American Airlines Group, Southwest Airlines, Stock KO stock – price targets – & Analysis for Jan 25, 2021

You can see that this monthly candle, i’m gon na start on the monthly it’s a big red candle. So, as you see, it is pulling back to our moving average and the blue one. You see here that is a 14 day and down here that’s a 30 day, so it’s pulling back to that. The fact that we didn’t hold that 14. Our new target is here at this 30 days, so the 30 days about 47.02 i’m. Looking at right here, 4702, you can see 47.02 it’s about there, so that’s going to be our target. If you see this a big red candle, what you’re looking for is a reversal on a smaller time frame so jump over on that weekly, and you see that reversal forming the reason. I say that is you have this candle here? It is, i would say it held up those lows you can see here. It holds up those lows and that’s a good sign for us, so the tool that we’re gon na use is going to be a fib extension tool and uh you’re gon na come over here zoom out we’re gon na grab the we can. Even we can grab. Let me delete that. Let me do it again, so we could be grabbing uh two bottoms here and let me show you which ones they are. I might even come into a smaller time frame and even smaller one here’s your daily. So you see the moving averages.

Are up here boom that 50 is your target for the short term and the reason being you know, stocks don’t like to be price doesn’t like to be below these moving averages for a long, so let’s do our fib extension tool so i’m pull it up here. We’Re gon na grab that boom. We can grab this bottom or this one i’m gon na grab this one, the most recent i’m gon na grab that top and just for you guys who it’s not auto clicking on make sure you have this feature on so boom. You have this magnet tool on strong magnet turn it on and it will auto. You know: it’ll, auto click on the highs and the lows of the chart. So um, you know just i’m trying to get my fibs back here. So let’s do that again: we’re gon na grab our fib extension tool boom trend base extension grab. This bottom down here boom grab this bottom up here boom and then boom. So now you have these price targets and these are price levels. So what you can see is we if we can hold over 48 24 and as we’re right here, we can start to move to 51 35 and above that 53 or 28 so i’m, just going to mark it like this i’m going to grab an arrow uh, You could grab a horn let’s grab that horizontal line first, so you know here’s this red bar.

I would put that at the bottom of what is that today, uh and boom, so you should have that red bar i’m gon na grab another one and i’ll put it on top of this here. So we’ll make that green, and what i’m saying is. If it goes above this green bar here or what i would say, that’s thursday’s high at 4909, we would start to move to 51.35 and the reason i’m saying that is because that is our price level when we use the fib extension tool. So that is my personal price level and, as you see, that would be around the area where it had some resistance and we had resistance here. It had trouble getting over on this side. Finally, does get over over here and then comes back down to its original range, and if we can hold this range, we can start to move back over to 51, so i’m gon na just remind myself of that. So i don’t have to like remember that i’ll just put an arrow boom there. You go just put that arrow above that and there you go so here’s our trade. If we get above 4909, we want to grab a 50 call or shares whatever you’re comfortable with uh. This is what i would grab. I would grab that 50 call we’re looking at the daily, so i would want to swing that. Maybe give it like two weeks and if you don’t know what that means, just go out two weeks on the options chain and get that that friday, expiration contract so here’s your analysis on coca cola.

If you want to see another video with a different stock, just put it in the comments below and i will make sure i get it done if not today, then tomorrow just bear with me.

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