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I know it feels overwhelming. I know it’s like so many things are going on at once, and you probably don’t even know where to start so to someone who feels like. Maybe these short squeezes are risky, or maybe you want you know not even get your feet wet with something that you don’t have control or understand, well guys, that’s. Actually, what i want to explain to you in this video is why nokia is such a good and safe bet, especially compared to, for example, gamestop. Now guys, i absolutely love these short squeezes that are going on and how they’re helping so many people make so much money, for example, if you’re in gamestop hats off to you that’s, absolutely incredible and i’m so happy for you. But with that being said, a lot of people are overlooking nokia’s potential here in my eyes, but that actually be a lie. If i showed you the option chain, you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people buying calls on nokia. You know preparing for a huge reply. Another short squeeze higher and i’m here to tell you that we see this actually happening quite possibly tomorrow, thursday or even friday, okay, so this is something you want to be prepared for, and what’s so important about this and what’s so important to understand about this trade That you could possibly be taking here in nokia is okay we’re at six dollars. Now i want you to think about this here.

Let’S say you put a thousand dollars in now, let’s say: nokia drops to four dollars, okay, which would actually break the bottom of where the short squeeze even began in the first place. Right so i mean the chances of first off breaking down to four dollars. Is so so low, okay, so let’s just say actually let’s raise that uh. You know bottom target and let’s say it’s about 450., okay, so that’s the most you can lose is from about five point: nine dollars to about four and a half dollars. Okay. That being said, you have huge buying, you have so many people on your side and you’ve got a ton of upside. So if you can just understand this, if you understand that you’ve got about a dollar and 40 cents to lose, which is going to be about 25 of your investment, okay that’s, the max, you can lose 25 now, if let’s let’s take this to the drawing board. Um, a 25 that’s gon na be a one to four reward. Okay, now let’s talk about the upside here. Okay, nokia can easily let’s be modest, let’s, say: can you know it’s already hit about 981 and what you’re going to notice about all these short squeezes is the first pop they actually always pop, even higher than that. First short squeeze okay. So if we take that into consideration – and we think okay well every time – something short squeezes actually goes even higher – the next time – let’s just set a modest target about twelve dollars.

Okay, now you’re at six dollars well that’s a two to one risk to reward. Okay, so let’s draw that here two to one: okay, okay, so right away, you can already see right. We set very modest targets. Right, like twelve dollars is very modest. You got guys saying this is going to go to 50. 40. 30.. I mean, god knows how high this can go here, right so here’s what you should actually understand the ceiling. You know nobody knows what the ceiling is. Okay, but everyone knows what the bottom is and that’s right there. Okay, so you understand you got about a dollar. Forty to lose where you got at least the two to one to the upside assuming nokia follows the behavior of all these other short squeeze we’ve been getting now. I actually want to show you this right, for example, irobot short squeeze is here then? What does it do consolidates for a day and then breaks higher past that first short squeeze? Take a look at game. Stop right! What do they do? They short squeeze when it happened, consolidate and then they actually break out higher the next day past. The first initial short squeeze right, so these uh stocks they continue to break past the first short squeeze right, and so this is not the end. This thing will short squeeze again and it’s going to happen tomorrow. If i had to bet on it so so look i want to reiterate the two reasons that are on your side here to help you right.

The first thing that you’ve got thousands of people here in with you on this trade that think this thing’s going to require that’s the first reason right, you’re, not alone, you got other people helping push this thing high. Now i know one of the concerns is that nokia has a huge float and all, but at the same time, look at the volume. Okay, i mean it’s, absolutely ridiculous, and this thing will move higher, although it might not be to the magnitude, for example, of gamestop right this thing’s not going to shoot to a thousand like gamestop right um, but that being said, it can still easily shoot to 10. It can easily shoot to 12. You can easily shoot 215 right. I mean this stock has been at 40 dollars before right. So once again, let’s come back to the drawing board. The second important reason you need to understand is that the risk to reward is already in your favor to win okay, so once again, let’s say i’m going back to like you know, the average joe who’s got about a thousand dollars to put in right i’m. Just going over the very basic right, some of you guys are gon na have fifty thousand to put in some of you guys are gon na have even more but let’s say you got a thousand dollars here. Let’S say worst case scenario: nokia drops down to 450. That means you’re gon na lose 25 investment investment.

Right now you got 750. Oh boohoo! You took a 250 loss right big deal now. Let’S say you know. Nokia goes uh to 12, like we planned here. Well now you made 2 000 right, so is that worth it to you right just think about this right. You have the potential to make 2 000 or you have the potential to lose 250 and end at 750 right. So, overall, you can see it’s completely skewed in your favor here and that’s why this trade is so good now guys, if that wasn’t enough to convince you that nokia definitely has a lot of potential here. Well, then i’ve got three more reasons to explain to you. First, being that nokia is not even a bad company right, we’ve seen them, they used to be the leader in the telecommunications sector, okay and so look now. Obviously, they’ve fallen off um, obviously they’re, not the leader anymore, but the fact that they were the leader at one point shows you their ceiling and that ceiling is a lot higher than the bottom here. Okay, so boom. Another great reason that nokia has a lot of potential at this point now. Second reason, but really the fourth of the video is that nokia has a new, ceo right and so new co means new management means new potential, possibly a new ceiling, which is overall just great. It leads a lot of hope going into the future, which means you know, even if you had to just sit on this damn thing for, like 10 20 years, it’s gon na go higher uh, most likely in the future right.

So even as a you know, a long term bailout if you had to sit on the ship for a long time, you’re looking all right there, okay and fifth and final reason. Once again: where are you buying it let’s just say you’re getting at about 590.. Okay! Well let’s say someone who’s chasing the top on gamestop right now. Look i’m not saying this is the top on gamestop it’s, actually probably going to rip way higher here, but let’s just say right: this is the top on gamestop 400 right so let’s say someone who’s chasing the top on gamestop let’s say they get in here about 350 and now gamestop crashes back to its original price at about 20 30 dollars 12 dollars even right, you just lost almost 100 of your investment, whereas we know that we know that the max you could probably lose here is about 25 right, so big difference, um From possibly getting in on a top in gamestop or some other, you know highly already short squeezed stock to getting into nokia, which has only had one major short squeeze right and once again, i’ll go back and show you these examples right, for example, irbt short squeezes. One time and it always breaks higher the second time right or it always does end up breaking higher past – that first short squeeze gamestop is done it multiple multiple times by now, um, you know, b, y and d has done it right.

You can see here. It has the first short squeeze, but once again there’s, never just one short squeeze. It always short squeezes again, and you see that there, with b y and d okay, so look there’s. Three great examples of their short squeeze is happening. So yeah guys. You see the plan here: we’ve got one short squeeze so far, we’re expecting the second to come here, possibly tomorrow or friday. Right, for example, irbt had to consolidate a whole day until it got its short squeeze right um, whereas by d it didn’t even need an extra day right, just straight away right so that’s, why we know that this could be a literally thursday or friday here. Okay, so guys this video is really made for people of all skill levels. I truly believe anybody can take advantage of it and i hope you do and if you do, let me know if you’re excited you got a price target for nokia. Let me know as well and guys if you enjoyed the video, make sure you drop a like and make sure you are subscribed, because we got plenty more videos like this coming at you guys. Thank you so much for watching.

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