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It is thursday morning january 28. 2021.. Thank you. So much for joining me on today’s. Best stock picks a lot of selling yesterday uh, but i just want to make sure that everybody keeps it in context. You know we’ve actually had the in my opinion and in the boot camp. Uh it’s just been an amazing january to trade uh, and we seem to have like this really really short term mindset, uh, where everything has to happen immediately. If it doesn’t happen immediately, if it doesn’t go in my direction all the time, all the time um there seems to be. Oh now, it’s now it’s no longer a good month as long as you’re respecting risk, which again we keep talking about it all the time. There’S going to be days when the market goes up a lot of them in january and some days that the market doesn’t follow through and we see profit taking. You have to keep the big picture in mind and when i what i mean, the big picture is you’re not really trading trade for trade you’re, not even really trading day by day we’re trading for the month, so it’s the entire month. That is more important than one day of selling and if you keep that in mind, you’ll have a lot less stress when you’re trading, because really our job is to find the best trades over the month and then end the month positive. So yesterday we had some selling.

We had some really good trades that followed through that kind of came back, even if they would break even hopefully, you know we got very specific yesterday. Hopefully you took the trade in um uh ddd. Yesterday we actually put a buy. Stop out there we gave everybody the exact price, which is kind of what we do every day, uh in the boot camp all day every day, actually, where we give the entry price, the stop loss, the profit target and the trade management. Yesterday we had that 37.50 buy, stop, hopefully it participated. It actually went about seven dollars in our favor before the market got a little bit heavy yesterday. So hopefully you were able to participate in that one and ring the register uh prior to the market, pulling back a little bit um. So today we have some more earnings coming out, um and easier trades. In my opinion, today, i’m going to be looking for some. Some strong stocks that have pulled back for a couple of days and looking for those stocks to catch a bid, i’ve been waiting for the financial stocks to actually catch a bid after having a really good earnings report and pulling back, they haven’t done it yet so Here’S the key as your game plan unfolds. You need to have criteria that says if this happens then i’m going to do this it’s it’s, not what many retail traders believe is: okay, now it’s in the list today, so you just start to buy it.

You need criteria so in our world. I still want the stock to be moving back in my favor just a little bit. Very rarely am i buying a stock on the way down what we call on the trading floor buying in the hole. I will do that if we’re buying in the hole down into a obvious support level but we’ll, take a look in a second the financial stocks, really haven’t mcdonald’s earnings. Today we actually got a big slate of earnings now i’m, actually going to head over to the charts we’re going to actually look at the stocks that have earnings today, tesla and apple. Obviously, yesterday tesla, the both of them were pretty good apple, actually had new records for uh what they achieved yesterday, uh in the entire history of the company um. So what does that mean? How does that unfold right now, when you have some of these stocks, just exploding and we’re, going to stay away from gamestop i’ve been purposely not talking about gamestop, because i’ve seen some of these uh in the last 20 years, where stuff like this happens, a lot Of inexperienced people start to get involved, a stock like gamestop, gets all the way up into these lofty numbers of 360 uh, where it is now. I believe that’s, where it’s trading right now we’ll take a look um and then it starts to filter down where everybody’s involved and all of a sudden the stocks get halted.

They open up half of where they were, and a lot of uninformed uh traders not not respecting risk. Only seeing the upside get ran over so i’ve purposely not been calling out trades here for that uh it’s, weird and everybody has like this list of the next short selling stock, uh short squeeze stocks that that are out there. It seems to be nokia and amc, and a few other stocks like that um again i’m, not going to get involved in that uh that’s that’s, uh, it’s, exciting uh, some of the members of the community are jumping in uh i’ve, been very clear to stay away Because i’ve seen some of these kind of opportunities, uh end really poorly uh for those holding the bag and if you’re not sure about go back to kodak from last year, uh when it actually spiked up into the 60s after it was eight dollars within three days. It was in the 60s and then within another three days. It came all the way back down into um seven dollars. I believe something along those lines, not perfectly the same situation. This is a whole different animal that we’re watching right now, but um i’m, not getting involved and i’m, not calling those trades out. I just feel like more people should not be involved in that that’s just my opinion. If you’re involved that’s fine, everybody can trade. Obviously anything that they want uh, so let’s head over to charts let’s, take a look at um, uh what’s, going on actually in the spy as well again uh keeping things in perspective.

You know it’s very hard to say the world’s falling apart. We just hit new. All time highs two days ago, this is a natural function of the market. When the market pulls back, it does uh, it does get, it does get amplified. I don’t want to say exaggerated. It does get amplified when we pull back and we take out the entire three weeks, but there’s been stock trading opportunities and we’ve been talking about this quite a bit uh. The indices are a part of the fuel to build an argument and when they’re obvious, you can size up and have conviction and maybe even hold a little bit longer if the indices are not obvious. There’S still plenty of stock specific ideas out there, so we’re going to get into some of them today again, i just want to talk about the earnings that are coming out today. Mcdonald’S is actually at the top of the list now normally. Actually, if you remember yesterday, we had mentioned um earnings trading strategy and i’m. Usually looking for two things, number one is how the stock traded i’ll post a video here, how the stock traded into earnings and if they did not have an obvious move into earnings. Then i’m waiting for their smart money, the deep pockets to tip their hands, uh and mcdonald’s reports earlier this morning, so you can see that it’s, actually trading sideways it’s, basically in a ten dollar trading range, so i’m not doing anything right now: i’m, not guessing i’m Waiting for it to get out of this and then i’m looking forward to punch through i’m, not looking to short sale, this uh short sell the stock so i’m, only looking for over 216 to start initiating, building a position and looking for a run to last.

For this quarter into the next quarter, some other earnings. Today we got visa, we have mastercard, okay, both of them have been getting selling coming into earnings. Then we have a couple of airlines. American airlines and um southwest coming out today as well and jet blue. So be aware of all of these uh heading into today, oops sorry jblu heading into today, and then uh, the other one is ultria and wdc western digital. So out of all of them, a lot of them are consolidating i’m personally focusing on mcdonald’s right now. I think that we, if we break out of this and break through the downside i’m, just leaving it alone, nothing to do there i’m, not looking to short it into the next quarter. But i do have that line in the sand where i’m looking to trade uh above 2016., getting back into apple yesterday, our target on apple, on the last long that we had was 150, we came pretty close. We were looking for an earnings bump still not sure we’re not going to get it if you’re watching earnings. Yesterday it was kind of all over the place uh, but the numbers uh that came out were just just incredible. Uh see if i can find in here this is the big thing: um record quarterly smartphone shipments um, so the numbers were good. Pulling back a little bit with the market. Doesn’T mean it’s going to stay there today, still like the follow through sticking to our 150.

worst case scenario, pulls back, we don’t make as much as we originally attended. So what are the trades today? What are the ideas today? So sticking with the concept of strong stocks pulling back looking for a spot to bid. I am looking for some of these stocks to open, lower, find buyers, because they’ve just pulled back from a really solid bullish run and then look to initiate new long. So sol is in that category amat and tsm in that category general motors in that category. So again i want to point out here: we’re, not trading the last couple of days, we’re trading, the order flow prior to the last couple of days, looking for profit taking and and the market to pull back a little bit looking for a reversal which, in the Community, we call a bullish, u turn and then looking to get involved, so we’re kind of building a list right now of stocks that if they show us the price action we need if the tape is conducive to getting long. These are the ones that we have really obvious order, flow and obvious profit potential. A couple of stocks that have had really good clean bullish order, flow and news behind those trades workhorse broke out. We’Ve had 30 as the level uh. So if the stock pulls back today and finds buyers as long as it stays above, 30 i’m looking for another bullish, run and uh ntap ntap actually closed very strong yesterday and it looks like it’s going to be holding again today again, i just want to talk About the financials i’ve been looking for them to pull back and hold so far they haven’t.

So i don’t have a trade that’s, really the point uh, the trade was not initiated yet now you can actually see they pulled back to prior to the earnings. So i am going to be keeping an eye on them as well. We also talked about the homebuilder stocks, lennar toll brothers, uh, kbh and pulte homes, all four of those exploded for roughly five to seven days into resistance. We said we wanted to wait for them to pause, they’re now, pausing, so we’re gon na keep an eye on those on the next uh move higher as well. I can’t stress this enough. Keep the big picture in mind. One day of selling uh in the indices was pretty big but for the most part, obviously we’re stock trading. Pro we’re talking about trading stocks, um drill down a little bit deeper if you’re finding it hard to find some good ideas. If the market’s not obvious, then go into industry groups and that’s, where you’re going to find some pockets of opportunity, uh and then find the market leaders in those stocks, i’d really appreciate it. If you like, these videos, leave a comment uh, especially about stuff that we’ve talked here. If you want to have a conversation about trade ideas and trade management within some of these ideas, and if you find the videos helpful, definitely click down and subscribe. I really appreciate it have a great day.

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