’re they’re set they’re good to go basically because that’s, where most of you know, mc’s profits come through um, because people are crazy like times square, the amc 25 empire 25. Whatever you call it, that thing is so crowded all the time um i mean maybe a little less now because there’s, not enough tourists anymore, but you know before it was crazy. Basically, amc what i’m trying to get at here is it’s, starting to become a stock that i have more conviction on because of these news, because they’re opening up right i’m starting to get more conviction here, because the stock you know right now is very cheap. Like it’s, three bucks it’s extremely cheap compared to where it should be um, and i think, at the very least, it’s gon na be a five dollar stock. At the very least, it’s gon na go to five dollars so getting in that three dollar that’s two dollar per share, it’s pretty cheap, so you can buy a lot of shares as well. It is starting to look like a recovery stock in my books, okay, it’s, starting to look like a good recovery stock. Now, in the current market that we’re in there’s a lot of retail traders, the current market that we’re in mc gets a huge move. They can easily go over 10. 15. 20.. Okay, there were many stocks before the whole drop that happened in you know, march right, uh, before the whole drop that happened in march those stocks.

There were a lot of stocks that were like very stagnant state. For example, let me give you an example: like let’s say a stock xyz. It was like literally at ten dollars, nine dollars, ten dollars for a while, and then big drop went down to like two three dollars and then news came out of for for the industry. The stock started recovering and when it started recovering, it recovered past 10 dollars into 15 into 20., for example, a stock like h, o m e, okay, h, o m e. This was a this. Was a stock pre i’ll show you guys, okay! So if you look at the chart, pre covered uh, it was six dollars. Okay, just just hear me out here: pre covered, it was six dollars. After covet, it dropped to one dollar 20 cents as of the low and this stock. Since then, because of the benefits that it got from covet and the venue blah blah blah, the demand increased, the stock recovered so well it’s sitting at all time highs at 24 hit 25 and my position on this stock. If you watch my videos on h, o m e, you know that i talked about this when it was around 15 16. I told you guys to load up at this area because it’s going to the high 20s it’s it’s it’s, getting close to the high 20s right now. So for those of you who listened for those of you who accumulated for those of you in the chat room? Who bought it? Congratulations we’re riding to the moon, so this will probably be around 28 30 give or take next week.

Um phenomenal, phenomenal trade here, and you know, i’m writing and i’m up, like nine ten bucks. A share. I mean i’m absolutely gorgeous right now sitting here with my shares, happy and making money, um, essentially that’s the type of stock i’m talking about when it comes to amc because amc. If everything works out for the theaters theater, you know movie theaters. If it opens up, you know, amc opens up in new york. City amc opens up in other states and we’re, seeing it open up already, but if it does do that in other states as well, the recovery is gon na not only be near where it’s at you know, amc. If i look take you guys to the chart here, amc pre, you know like, i would say, the all time highs rather like 52 week. High is 75 7 and 75 cents. That is the 52 week high for amc. Okay. Now, when it recovers it’s going to recover pretty quickly because there’s a lot more volume in the market, this stock is heavily shorted. So when it does recover shorts, they’re gon na you know get squeezed out. They’Re gon na start covering stocks gon na start pushing higher. At the very least, i see amc being uh over five dollars at the very least, based on the daily chart. Look at what’s happening in the daily chart. Well, we have a macd reversed rsi reversed. Look at those accumulation volume. Compare this with the previous and look at the big spike in buying happening: okay, that’s, a lot of buyers.

Look at those lower shadow candles the past two days. Those are dip buyers at 280 and 285. Those are dipped buyers at 270, 250.. Okay, those are dip buyers, people are accumulating below three dollars and even in three dollars i want to get in. If i get a dip near 280. Now i want to get in at that place. 280 dip three dollars, keep your average around three dollars. Maybe 310 320 maximum stay around that area average average lower. If you get an opportunity that’s what i’m gon na do for amc. I’M – probably gon na get in on this, depending on how it behaves tomorrow. If i get a good dip, i’ll buy it um, but essentially it is looking really really good for the stock really really good. Now i do want to point out that it is still a penny stock. It is still very risky. It is still heavily shorted and they’re, not completely open. Okay, there’s still a lot of risks, because let’s say the cases start rising again and which it is currently rising. It’S there’s a lot of risk, there’s a lot of risk and amc will need to do some more funding if they want to stay alive for much longer so watch out for an offering in case there is one. Okay, i would say an offering would be an opportunity because you would be able to get in on a dip, but again there’s, no guarantee that it will have an offering fact of the matter is they’re opening up more theater, so they may not even need to Do any offering anymore but watch out in case they do.

Okay, just letting you guys know. Yes, there is risk with display it’s. Not just you know, all all you know rainbows and stuff. You know that’s not how it works. There’S a good amount of risk with display, so you know keep it on watch if you haven’t bought in try to get on the dips, not the rips. Okay. Now the second stock i want to talk about is cb. 80.. Now, last time i talked about cb 80. You know it was pretty cheap. I told you guys hey. This. Is a stock that’s going to go to 10 12 right? I still see that happening. I have my positions in the sixth i’m gon na try to buy some more here, probably average up a little bit. Accumulation is starting to happen again. People are starting to get in on this play. You know. The partnership with jack motors is a big deal that most people don’t realize that’s. Why you haven’t even seen people you know you know, buy into it on the day that that news came out, so people are starting to notice it. Now people are starting to buy it now. Lithium ion phosphate is the key word. Lithium iron phosphate batteries is what cbd has and as more ev companies come they’ll likely look for partners, for you know, lithium ion phosphate batteries. Cbd is a potential candidate in the future. They’Ll have more partnerships, so that is what i see for cbd taking into the you know, looking into the chart here, what i’m looking at and what i’m understanding from the chart is.

First of all, a beautiful reversal on the weekly chart weekly chart gorgeous falling wedge reversal. Second thing: i’m: noticing is the fact that it is having a three bar pattern on the weekly chart, meaning that next week is likely going to be a much bigger green day. Potentially, eight to nine dollars area, most likely tomorrow, friday is going to be the last day to buy in on the dips, so watch out for the cb 80 a lot of potential here i see this going past ten dollars at the very least okay. At the very least, i absolutely love it we’ll see what what it does so far is doing what i want and i’m happy with my position. If i get dips below seven again, i’m gon na load up i’m gon na load up all right. Finally, the last stock is s e, a c s e, a c based on just the weekly chart that you’re seeing here gorgeous right. We see look at those accumulation, volume, candlesticks, right, big buyers accumulating this stock at this one dollars: 1.20: one dollar, 30 cents area. Okay, i think, if you keep your position below 130 you’re good to go you’re good to go you’re in a pretty cheap place. My position is a little more than that i’m in the 150s, and what i’m going to do is i’m going to load up more on this play if it gets to 120. so i’m, hoping that we get that dip right there at the 120 tomorrow and then I buy some more, but if i don’t get a dip at 120, i’ll – probably just get 130, because you know i just want to load up some more shares on this.

A couple of things to note here: they’re a market cap of literally 50 million, but they have contracts um that are 63 million in contracts, market value, 50 million market cap contracts – they have 63 million in contracts. I mean you know when you think about it. Pretty pretty cheap revenue estimated pretty much over 100 million in the next couple of years, as that’s that’s what they said. If that happens, it should not be a 50 million dollar company. Um it’ll probably get pumped a lot and here’s the thing. If you, you know, like they they’re starting to get more clients and they’re also they got some. You know they’re, basically a video delivery platform, and if that kind you know kind of catches, fire for this company, they’re gon na start generating a lot of revenue. Okay, i’m gon na start generating a lot of revenue now. What i’m seeing here um is that they did kind of benefit a little bit more from the covet era. Um, basically, you know they the covet changes, kind of helped them out now. If they can, you know bring that towards. You know if they can get to direct to consumers with their video sharing and video apps and stuff, like that um that’s going to accelerate their growth. Okay, still it’s a penny stock, so don’t get me wrong. It is very risky. However, i like my position. I think that is i’m at a pretty cheap place, and this is definitely going to be a one to two month long swing for me, their next earnings is coming out in april.

I believe, and i do think, that that earnings is going to be pretty massive for them. So for me i think this is pretty much a cheap play, a pretty cheap play and uh. You know if you can get dips, pl buy it on the dips. Don’T chase it okay don’t chase, especially if it goes over 150. You know don’t chase it. I think that is ultimately gon na go to two dollars. Two dollars to 250 range is my personal target, but i recommend not chasing it, but rather buying the dips below 150.. Okay. If it goes over 150, just just leave it be there gon na be more plays out there, okay, but i really like it. I really like what i see for this stock and the potential is there. The potential is very much there. Okay, so that is uh. You know, basically it for this video guys. If you want to check out you know, information about these three stocks make sure to go ahead and do your due diligence go to their investor relations. Go to their website, check out news about them. Stuff, like that things that i do you guys, can do pretty easily it’s, not rocket science, it’s, just basically researching about the company google search. It you’ll find a lot of information, so yeah that’s, basically it for the video. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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