Michael Strahan, Good Morning America, Coronavirus Footage emerges that shows the ugly side of the BLM protests in Hollywood.

But at some point – and i believe at that point was after curfew – they found their way to this roof, and you see that woman there. I don’t really know what her association is with any of this, but we have seen her uh up on the roof before and she does seem very passionate about uh, whatever she’s explaining to the protest these people protesters, they think it’s trying to get that building in Luke and that white woman trying to keep them away that white woman gon na get up how come this is. This is really that was actually up on the roof, with the uh with the protesters. Why does she keep the protesters man? Why does she keep calling them protesters man? Why she keep saying it, so they still have the invitation from the police department to come down a volunteer. Why should you keep calling these protesters when they do come down, though they will be arrested for violating the curfew. They’Re not wanted in connection with anything else, this la ya, Music, Music. They gon na turn these into victims. Lapd had a bunch of black men hijacked on the roof and it’s reminiscent of slave ships, but they did break up into two groups and we’re still monitoring, because we understand that all of those people will also be taken into custody at some point for violating the Curfew – and you see the officers down there, there’s there’s a lot of them down there uh a lot of them that are under the tree, so we can’t make them all out, but uh there’s at least 20 officers down there.

We noticed that some were right at the door of the apartment complex. In fact, i just saw one now: go there through the shot they gon na victimize. They gon na make these victims they gon na make these victims. I promise you, i promise you we are. I just want to clarify: we are in no way uh tipping uh off the police to the fact that the protesters are up there. The light that you are seeing is from the police helicopter. So it is the police helicopter overhead that is letting the officers on the ground and know that they are up there. Applause – and there was also a point when uh there was a group of officers uh that was able to go up to the uh right next to the one where uh, everyone is up on the roof and they were actually able to go face to face with The people up there, they went over right around there. The officers walked up to that portion of that apartment complex and they were able to give the the order for everyone to come down in person just in case uh. Somehow the helicopters uh uh order, hadn’t been clear, but regardless of whether it came from the helicopter, it came from the officers. The people have refused to come down, so they are still up there but diminishing as we speak. What started off as about 40 people is uh, is about 20, maybe a little bit less.

We have seen uh some people come down while we’ve been up here, Music. So, as sorrow comes around here, i wanted to look right. Those helicopters is flying awfully close to each other man. Is it safe for them helicopters to be flying that close to each other like that and i’m, not seeing them anymore, so perhaps they’re already inside of the building? I think that’s a bad idea for the police to go up there and get them who’s with me who thinks that it’s a terrible idea for the police to go up there and get these? Who thinks is a terrible light. I think this is a terrible idea, because nigga’s going to wrestle you on a roof, it’s going to be just very dangerous, i would not go up there and get these. I would let these i will wait these out. I don’t think this is a good idea to go up there and get these i do not. I personally do not think that this is a good idea. I personally do not think that this is a good idea. I think that’s her yeah right there, so for everyone who is watching us online. The only reason that we’re in the infrared here and focusing on uh one particular person up there is uh because they’re actually in communication with uh someone at the station, so they gave us a call, perhaps uh, trying to explain what is going up there. Since we obviously can’t hear what is going on on up there, we can only uh, see it and uh relay what we hear across the police scanner, which isn’t always necessarily uh.

What is actually happening? It’S just uh one version of uh of events, so we are now in communication with somebody who is actually up there and if we have any information to share in that regard, we, of course, will let you know: Music, Music, it’s people that probably live in, that Building you got all these thugs on the roof. Think about the people who live in the building. These are thugs. These are not good people and they’re, not thugs, because they’re black they’re thugs, because they’re thugs, Music, good people are not running from the police and then hiding out on the roof. I’M. Sorry, Music. There are plenty of other candidates for the title of good people. You don’t have to just give it to everybody. We’Re gon na try to keep it going. Man we’re gon na try to keep it going. Man nightly news, doc nation news. You could choose providing you with in depth coverage of this situation, in los angeles, a bunch of looters and a standoff with the police, hot they’re on the roof. The police try to get them to come down helicopters, overhead police down on the ground and these on the roof. That was the police helicopter that just went past. This is the news helicopter right here that was getting the view from now. These are negroes and hispanics, and and probably some white people in there, but you know: it’s a mixed bag, hispanics, negroes and latinos and crackers me those negroes and gringos, so Music, Music, you’ll be savages.

You’Re under arrest come down and turn yourself in surrender to the cops, come down the stairs and surrender to the cops. Why y’all making a why y’all making this hard? Why are you making this difficult come down and surrender the cops you degenerates back to l.a, see what’s going on in l.a with those on that roof. While there was the protest going on too, that went up there, but for the most part, the thousands of people that we come out here in saw today area protested peacefully, calling for an end to police brutality and seeking justice for the death of george floyd out. In minneapolis minnesota, but also we saw some other names out there. We saw, for example, uh trayvon martin was one. I saw his name on some of the signs as well, and you may remember his case out of florida and there were some other images out there of other young men and uh and a woman who have died in altercations with police and so the protesters out Here were not only asking for justice in the death of george floyd, but also asking for justice in the deaths of other young men and women boy. I would get these i would flog. I would bring back floggings. I would bring back floggins like they do in indonesia, indonesia, they flog your ass. They do floggings for, like vandalism, honey. I remember that white kid back in the 90s who who he did some graffiti over there in indonesia, and it was a big deal.

The u.s embassy they had to get the president involved because they was going let’s, go tie that up and flog him into town square yeah. I would get cane that i would cane these people public canings 10 lashes, pow, nah, 10 ain’t enough i’m being lenient. I would do a 10 10 just to be just so that the you know you don’t want to go overboard. You because you you don’t, want you, you wan na you wan na you wan na make it count. You go too far. They’Re gon na be unconscious, and i want them to be conscious for all that, because, after like, after five, their will be better their mother’s gon na be their gon na be catatonic after five once you get to eight, the motherfucker’s gon na be like just take Me nah and i know kaboom let that fly. Let that cut the wind Applause. Let that cut through the wind, pow explode, pound contact and they got ta watch. You got ta watch the other dude. You got ta wait in line, so you got ta watch everybody go ahead of you. You got ta hope you first make all y’all wait like i’ll give a was a honey to you. Make you wait in line and watch everybody up till it’s. Your turn african style third world, you got ta watch everybody, then you got ta, see them screaming and squirming, and they know that you, you is coming for you out here, looting and breaking in the wrong with you, people, man, because some in minneapolis got killed.

Last week, outta here man america’s got a sweet boy, we got it sweet, you could tell. We got a sweet cause. We complained the most the people who complained the most got it the best that’s a little jewel for you, yeah all right, yeah, so uh, 11 o’clock now it’s, probably a small group.

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