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Trade calls involving jj, redick and lonzo ball. New orleans holds the second worst record out west right now. Brian. Will the pelicans be sellers before the deadline? Yes, and not just those two guys, eric bledsoe, has also been involved in trade talks in a lot of cases it’s the pelicans making the calls. There is interest there to move out some of the veteran guards to make room for keel, alexander walker and kira lewis. Their first round draft pick to get those guys some playing time. Pelicans are going to be making some changes. I believe it was interesting because i thought this was a very tough coach, such as stan van gundy could come in here and jail with these younger players. Obviously it looks like he can’t, so i expect them to also be sellers during the trade deadline. I’M still getting used to a world where we’re talking about veterans, getting traded and lonzo ball is in that category he’s a vet. Now are we all old, we’re old? Okay, just checking yesterday, we discussed woj’s report that the nba and players union are negotiating the possibility of an all star game on march 7th in atlanta brian. I know you were involved in the reporting of this as well. Chris paul reportedly wants to use the game to provide support to hbcu schools, also kova 19 relief. Last time the nba held an all star weekend in atlanta was in 2003. I was at that weekend and i can tell you it was a time boys, brian.

How realistic is the idea of having an all star game amid this pandemic? Well, it’s realistic because the league wants it to happen and when the league wants something to happen, anything’s, realistic and if they have the support of chris paul, the head of the players union it’s realistic, whether it should happen. But this could be a super spreader event. Where you would bring in all kinds of players from all kinds of teams and then send them back out, that’s a different question, but the league is really pushing for this. They’Ve had several conference calls about it this week, matt. I want to jump in with you on this because we talked about this a little bit yesterday, but i didn’t get a chance to ask you yesterday, from a player’s perspective, there’s only a five day break this. All star break this year so for five days, you’d have travel on two days, at least in the game, in the middle, so that’s three days of your five day break. If you were one of the stars around the league, would you want to with the way this season has already been so grueling? Would you want if you were selected to fly in and spend three of your five days working doing doing this all star game? I guess it’s a lot um, you know, obviously with safety being first but it’s such a tremendous honor to be named an all star. You know, although some guys like chris and lebron, are there every year.

I look forward to the first timers. You know possibly a jalen brown or you know some of these younger guys getting the opportunity. I hate for their first opportunity to be named an all star, it’s, just being named and not played. So you know we talked about this yesterday with safety being at the forefront of all this stuff, but if the nba can make it happen, and normally like ryan said when they want stuff done, they can make it happen as long as it’s safe i’m. All for an all star game because, like i said yesterday, the games of late have been so entertaining and competitive that i would love to see an all star game. Well, i mean i don’t think there’s any arguing that it would be a bigger risk to take, as brian says, you’re, possibly hosting an event where you’re, taking a bunch of guys from two dozen teams and putting them together and then sending them home. And if something happens there you’re sending that virus out to 24 teams, they could get lucky and it doesn’t happen, and i know there would if they go forward, they would take every precaution to make sure that it doesn’t happen but like with everything this entire season. Every game that is played every sporting event, everything that goes on in our lives. There is some risk. There will be luck involved, we’ve had multiple games postponed. We opened the show talking about one of our colleagues seiku smith, who died of coronavirus and it’s.

Just it was a reminder of the high stakes that the league is is is dealing with, which i know that they are aware of and is going to factor into this decision all right time for our league pass game of the night. There are 12 games on the nba slate for tonight, so many choices, our producers that had to pick one they went with nets versus hawks let’s. Look at the new brooklyn big three. I do want to point out by the way the hawks very classy gesture are gon na have a moment of silence for safety smith before this game on the net side. Hardin, kd and kyrie are all expected to be in the lineup and they rank one two and three respectively in minutes per game since trading for hardin, so matt, are you worried about them playing this many minutes throughout? What is a condensed season? I think i think they had knew this was possibly coming. I don’t like it for kd because he’s coming off such a horrific injury, but they know this is just really kind of shows the lack of depth this team has it’s because they have to ride their big three to me too much minutes at this point um. Although you know hardin and kyrie, have you know luckily been injury? Free someone who’s coming off an achilles injury should not be playing 40 minutes um a night. You know they’re gon na have two or three or maybe even four roster moves left to make.

They have a couple of maneuvers. They could make in the trade market i’m, not expecting a big time player, but there is a super bowl coming up. It is tom brady versus patrick mahomes there’s a lot to discuss there as well. Nobody going anywhere. We just get started this first take in the house with the crew let’s go lebron. James is delivering express yourself top of the morning to you, what’s, going on everybody. Welcome into first take. Thank you for hanging with us, stephen, a smith max kellerman, i’m molly karam rose fellas suck a little king james. Shall we we’ll dive right into it here, so lebron scored 46, the other night against his former team, the cavs and kept the lakers road record flawless. Well, the odds makers are taking notice, as some sports books have made king james, the mvp favorite, mr smith, i’m, starting with you um. How should we feel about lebron being an mvp favorite at this point? I’M. Sorry molly’s uh somebody was in my e. I didn’t hear your complete question. I apologize. What did you say, yep all good, how? How should we feel about lebron being an mvp favorite? I don’t think we should have a problem with it. Obviously, i’ve been talking about kevin durant because max has been talking about joelle and bean, and joel embiid obviously deserves consideration and kevin durant is averaging 30, okay, after coming off an achilles tier, but we have to pay attention to lebron james and i don’t mind him.

Putting off 46 points against his old team, the cleveland cavaliers basically saying y’all – must have forgot, who the hell, i am. Certainly, he was aiming at somebody courtside sitting next to cavs ownership that was applauding and missed, and then he put on the show in the fourth quarter. We all get that, but i would remind everybody: he didn’t really need to drop 46 that game to put his statement season on display. Lebron james is 36 years of age, y’all, 36 years of age in his 18th season he is averaging 25, 8 and seven okay. On on near on 41, shooting from three point range, which, if he continued that this clip would be the best of his career max alluded to his game, evolving and basically uh. You know just just just transforming before our very eyes and that’s all fine, good and dandy, but he’s leading the team in scoring. We know that he’s your point forward. Everything runs through him ball. There they’ve got the best record in basketball they’re the number one seed in the west they’re the reigning, defending nba champions and oh by the way, they’re undefeated on the road this season going into philly tonight. And so, when you take all of those things into consideration and we talk about it in vp, we do have to take into consideration numbers. We obviously take it to strong consideration impact, but when you combine that with the result, meaning number one in the nba, as in the best record, unblemished undefeated on the road.

Okay averaging more points than anthony davis at this particular juncture, doing what he has done and the fact that he’s a four time champion the reigning nba champion in nba finals, mvp at the age of 36, and still doing what he’s doing i don’t think he could Be ignored and i don’t think we can summarily dismiss the man’s greatness, even at this particular moment in time. I ain’t talking resume i’m, not talking longevity i’m talking right now, the way that he has been balling for the los angeles lakers. The fact that he’s in the conversation for league mvp is not only apropos but very, very predictable, yeah he’s in the he’s in the running lebron’s, a solid candidate he’s, not the choice right now, if you’re talking about the best player in basketball, who we all know Based on what we keep seeing in the playoffs when it matters most it’s, lebron we’re, not up to that yet i’m, the one saying: what are you talking about regular season, mvp and then just the finals? Have you what about the whole playoffs? We should wait till the end of the finals, then give the mvp for the whole thing: okay, but that’s, but you argue actually no we’re talking regular season mvp. We need to incentivize teams. We need to give the paying customer the fans something to watch in the regular season. Well: okay, regular season mvp so far has been joel embiid embiid’s, the regular season mvp steven a over his last five games, he’s averaging 33 11 and two blocks joel embiid, shooting over that time, 35 percent from three.

If you want to look at his season numbers, you could talk about points.

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