NBA All-Star Game, 2021 urprise NBA All Star players in 2021?

We got sax zach, zackstein, zaxby levine as for some reason, the poster boy for this question and it’s, who do you think, will be a surprise all star selection, i’m. Not gon na lie a little early to talk about it, but you know rtnba tweeted it out it caught our attention and we were like you know what it this season is starting to pick up about time, exactly for real about time. Um we’re, starting to see some standout performances here and there we’re starting to see some players really you know getting their feet wet. You know getting on a roll picking up some momentum, um loki. If you guys don’t know by now, i am a fan of zach levine, so i think he should be because i think he deserves already to have been an all star and um actually saw a really nice ass. High ass dunk today highlight today yeah whatever game. He was playing today. It was, i think i even quote. Retweeted from the uh ball talk deep twitter account. Did you see that i was like yeah? This? Is this man back into the dunk yeah for real yo and he’s wet yep? You feel me he’s wet, but i mean who else is what this season bro? You got anyone in mind like what what name? Not not your selection for this question, but like what other names would you throw into bro? If i one of the topics that we brought up – kali sexton bro he’s shooting fifty percent.

Oh, i highly agree with you: threes uh, definitely steph curry’s yo that guy’s. That guy i was gon na, say steph, curry that man is oh yeah but that’s again that’s giving but his brother’s, arguably more wet. Oh, my god. No he’s, not yo more wet, he’s, wet he’s, definitely wet he’s as wet. I would say definitely and last but not least, bro duncan robinson super wet. Oh, he been wet yeah jimmy neutron over here and then uh. Who, who else, could we throw in who’s whose house having a a good season? Uh? Oh kd yeah, but i mean none of these would be surprised all star. I got this one we’re just naming people that are having like great john wall. Oh there you go, who could be a surprise officer. Selection. John walk could also be thrown into this conversation because obviously john wall he’s been an all star. You guys know his potential and capabilities, but nobody expected or what expected yeah expect it’s the right word, because you know nobody expected no season, but especially off the injury before john. We could agree before john wall got injured. You know he’s already an established star, yeah yeah yeah. Now this person that wasn’t a nostalgia is gon na, be my pick for this. Actually, one of my picks is christian wood; okay, yeah, christian, okay, he’s breaking out he’s balling, the out in houston, young fella started out, like you know, towards the end of the detroit pistons.

For that little stretch and yo and people were questioning whether it was just you know that nice little stretch that he was yeah if he even earned that contract definitely earned that contract. That contract start gon na be looking like a bargain, pretty ex girlfriend crying over somewhere yeah. I figured that was a ass move. Yeah man she’s for the birds either way bro to the streets – hey it’s, all good, but who else do you think might be a surprise? All star cake before you actually go through the biggest surprise, actually was last year with bradley beal not being picked? Oh, that was a surprise yeah. That was a surprise. So who’s your pick, my pick is the man you, you brought up already young bull, colin sexton because kind of what i was saying why i, who, before the season, started, who could have expected predicted that colin sexton would be having this season that he’s having i Don’T even think he might see the potential yeah, but this he is exceeding expectations and he’s succeeding so much that he’s helping lead the cavs to actually winning games. Of course, everyone knows about the biggest game he’s had so far versus the net might end up being the biggest game. He has this season to be honest because come on who, against kd against harden against kyrie superhero, really beat that out. So if he continues down this path and continues having the season he’s having i mean 27 points, 2.

4 rebounds 3.7 assists on 53 fuel gold and 50 from the three point line. Bro and true, shooting percentage is 59 that’s, basically 60 yeah. This man deserves an all star nomination. I would go far as to say i believe, he’s actually going to get that like i said he has to keep. You know this momentum going i’m, not saying just a peek, but just you know, stay steady with it yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised: he gets an officer’s nomination he’s in the east yeah, and he would definitely be a surprise because bro get give me a clip of somebody or even a tweet of somebody saying this man was going to be an all star selection. This upcoming season – probably not maybe a potential all star like when he got some point in this yeah yeah, but not this not in his third year in the nba at 22.. My pick aside from christian wood is actually a surprise. The surprise is the fact this that this guy has not been an all star, yet tyler hero, no bro, no man out of here man, no man, i am talking about cj mccollum. Did you know that he has never been an all star, that’s crazy, yeah he’s been in the league, how long uh he’s been in a league for a minute man? I think for like seven for seven years, six years or per se he’s got he’s gotten paid. You know – and he has not made an all star, but this year the man he’s always been balling but he’s having arguably the best year in his career he’s.

Arguably he’s averaging a career high for points at 26.7 points per game. He has career highs for assists at five assists per game that’s his career higher, yes and he’s – also a career high for steals at 1.3, okay yeah, so the guy’s having a great year both ways and the good thing about it is the trailblazers – are having a Good year as well, the turtles are having a surprisingly phenomenal year, they’re having a good year that this was. You know the troll blazers. We were expecting last year when they made this when they went to conference finals exactly a year before that. Yes, so they got those ingredients going on. Mccullum is balling. The team is doing pretty well yeah, so i don’t see any reason why not mccollum is finally going to pop his all star. Okay, you know i’m gon na have to agree with you on that one, because yeah and it’s about time man give the man a shine. It’S like dame like dame was underrated for a good amount of years before. Finally, in the past, like two, maybe three years, he finally started getting like his actual mainstream shine and exposure um yeah about time we give mick uh mccollum his role, cj man, cj’s shining out there, man for the west, yeah for real yeah and ripley’s even harder And in a guard driven league it’s hard to stand out, so the fact that mccollum and sexton are able to do it as guards it’s about time.

Yeah man, i mean yeah, it’s, a surprise man. It just gets me. You know yeah and i’m, a voucher for this man. Man poster ball over here, zach levine, exactly he needs to get winnie man get that man to south beach get that bro if he was on the alongside butler that’s, a goron, what levine, butler and then heroes, yeah i’m talking about starting nah nah here – could stay On the bench he still got time to look nah man, no together, look at those four on the starting lineup to get levine republicannot to give up a hero. Maybe you should up. I should give up heroes holy robin said. No no we’ll see that might be another topic for another day, who you guys think i’d like to know who you guys think might be a surprise all star selection. We would love to hear that man, but um hey with that being said guys, we appreciate all the love and the hate you guys already know catch on insta, twitter, tick, tock hit that like hit that sub we’re not around no more come on. We uploading monday to friday, 80 to 90 of our views are from non subscribers. If you keep coming back just hit, that stuff show some love and if not man don’t bite, we’re going to find out where you live yeah and look we upload so many videos. If you don’t, like one video guess what the next day you’ll find one you like it, and you don’t find one the next day after that, and if not let us know in the comments man that’s, true or dislike it, we don’t care dislikes.

Let us know like all right, we’re up somewhere, although sometimes i’m not gon na lie. I see some of y’all y’all just hit that dislike button, because we talk about your team but look we’re, just keeping it real. Exactly man, hey don’t, be able to embrace the hate.

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