Mr speaker, i would like to raise a point of order that the unfinished business of the abs cbn franchise be decided first before we take up any issue in plenary. Mr speaker, unless, mr speaker, there will be a debate on the rules, mr speaker of business. Yes, mr speaker, before your ruling, i understand – and i accept the explanation of the majority floor leader. That is precisely why what i raised was a point of order, a point of order, because there should be a in the order of tackling our business and in the order of motions there is an hierarchy and the point of order is of the highest hierarchy. What i’m saying, mr speaker, what we have here is an unfinished business and therefore, mr speaker, before tackling any other issue before entertaining any other emotion in particular. Mr speaker again, i assert that the committee report conducted by the committee of the whole has been submitted for the longest time, the unfinished business of the abs cbn franchise and i’m. Calling mr speaker, that we either affirm the committee report and do away with that unfinished business before we continue with the other businesses of the day that we are considering as a plenary. Mr speaker, thank you. Thank you. The honorable defensor, the chair, will now rule on the point of order. As stated earlier, the chair has sustained the explanation of the honorable leader. Yes, we cannot take the point of order, so obtaining the explanation of the majority leader.

The point of order is not taken. Mr speaker, i appeal the ruling of the chair, mr speaker, before the majority floor leader, if i may just read the particular section of the calendar of business letter b business for the day, these are bills, resolutions and other measures set on the calendar of business. For the day by the comedian rules, they shall be considered as far as practicable. The business for the day can be considered as far as practicable in the order in which they are listed in the calendar of business and after the unfinished business. It is not the unfinished business which shall be considered as far as practicable, mr speaker, as stated in section 80 of the rules of the house. Thank you, mr speaker, for the guidance of uh, our honorable colleagues, mr speaker uh, and with that assurance. Of course, mr speaker i’m very happy uh to consider and because, mr speaker, previous to the honorable remulia, the majority leader, was the honorable arroyo and now that you and that you are the presiding officer, mr speaker, uh, with all with my high respects, i will withdraw My appeal, mr speaker, with that commitment, my name is lamar withdrawn. Thank you. Congressman defensor, the normal majority leader is recognized. Please. Thank you very much, mr chair. I would just like to be clarified on this issue. On behalf of the minority, mr chair, i do recall that the rules do state that the order of business starts with uh, unfinished business and then going down to the business of the day and other matters.

However, on the section referring to unfinished business, it shall be tackled as much as practicable. That is very, as far as i understand it and from my experience being a member of this house for the past five years. It is not obligatory or mandatory businesses before we go to the business of the day. I would just like to be clarified on this matter when the majority leader moved that we tackle the business of the day and go on with the pro with uh other matters to be tackled by the house, urgent matters that concern the house. That means that, although the business of the unfinished business is part of the agenda, we are not obliged to take it up immediately, especially since this are concerned, there were special reasons for why this matters were part of the agenda, but not taken up on the day. I would just like to be clarified on this matter on behalf of the minority. Mr speaker, your honor, the manifestation of the honor of el monte, is well taken. Uh any mr speaker from our majority leader, mr speaker, suspended the honorable majority leader, mr speaker. A while ago, the distinguished majority acting majority leader, uh deputy majority leader, actually romando, moved that we take up business for thursday and friday it’s only wednesday today, but he moved right away, take up business for thursday and friday because he deemed that it is. We wanted to get this out of our minds ready to finish this already.

You asked if there was an objection and there was no objection, so the presiding officer, which is you, the distinguished uh deputy speaker, said: okay carry on with the business for thursday and friday. That is the status of the uh parliament of the plenary right now. Mr speaker point well taken the explanation of the majority leader is noted and accepted. Mr speaker, please session suspended the senior majority leader honorable is recognized. Thank you, mr speaker, after confessing with the honourable defensor on his request for an assurance that the unfinished business shall be taken up on monday and since the presiding officer will not be, cannot give this word right now. But since he is not slated to be on the roster or on the podium on monday, then i it was already agreed upon with the honorable defense store that the assurance of the senior deputy majority leader is sufficient. Uh that we will take up items in the unfinished business by monday, we will start taking them up already. Mr speaker, thank you. Honorable senior majority leader honorable michael defensor pleasure your honor.

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