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It continues to be kind of the wild wild west for people seeking their first vaccine i’ve linked before the georgia department of health website. That has the different ways of helping to find a vaccine. The community’s board of health continues to be a big resource. Pharmacies like kroger, publix and ingalls have opened up so continue to check back at that website for vaccine site information. A lot of them do continue to be full. Some of them will take your email address and put you on a waiting list and say that they will send you information when they have vaccines um there hasn’t, we haven’t really gotten far enough into that to see. If they truly do send you an update, um in terms of uh, getting your vaccine each uh department, community department of public health is doing it a little bit differently. Some of them again take your email and send you an email when they have a slot available for you to schedule. Others, you have to be on their website. One county it’s a friday after five, and i spent yesterday friday afternoon, hitting refresh on that website, which was continuously broken for about 20 minutes until it finally got to the point where you entered the information and were able to schedule both your first uh shot and Your second shot, so they’ve learned their lesson on that um scheduling that second shot is important in some counties when you go in for your first shot, your sec, your scheduling, your second one as well.

The timing of the second shot depends on what vaccine you’re getting in the beginning. They were being a bit more precise as to when you could come back. They they were airing on the shorter timeline, but now um. So, for example, the county in which i was able to schedule the other day for someone it ended up being a month later for that uh sorry, it was five weeks later for the second shot when um in the past it’s been four weeks, but they do Say that it is in the realm of effectiveness and i’ll, add some more information about that in the link, so that’s information on getting your first shot. So, yes, quick recap when you it depends when you’re scheduling your first shot. You may be scheduling your second one as well or when you go to get your first shot at your first appointment. They may schedule your second shot at that time for people that got their first shot earlier in the process. Again, i think there’s that adage of building a plane as you’re taking off trying to figure out how to best do this as you’re doing it um. So for those of us that had uh the first shot earlier on um, for example. In my circumstance, they simply told me that it was on the back of my vaccine card. Your second shot should be on this date, uh, which was three weeks. I believe uh and um.

They just they gave me the date. They didn’t in fact schedule anything. So for people that now we’re going to have a lot of people that got their first shot earlier in the process and they’re now trying to get information on how to do their second shot. I was worried that that’s, where things were really gon na fall apart. Um, it is in, in my circumstance, i had to basically hunt down on that department of public health website the information and i had to send in my email again, even though they had it to receive an email saying: okay, click on this link to schedule. Your second shot so that’s one of the dynamics that’s true in all of this – that we see is true in health care in general. In the united states, a lot of weight and responsibility falls on the shoulders of the patient and quick plug that’s. Why care managers help for those people that you know aren’t internet savvy for those people that maybe aren’t great at planning things um? We can help be on top of that and make sure that those steps get done for so again for people seeking their second dose. Um check back in with whatever the provider was the first time and see what their um process is and um. While you know right now, because of vaccine shortages um, i was happy with the the response that i got and seeking my second dose.

I was really worried and didn’t really have confidence until i got that in my arm, but um the actual process of when you go there. It seems, while it may be again a bit disorganized um that the people really are trying to help. In the past. People have had experiences with public health that really they’re just you know not really trying to be helpful, they’re trying to do the minimum, and my sense has been when i’m, interacting with the people at the sites that they really are doing their best to make sure That um doses are getting in people’s arms and i wanted to clarify to you know expressing such gratitude for everyone that is doing their best, because this is really really hard: it’s, organizing a bunch of um information. And yes, we are kind of building the plane as it is taking off so uh. I think expressing gratitude to those workers when you’re interacting with them is, is really helpful and um in. In my experience when i went in for the second dose they did, as i said. Yes, i have an appointment. Yes, this is my second dose. Yes, i came to this site before no one really they didn’t seem like. Oh, yes, i see you on the list. You know they were flipping through the pages for a while and they’re like what what’s your last name again. So i got a bit anxious that they were gon na, say sorry, we don’t have your information, see you later um, but they still they.

They saw me um and i i don’t i’m, not sure i’m, not confident that they actually did see that i had an appointment um. You know they had asked for my confirmation, email, which i i showed on my phone and they barely glanced at it um. I think that again, it’s not terribly organized but they’re still doing the best that they can. So if you go and you feel like, oh no, they don’t, they don’t have my information or they seem to be unsure um. Hopefully, you can feel at ease knowing that they really are doing their best and uh. Hopefully my experience is your experience and um you’ll be able to uh get what you need so um again things change pretty uh quickly, and i guess i should say to in terms of scheduling your first dose uh when the county has released the information uh availability For more um scheduling, appointments, that’s random as well, some of them do it on fridays, some of them do it in the middle of the week. Some of them do it on sundays. So my recommendation is just keep searching kind of constantly and you know, go to the county and see when they release appointments and check back there or check back at the other county’s time so yep we’re we’re, building the plane as it’s taking off as the take Home message, and hopefully, we’ll become more efficient. I think we have um just since the beginning in december.

Um is what our experience has been so um i’m happy to share more information. If any of y’all have questions. Hopefully this was helpful.

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Vaccine, Georgia, Publix Pharmacy Delay in scheduling vaccine appointments

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