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So jack ma finally made his first appearance after since october, i believe and uh he was talking to some. You know some teachers, underprivileged teachers in another country. I believe it was india but he’s back and this pushed the stock price of alibaba up to you know. Past 260, something dollars before we get into the video don’t forget to smash the like button and also links are going to be in the description for some free stocks for free stocks with weibull one free stocks with robin hood. If you are brand new to trading, but let’s jump right into it, so let’s jump into the portfolio to see what is going on here. Portfolio is sitting at 92 000 and today is probably for one of the first red days of the month. For me, uh pretty crazy how how the stock market’s been so i’m down about one percent on the day, not too bad, but we’re going to scroll down and just take a look at what is going on with alibaba. I feel, like i’ve, been talking about this con company constantly now for the last two weeks, but you know i just want to let you guys know what i think about it. So this is what has been happening with alibaba’s stock price over the last three months. Okay, so um in october, he made a speech in china which criticized the government and how they handled their finances. Overall, this plummeted the stock price over the last three months.

Over the last two months in october, there was the ant group ipo that you know misfired and uh. They had to redo that now and uh all the way to the lows in january of 2021, we can see the lows of 225, and yesterday we found out jack ma was not missing. Obviously, he’s not missing i’m telling you there’s, so much click bait articles out there you guys just have to you, know, read in between the lines all right a lot of these companies. They publish all these clickbait titles, so you can click onto their websites. Click onto their articles, so you can read them and they get adsense money similar to what a lot of youtubers do out here. So yesterday the stock price jumped all the way to 270 dollars. A lot of people has been messaging me saying: oh man, thank you for putting him on putting me on alibaba over the last two weeks, but today the stock price pulled back two percent on the day and we’re back to 250, 259 and 50 cents. So, taking a look at my position here, overall i’m still up, i own 30 shares now and i’m told the return is still at 363 dollars. Like i said i’m, my plan for alibaba is to own 100 shares it’s going to take me, maybe another. You know few more months to do this, but alibaba, i believe, is going to push my account over that 100 000 mark.

My price target for alibaba is still in the 300 range and i’m a long term investor when it comes to alibaba i’m, going to be holding it for a few years. At least it might take another year or two to for alibaba to reach that price target. But you know i could be completely wrong that’s why this video is for entertainment purposes only so i want to make a few more bullish cases for alibaba, and then we can move on to the next stock here. So alibaba has just recently partnered up with hermes. This is one of the top luxury brands in the world and they did that through uh let’s. Take a look here. Hermes has joined alibaba’s, t mall, which is basically like a retail e commerce site quietly so they’re planning to sell perfumes body, lotions and gift boxes on alibaba’s b2c platform with 2 250 followers at the moment. So i think this is a good small victory for alibaba and and the whole made in china type of stereotype, because everything from everything right now comes from china, if you guys didn’t, know all the luxury stuff and all the cheap stuff right, it’s, not just all The cheap stuff now so hermes is one of the top luxury brands in the world, even bigger than louis vuitton prada. What else balenciaga? All of that – and you know this stuff is so exclusive when it comes to their handbags and stuff i’m, not entirely sure if they’re gon na be selling handbags in tmall, but definitely uh.

This is the right step into selling the handbags if they wanted to. But this is definitely the right step and, like pro tip for anybody that’s in a relationship, if you want to make your wife or girlfriend happy, buy them a birkin, and you know they will they’ll, probably marry you after that. So with all so with all jokes aside, let’s take a look at some ev companies that have been partnering up with alibaba, so alibaba has some investments into ev companies. So if you do, if you want to skip tesla, if you want to skip neo, you know you can just buy alibaba and have some exposure into the ev market. So i before i even bought alibaba, i just realized they have some partnerships with some ev companies. So if we take a look here, alibaba launches uh, electric sedan in partnerships with china’s largest automaker. So we take a look here. Um they launched an electric sedan with state owned. I think it’s pronounced sayak motors, china’s largest car company, so the main so the main gimmick if you want to say that this vehicle can wirelessly charge, which uh i’m pretty sure tesla’s cannot wirelessly charge or any of the ev cars in america, i’m. Pretty sure you have to like plug it in for them to charge, the sedan is powered by the new, solid state battery for contemporary amperex technology, which also supplies tesla inc. It also uses chips made by nvidia corporation, so we already know tesla nvidia.

These stocks are always talked about on youtube, they’ve been on fire for the last three months and if you’re invested in them, congratulations you’ve probably made a lot of money, but i think alibaba is still undervalued here. It’S still an undervalued play, so the next ev company that alibaba is invested in as well is x, ping, so x, ping. I believe ipod. Last year you can see their stock price reached up to 72 dollars per share and with a market cap of almost 50 billion dollars. So this is not a small company at all and alibaba owns 14 of this company. So after doing more due diligence with alibaba and figuring out everything that they got their hands on, they got their hands on finance. With ant group, they got their hands on with the ev play as well. They they make so much money with their cash flow from their commerce business that they can just funnel billions of dollars into all of these other smaller companies and have these companies grow. So this ev play from them is obviously a smart move, because evmark has been on fire as well. So now i’m, not too worried about you know getting into companies like lucid getting into companies like um actc, some of these other ones that are just brand new. They haven’t been to market yet but, like i was saying earlier, um there’s a lot of rumors going on with churchill capital and lucid that they’re gon na merge together and that’s how that ev maker wants to come to market.

So another company that’s, been on the on the news. Lately is arch, light clean energy, ticker, symbol actc. This is an ev play with uh chamat. I can’t pronounce his last name. He just said i made it my biggest investment in climate change. Actc is merging with proterra, so i think this they do like electric buses, electrified buses and uh. You know this is uh. Chamat has not missed yet with any of his investments, but because now i have a little bit of exposure to the ev market. I’M. Not too worried about getting on to this one as well, so for anybody that wants to try to get onto the next tesla potentially go check out those two companies because um definitely they have some potential but there’s also a lot of risk involved as well. Just in case some of these rumors don’t pan out so lastly, i want to talk about selling puts with my portfolio. So you know you guys know i love dividend investing. I love like right now, i’m, seeing about 400 in dividends every single month on average and if you want to sell, puts for more income that’s one way to go, but that is like dividend: investing on steroids, so let’s jump into my buying power really quickly. So my buying power – i got 10 500 left margin available that i have with my portfolio, is about fifty five thousand. I use about three thousand dollars in margins to um, buy some alibaba um options collateral.

So this is what i’m putting up for collateral on my portfolio i’m, putting up forty thousand dollars and over the last week i think about i made about eight hundred dollars in uh premium. So i put up forty thousand dollars. I make about two percent of that in premiums. This is not it’s. I feel like this is really it’s, not conservative, and this is not gon na be for everybody. But if you have enough collateral to do this, maybe you can make like one percent or less that’s. More conservative, like me, i’m being a little bit too aggressive here, i’m going for two percent, which is um. You know making me stressed out a little bit. The company that i made the most out of selling puts and collecting premiums from is lemonade, all right, so um. If we scroll down here, i made a about 465 dollars from lemonade over my last contract, um and it’s, going to expire tomorrow and from the looks of it, i’m gon na be pretty good unless the stock price of lemonade crashes tomorrow, which is completely possible. But my break even price, is still gon na be 135 dollars. So if we jump into my history here, we can see all of my cell posts that i’ve been doing over the last few weeks now you know today i made about 480 in premiums and sometimes you have to buy to close some of your premiums just so.

You can open another one, it’s really common to do. I had to pay 150 to close my last contract to open a new one to make a little bit more extra premium um. On january 15th, i made 440 there on uh january 8th – i made 800 there uh last week or two weeks ago, something like that january 7th i made about 310 bucks, so i’ve been doing this on and off again for the last. You know two weeks now and i’ve seen a decent amount of, and to do this, i have to put up at least 14 000 in capital that’s. Why? I really don’t talk about it in my in these channels, because a lot of you guys are younger. Have less capital – and you know i don’t – want anybody to do anything too risky, but but for anybody that’s on the opposite side, a little bit older have more capital to play around with and understands the risk involved. Then definitely doing selling selling puts is definitely a way to generate a lot extra income every single month because i’m doing this once a week. Imagine i do this consistently throughout the year. You know it adds up right. It adds up a lot i’ve seen a lot of other investors. Do this consistently. You know, maybe they make one percent of all the collateral that they put up and if they can do that consistently throughout the year. That is a lot of money.

So now i want to go over my sell put with alibaba, which you know i’ve been making decent amount of premiums from this one as well, but definitely this one um, my last one is not that good. So this is one of the risk involved here right. So i did a sell put at 265 strike price which, if we take a look at the start, uh price right now is 259. So if the price is not improved by tomorrow, which is the date of expiration day, then definitely this one will get assigned. But what i plan to do with this is i’m going to roll it over until next week. So this is a you know, a strategy within a strategy here all right, so i could just move it on to next week and i could put it at like a 260 strike price. Like i said, i believe alibaba is still worth over 300. So i’m, not too worried if uh, for whatever reason i want to just own that 100 shares, i have the money to pay for the stocks, so worst case scenario. In this situation i have to buy the stocks, but if i buy the stocks i have enough money to pay for it, and then i can just flip it around and then i can just do sell covered calls. So if you guys are a little bit confused about everything i’m saying i made some older videos about selling covered calls.

Selling cash cover puts to generate more income every single month. So if you guys want to see more investing content for me, go check out. These videos here, like subscribe, hit that notification to get more content from me. Yours truly follow me on instagram. Follow me on my second channel join my membership.

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