NBA All-Star Game, 2021 star predictions! No Ben Simmons :(

These are simply my all star predictions for the 2021 nba season. We are not super far into the season, but i think we’re far enough that we can have a relatively good idea as to what players are playing in an all star level and have a good chance to make the team. Now i want to clarify before i get into this list. These are not necessarily my picks was i to be the one who is uh let’s say i was in full control of choosing the all star teams. This is not necessarily the exact same picks as i would have, and certainly not in the same order when it comes to like who’s, starting and who’s, coming off the reserves, etc, etc. These are what i predict will be the all stars specifically, who is the all star starters? Who is the reserves all right, so i just wanted to clarify that in case you disagree with me, but uh still in the comments feel free to. Let me know if you do have any disagreements with my predictions, because i could definitely end up being wrong. In fact, if every single one of these is correct, i will be pretty dang shocked all right, so with that out of the way let’s get right into it. With the eastern conference, all star starters and to start off, i got ta go with my guy joelle embiid. Alright, the man is currently leading the mvp rest.

Did, i really just say, freaking rest the mvp race, because i know how to say words properly. Embiid is currently first in the mvp race. If you dis – oh my god, i said it again uh i don’t know how much of this i’m going to edit out, but there was a very large amount of screaming of myself there. Okay, trust me embiid is currently first in the mvp race. Okay, if you disagree, you are wrong. He has been dominating, the sixers have been dominating and, unlike many of the other mvps such as kevin durant or lebron james, joel embiid does not have a fellow superstar on his team. He has been absolutely phenomenal. He is absolutely going to be an all star starter. Next, up for the eastern starters, yana sante, decumbo, kevin durant, jalen brown and bradley beal, now, giannis and kd are obvious ones: they’re both having mvp caliber seasons. Even if giannis is not getting the media coverage, he probably deserves simply because he won the last two jaylen brown has had a phenomenal start to this season and even though it’s still debatable whether brown has really been a better player than jayson tatum. This season, or in general brown, has played more games. The celtics are very popular team who are winning games despite tatum missing some games i’m, just going to say, games a lot here. Jaylen brown is going to be an all star, starter, all right, he’s, fantastic and also after embiid, giannis and kd.

The talent level in the east for stars really kind of drops down. So i don’t think it’s that unreasonable for brown to be considered a starter and last up bradley beale, the man who was a ridiculous freaking, all star snub last season. I promise you that is not going to happen again. The bradley beal is currently averaging, i believe, about 34 to 35 points, a game, the wizards suck ass, yes, but beale has been the best player on this team by far one of the best players in the east. He absolutely deserves this. I think he’s going to get the votes simply because everyone knows what a ridiculous snowball it was for him to not make the all star team last season. Bradley beal is very likely, in my opinion, to be an all star starter now, looking at the western conference starters first and foremost, obviously we have the most popular player in the league, lebron frickin, james, alright uh. I don’t think there’s really anything to explain there. It’S lebron james there’s, zero chance he’s, not a starter, followed by lebron. We have steph curry. Now you can make an argument, and this is a tiny, spoiler alert. I guess since i’m, not telling you all five of them right. This exact second steph curry’s on here. As a starter, dame is not it’s a popularity thing all right, in my opinion, steph curry and dame have been playing at a very similar level so far.

This season, i believe dame is actually averaging slightly more points than curry, but, like curry, might have slightly better efficiency, they’re very, very close, but steph is a more popular player. People are thrilled to have him back. I think he might be winning more games than dame right now. Steph is going to start over damien miller, okay, there’s just no way he doesn’t people, love steph, curry, maybe the second most popular player in the league. Right now, behind lebron and i’d say luca and janis are the other competitors. Speaking of luca luca is going to be an all star starter in the west, so is nicole yokic. Both of these guys are very close to averaging a triple double jokic actually is averaging a triple double as i’m recording this right now, although it’s possible, his assists drop down to just a tiny bit below 10. Excuse me very soon and then the last all star starter in the west, lebron jokic, luca steph and anthony davis. Now, in my opinion, anthony davis should not be an all star starter in the west. Okay, he has not played at quite that level. This season he’s been phenomenal, but he has not played at quite an all star starter level, at least not in the western conference. However, the man’s a laker they just won a championship. Anthony davis is going to get the votes to be an all star, starter it’s. Just that simple, i fully believe he’s going to start because he has still been very, very good and the lakers are absurdly popular ad is going to get the votes he needs now to the reserves.

I believe i did these teams right where everybody has seven reserves for each conference. So for the eastern conference reserves i have jason tatum chris middleton kyrie irving james harden bam, adebayo damonte, sabonis and trey young. Now, let me let me go over these. First of all. I mentioned tatum earlier fully could start over brown if he had been healthy, but he’s played less games than brown this season, but um there’s no way he doesn’t get a reserve. Some people are going to dislike middleton being on here. Those people are stupid. Middleton has been very good this season, there’s no real argument for him to not be an all star. Bucks are very good seriously. Y’All going to stop hating on middleton the man’s, an all star, chill the heck out, kyrie irving and james harden talent, wise kyrie, irving and james harden both could easily start. However, kyrie irving has missed a lot of games because of personal reasons and kovi restrictions, and he just makes himself incredibly unlikable now he’s still popular enough and talented enough that he is going to be an all star. I don’t see a way: kyrie irving is not an all star unless the kyrie irving hatred really has reached a new level, he’s still going to be one but he’s a reserve. James harden has been an all star starter for the last i don’t know like five or seven years or something, but he just switched conferences he’s having a little bit of a slow start now, he’s on the nets, he’s made himself very unlikable over the last few Months forcing his way out of houston, and so once again, even though i think he will get the votes to be an all star of some form, i don’t think he’s gon na have the popularity to make it as a starter, all right, not over brown and Not overbeal, so bonus has been fantastic.

This season. This is gon na, be his second all star appearance. I don’t see a way he doesn’t make it he’s been absolutely phenomenal. The pacers have been overachieving in many people’s eyes, even though i don’t really think they have sibonas is great he’s, going to be an all star. Bam at a bio has been great this year. All right. He just had a 41 point game the other day and a very close loss to the nets. People love bam, he’s playing good jimmy butler’s been out. Why? Why do i keep yawning? I swear i’m, not that tired right now, guys i don’t know what the heck is up with me. Bam in a bio is going to be an all star. All right, i think, he’s going to be the only all star in the heat, jimmy butler has just missed a whole lot of games and bam has been playing well, so i think it’s gon na be just him and in case there’s, any heat fans out there Who are saying that tyler hero should be an all star shut, the up all right and then last in the east, trey young, the hawks have been very iffy, trey young started shooting crazy and they really died down afterwards. He’S, certainly not going to start like he did last season, but trey young’s still certainly going to be an all star. He has the popularity atlanta’s, a pretty big fan base, he’s still playing pretty well.

Trae young will be an eastern all star and that finishes the eastern conference. Let’S move on to the west. First two reserves in the west there. You know, let me just list all of them: kawhi leonard paul george devin, booker, zion, williamson, donovan, mitchell and shay gilligis. Alexander, those are the western conference, all star reserves, getting the three really easy ones out of the way kawhi paul george damien lillard. All three of these guys could easily be starters and probably would if you moved any of them to the east. Alright, actually that’s, not necessarily true for hawaiian pg, because the east front court is pretty stacked, but damn damien would easily be an all star starter in the east, all right, it’s, very close with him and steph, but uh. I just think he doesn’t have the same popularity. Steph does so steph’s gon na make it over him. Quinn pg have both been great, but lebron and a.d are on the lakers and they are on the clippers. They don’t have the same popularity, that’s, just that’s, just how it is. I think, they’re going to be reserved this year. Devin booker has been great so far. This season not having his necessarily best season of his career, but the suns have been winning more and because of that, he is going to finally make a real all star team. Last year, he made it as like a replacement this year, he’s going to legit, make it okay, devin booker is going to be an all star.

Zion williamson talk about the hype. Zion williamson has an absurd amount of height he’s, an absurdly large fan base, and even though he hasn’t been blowing people out of the water this year, he’s been playing in an all star level and he’s going to make the all star team, because people want to See more zion that’s how it is they want to see. Zion, donovan, mitchell and the jazz have been great. The jazz are currently third in the west, very, very close to first they’ve been over. Achieving people do not like rudy gobert very much, but they like donovan mitchell. A lot. Therefore donovan mitchell is going to be an all star and last but not least, shay gilligis alexander now, before this season i said that shea would not be an all star. Yet this year i said that he would probably be one next year, the year after but honestly, the thunder have been doing a little bit better than expected. They have not been the worst team in the west and a big part of that is shea. Shea is averaging something like 22, 5 and 6 right now on good efficiency. The man has been ridiculously good so far this season, he should be an all star. He fully deserves to be one, and i think he will be one because people like shea now finish off this video. Let me talk about a couple of the guys who i left off.

There are two big ones, one from each conference. First of all, is john marant from the western conference jaws been great this year, but he’s missed games all right, he’s missed too many games. In my opinion, i believe he’s played like four or five there’s. No way he makes an all star team with so few games aka, so many games missed, although he would probably be there over either shea or donovan mitchell if he had played so far this season, alright dude’s a very good player. He just hasn’t played enough ben simmons in the east has been a stahls. Abdullah has been an all star the last two years. He has finally finally picked up his game over the last few days, but it’s just not enough soon enough to make him an all star. Now it may be enough to help the sixers do really well this year, but i can’t see ben simmons, making an all star team simply because his points are down pretty much everything’s down for him and it’s gon na take him time to recover the casual nba Fan and even the casual sixers fan absolutely hates ben simmons right now, he’s not going to get the votes he’s not going to make the team tobias harris is another guy in the east, and this is the guy i’m going to end this video with tobias harris. I would love to be an all star. Okay, i would love it.

The man’s been super efficient, he’s, currently shooting 50 40 90, while playing amazing defense. The issue with him is that he just doesn’t have the popularity he doesn’t have the name. You know not enough. People know or care about tobias harris he’s, not gon na make the team, even though the sixers are currently the one seed. Joel embiid is gon na, be the only sixer who is an all star this year. I think maybe not the only all nba player. I could see ben simmons have a big comeback towards the end of the season, making the all nba team we’ve only got about about a month left before the all star team, and i just don’t think it’s enough time for him. So those are my all star predictions for 2021 guys, i hope you all enjoyed if you did leave a like drop a comment. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my takes. You know if there’s anybody, you think i really left out. Let me know: please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and keep watching my videos guys. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

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