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Stop gamestop update all right. This is my portfolio. I have a position in gamestop right now and typically i’m more into conservative investing, but this is a short squeeze that i do not want to miss. So if you guys have been following me along on this journey for the last few days, i i’ve been updating everybody as much as i can, and in today’s video i’m going to be doing that as well. So portfolio is sitting at 140 000. We are down about 3 000 after market hours, but if you look at today’s gains, we are up uh. 30, almost 36, 000, so i’m gon na disclose now my uh position in game stock. So this is for entertainment purposes. Only not financial advice i’ll be telling you guys what i see in the markets. What i’m, seeing in the news, if you’re brand new don’t forget to subscribe, smash the like button, if you want some free stocks, there’s links in the description for free socks with weeble one free stocks with robin hood. So if you’re brand new take advantage of that it’s free money, why not so let’s jump right in back into the position? This is what gamestop has been looking like for the last day. So this this is a historical moment, guys we’re up 135 on the day. Nothing like this has ever happened before to gamestop, so you know there’s a lot of other stocks going on um. Many many short squeezes are going on with other stocks, which i’ll cover a little bit, but mainly in today’s video we’ll be talking about gamestop.

So this is what look it’s looking like in the last week, we’re up almost 700. This is my position all right guys, so i bought my position in yesterday and uh market value, for this is 31 000. Almost 32 000 average cost is sitting at 900. Average cost is sitting at 90 dollars. Total return so far is 22 000. On these 100 shares, i have one by call option on this and we’re up 22. Almost 23 000 on this buy call so there’s massive gains on the portfolio from this one position. If we take a look at my entire portfolio i’m at 140 000, so one of my biggest goals was to reach over 100 000 and this one investment. This gamble: this is a big gamble. This is like, if i lose this much amount of money – i’m. Okay with it all right. This is a gamble all right, so this is my sell limit that i have so far. Okay, sell limit i’m, seeing a price target of 5 000 i’m gon na be holding this through friday, but many things can happen between then all right. So, as of this video, i maybe something can happen tomorrow, okay, but if i can sell between one thousand and five thousand i’m gon na be taking some profits, if i can and that’s really that’s, where i’m looking at to sell okay, but i suits, i still Have diamond hands and we still got a long way to go we’re only sitting at 300 right now, the peak of today was somewhere around 380 and the lows of today was uh when the market opened, which was about 200 all right.

So why has gamestop exploded over the last few days and basically gamestop is going through what is known as a short squeeze all right, these there’s a bunch of hedge funds that made a bet against gamestock, saying that it will um move down further and further and Eventually go bankrupt, that was their bet. They borrowed a lot of money to do this. They shorted the company over a hundred percent, so let’s say. If gamestop, you only had a hundred percent of gamestop. They shorted it over a hundred percent over 200 percent. At one point in time, right now, we’re seeing a lot of short interest still and some of these hedge funds they’ve lost billions of dollars already all right. So, on top of that, we as a retail investor we, this is like a retail investor war versus a hedge fund, short seller war right now, that’s. Why there’s so much crazy sentiment going on with wall street bets that’s? Why there’s? A lot of you know, emotions emotions involved, it’s, like you know the week it’s like david it’s, like david versus goliath, right now, that is the overall sentiment of what is going on. The fundamental values of gamestop right now has been thrown out the window, so so i’m gon na jump into some of the financials and just what it looks like what gamestop looks like all right. I went into a gamestop yesterday and there was no customers. They had.

One customer they had one guy attending the cashier they had a few video games laying around this business is on a turnaround. It’S, not it’s it’s been dying for a few years and that’s why the stock price hit like what four or five dollars a few months ago, but because of this short squeeze um, the price jumped all the way up to, as we saw earlier, 300 200 to 300 plus and uh finbox is giving it a fair value of 40 dollars upside negative 87 uncertainty very high. This is uh. I agree with all this. Some analyst is saying that is roughly should be worth around 13 and i’m gon na jump into the financials. Look to be honest, this company is not worth over 300 per share. That makes the market cap over 10 billion dollars. Is this a 10 billion dollar company let’s? Take a look at some of their financials here revenues every single year has been dropping operation income. You know it’s been going down. Net profits been going down like these numbers are horrendous. This is not a 10 billion dollar 10 billion market cap company. Okay, we know the financials the book value. All this has been thrown out the window. This is now something different. All right, this is the new normal for the market. I keep saying this is a historical event. This is going to be one of the most epic short squeezes of our lifetimes. All right.

This thing does short squeezes like this don’t happen that often the last time something similar happened was in 2018, with the volkswagen short squeeze that short squeeze made volkswagen one of the highest market cap stocks on the stock market for one day all right. So this something similar might happen here with um with gamestop. So this is why everybody is so like enamored with this story. Everybody wants to be a part of it and, like i one question that i’m getting a lot is, is right now, the best time to buy in, i can’t tell you that all right, i cannot, i don’t, know you’re. I don’t know your situation and i’m, not a financial advisor, but you know for me. I have my amount that i wanted to invest and that was about ten thousand dollars. I did that, potentially i could lose all that i’ve gained so far and more and i’m. Okay with that right i’m, not throwing my life savings in here i’m, not throwing my life savings in here right, that’s, a big thing everybody needs to know. I have a portfolio a 100 let’s say i have a 100 of a portfolio. A very small position of this is gamestop right. Less than percent less than five percent is gamestop. All right. Just just try to understand, like there’s a lot of you guys that i think are trying to yolo this really hard, and that is probably not the best decision and best um investment to make.

But you know i’m i’m, not telling you guys what to do here. I’M, just telling you what i would do myself chamat one of the best investors of our you know of our times right now he is a billionaire hedge fund manager. So this is a hedge fund manager that does not short companies that not that doesn’t try to bankrupt companies make people lose their jobs. Make um, you know, make ruin people’s lives, essentially all right. This guy is trying to help the world and he bought some yolo calls on gme, so he invested roughly around a hundred thousand plus dollars into gme. I think it was yesterday, and you know that made a big run up with the price all right, so when he put in, like around 100 000 yesterday that’s roughly the same time that i bought my position in gamestock okay, so this is uh, so he was One of the main catalysts for me to invest in the company as well like i just saw these dominoes like falling over and i just wanted to you – know i’ve been following this company for the last two days and that pushed me over the edge to uh. Invest myself so elon musk is another billionaire he’s, another general in this war. He he has a following of 43 million people. Imagine how much influence that has so not only him, but a lot of other people are starting to come out now to you know, join this cause join this war with us, so game stock.

This is all he tweeted game stunk. He. He has a lot of trouble with the sec, but he tweeted gamestonk – and this was after market trading hours yesterday and i believe the stock went from roughly 100 something dollars to over 200. So every single day this this game stock price action is going over 100. Every single day, right now and on top of that, he also tweeted wall street bets wall street bets, is where it’s at this is where i get my latest information of what to do, because, right now there is a like i’m saying: there’s, there is a war Going on and these hedge funds, these short sellers, the these guys influence the mass media, the mainstream media, so we have to analyze everything that the mainstream media is doing with a grain of salt. You can’t just take what they’re saying for 100 facts. There is something going on i’m, not saying that they’re manipulating everything, but you know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories that saying that they are. This is typically not how i do my research, but this is another way of doing social arbitrage. I made some videos about social arbitrage in the past, and definitely this is a social arbitrage type of investment um very speculative guys. This is nothing conservative, like mostly what i like to do is conservative, but this is uh, something that i want to be a part of and it’s a gamble, guys it’s a really big gamble so, like i said this is where i like to get a lot Of my updates, because these guys filter out the bs these guys, you know – are questioning what’s going on with the mainstream media and look look who it is.

Aoc herself got ta, admit, it’s, really something to see wall streeters um with a long history of treating our economy as casinos, complaining about the message board of posters, also treating the market as a casino anyways tax. The rich i’m not like the biggest fan of oh aoc, but definitely um if she’s going to support the cause i’m, all for it all right here is a here’s. Another good point that i want to point out all right: hedge funds, short sellers. These guys are the bad guys. Okay, when hedge funders and others loot our markets, it’s all good, but when retail investors destroy a hedge fund, then all of a sudden cnbc analysts start calling for regulation, blame foreign powers and talking and talk fundamentals all right. This is this isn’t about fundamentals anymore: this is about retail investors. Getting these short sellers, because they’ve been greedy, they’ve shorted this company to the ground, and on top of that, they’ve done it over 100 of whatever that they could possibly buy. They borrowed money and made a big bet against gamestop, and now they got to pay for it because uh their bet is going the wrong way. So from a lot of people that got in really early, these guys have already made millions of dollars each all right. I’Ve seen like this is the mastermind behind it. I think i would call him the leader behind what is going on right now. In my opinion, okay, this is deep value and a lot of people are rallying behind this guy.

All right check out his position. He owns 50 000 shares of g uh gme at 14, less than 15 dollars per share. He owns 500 call option contracts at 20 cents per share, and his value of the stock from today is almost 50 billion dollars. His initial investment was roughly 50 000 that’s. Why a lot of people are diamond hands these guys are holding on for dear life, because they’re waiting for supposedly this is the leader of everything all right. If this guy is not selling at you know, he’ve already he’s, already passed: 1 million, 10 million. 20. 30. 40. now he’s at 50 million, and this guy is still holding that’s. Why a lot of other people are? You know following along with what this guy is doing i’m, not saying that, like i personally do not know who this is he’s, just like he’s, just a reddit user. Like me all right, but i don’t know who he is, but he’s still holding at 50 million. So you have to ask yourself like what is he waiting for when is he waiting to sell and like the price target? Personally, like i showed you earlier, my price, my sell limit is at 5 000.. You know if i can sell at 1. 000 i’ll be. Okay, with that, you know, and and honestly it is a stretch like i can’t believe i’m doing this myself, but i want to be a part of history.

I want to see where this goes. If you guys are just you know, starting to invest, i don’t, i don’t, think it’s the best time to come in. I would just you know, watch and enjoy the show. This is a movement, a lot of people are going to be, people are going to be making movies, making documentaries about what is going on right now, so i’m going to be glued. To my, you know, i’m going to be glued to wall street i’m, going to be glued to twitter for the next. You know week. Probably this is probably going gon na happen a weekend. I think on friday. Something big is going to happen like i’m. Definitely bullish on i’m definitely bullish about gme, but you know i’m not looking to hold gme for two three years. All right. This is something like i’m holding for the very short term, um i’m, not but i’m, not planning to sell in like one or two days, like i’m planning to see exactly where this goes and do not follow me into this. All right, i’ve seen a lot of people in the comments section of my video saying that they bought in at three hundred. I personally would not buy in at two or three hundred all right i’m. Just telling you the honest truth. If i had nothing invested at this moment, i would not buy in a two or three hundred for me, i’m. Lucky that i got in at you know the begi, like kind of the beginning of it when everything started, taking off so that’s.

Just me and that’s. My update for today, whatever goes on between now and tomorrow, i’ll – keep updating you with this, because this is so exciting and i’m just happy to be a part of it. You know diamond hands rockets to the moon. You know this is a meme stock guys. This is not like don’t throw your life saving to this. This is not financial advice, educational purposes. Only if you guys want to watch more for me, go check out my other videos to get you caught up with the short squeeze scan the squeeze infinity squeeze. That is going on right now subscribe for more content. Just like this hit, the subscribe hit, the like um hit that notification to get updated because i’m doing a live stream tomorrow, with brian jung and we’re going to be doing a live stream. We live stream for four or five hours today guys, so a lot of news is coming out. Um follow me on instagram. Follow me on a second channel and i’ll catch.

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