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My name is pauline guma, founder of technology lab in today’s video we’re, going to be talking about a stock that is breaking out currently and why you should keep it on your watches for the next few days and i’m. Also going to be answering some of you guys questions for those of y’all who dropped your stocks of interest in the comment section of this morning’s video right after the intro, all right, y’all right off the bat again we had we had a very wild day today. It looked very, very nice until everything gave out and sellers just started, taking their money off the table on the spy. Am i bearish on it? Currently, we are in a very uh, really dangerous situation right now, all right it looks like an excellent dip buy or will it be a dead cat bounce again. Keep that in mind, as you you’re trading this, if you did bought this thing again, look for um! Look for it to just keep holding that level and just bounce up slowly, all right! If it doesn’t bounce up slowly, then we could be revisited. These bottom levels here right around 36.50 right. So just keep that in mind, as you trade it now the stock that all of you are seeing on the thumbnail that all of you should be watching for the next few weeks is ai all right, and the reason why i want to talk about ai is Because of the pattern on the daily time frame right, if you look at it on the daily time frame, there is a very bullish triangle here: bullish penny breaking out currently and uh.

The volume is good uh the stock, the stock looks solid. If you look at the uh the option chain um, i wish there was more options on here like the weeklies right, but they have the um the monthly options, but the volume on there is actually pretty good and the open interest is also good as well. What keep this one on your watch list as well? Um it’s, a recent ipo. They got out the kids about a month and a half ago, so again watch this thing for consolidation kind of like what happened with knox again. This is not something new. The consolidation within this zone for about maybe a few days before we start going up again, all right, probably towards around towards around 180, maybe even 200 within the next few days. All right keep this one on your washes. I would not short this as a short seller. I would not put myself in the front of that that looks extremely bullish. All right now, let’s talk about you guys, stocks of interest, first and foremost. Hopefully, a lot of y’all listened to me when i said not to be greedy right. I told y’all that it is very, very important to pay yourself first, unfortunately, something with the with options like i, i don’t think anybody was able to sell anything until like 9. 00 p.m. 9. A.M, like those options were not alive, we’re not uh. When could we’re not available to be sold at all for like a good 30 minutes before like so, hopefully, some of y’all just unloaded some just to pay yourself all right, because again, things like this are not very surprising.

Is it the end of this move? Honestly, i don’t know we’ll have to wait and follow up with this one in the morning, all right if it opens up around here somewhere, like in the like 18, 19 or 20 like anywhere over here, we may. We may see this don’t just keep crushing short sellers all right, but as of right now again it’s not looking too good. There was some news about uh about wall, street’s, bad sites being taken down or something again check out. The news there’s some interesting things around there so check out the news, but based off of the jar again the floor might hold and we might run again tomorrow. I will follow up on this one, along with uh bb. Also bb did very very well. Today there was a parabolic move again. I hope some of y’all took some money off the table because i did talk about it before i told you about the pullback followed by the squeeze. I gave it a target of thirty dollars and it kind of teased it. It went to 28.77, they didn’t quite get there. Then they got exhausted but that’s. Fine though it may get there tomorrow again, we’ll see we will see about this stock and the same thing applies for uh. Somebody um asked me to cover nook, which is nokia and nokia, is following that same trend. It had a very parabolic move intraday and it got halted quite a few times all right, so you can keep that one on your watches as well.

This one has been heavily beaten down for the past few months, just like blackberry, alright, so again tremendous volume over here. So it may continue up just a little bit more before everything starts falling down, because these things are not forever like they’re, very, very temporary. So just keep that in mind and do not get your hopes up for too long. Like again, what short sellers want short sellers like myself right. We want this thing to just go, really really high very very quickly. I told you that before all right, so just keep that in mind now let’s talk about more stocks um, another stock that i wanted to address in this video is apple and apple, currently um they had earnings earlier and they got annihilated. This is the reason why i do not condone holding through earnings. Obviously, if your health puts through earnings, you should be winning right now, you should be winning by by a lot. This is about a five dollar drop five hundred dollars in premium on at the money contract, so you you’re about to get paid tomorrow. If you went short like i said, these things are 50 50 coin toss. I don’t participate in them because again they probably like crushed earnings again like they have phenomenal numbers and yet and yet their reaction was trash right. The reaction just took out all the longs. All the long super calls. Those calls are probably gon na go by like negative 80 to negative 90, and i am talking about the yolo calls all right.

The yellow calls will be down by a lot. Okay and the same thing applies to tesla same thing. Now let’s talk about something else: um one stock that one of y’all asked about was uh, snow and snow. Currently i think this thing is gon na keep tanking down just a little bit more um. I want to see this thing drop all the way down to around, like 245 – maybe 250 to this level right over here right at support. Before we see a potential bounce to the upside um, it may get, it may be a very, very slow drop, given the fact that all of the buyers who got in here are all panicking if they’re not panicking, then they will panic tomorrow. If the stock opens up just a little bit lower towards like 261. now, we’ll cover it again in the morning, just to see exactly what happens, there may be some magical bearish news that will magically just pop up like a like a morgan stanley downgrade, for example, Right there may be some of that, and then they might call us the stock tank. So just just keep that in mind as well. We will follow up on this one tomorrow now the next one that we will be talking about today. That is a stock that i talked about a long time ago. Um i made a video on this one on palantir, all right, it’s been a while. Since we talked about pellets here, i told y’all that um the title of the video was.

This stock is breaking out from arkan best news right and then they drag his feet and then immediately just shut up a few days later, and for all of you who are able to catch some money on here. Congratulations and for those of y’all who are able to trade on this move right here: lots of opportunities to make money on this one all the way to the top. The stock was very, very generous in the sense that it gave everybody two chances to get out. First, that hammer right there, second, the retest of that hammer and then immediately it faded in the afternoon, along with the whole market, all right, so the market can be generous at times. You just have to learn, not to be creating certain situations for all of you. So, if you, if you sold in these regions, congratulations because now you get a chance to buy the dip at a better price right, just to make money on the way back up again or if you’re shorting. This thing, then, you may be looking to get out like somewhere around like 33 dollars, maybe even 32 dollars tomorrow, again that’s just that’s, just my very honest opinion right as a short seller, where you will want to get up because i feel like in that level. That’S, where a lot of the parts you want to step in to be the sports all right. So just just keep that in mind, as you are trading talent here, all right.

That is the end of the video again. Do not forget to destroy the like button for the youtube algorithm as always, and if you are new to the channel. Definitely click on subscribe and click on the notification bell, along with all notifications. That way, you don’t miss out on these post market analysis, videos which are released every single day in the afternoon and the pre market analysis, videos which are released from monday to friday at exactly 8 15 a.m. Central time 15 minutes before the market opens, if you’re not following us on social media, you can find me at paul and guma analogy lab on instagram and on twitter. Also, if you are new to the market, if you are new to investing and would like to make some money with us, i left some step by step directions in the description of the video below step, one through step. Four, it only takes about 15 minutes or less for you to get signed up with everything. You need all the tools you need to start trading immediately. You can also get three free stocks after setting it up with weeble use. My very first link in the description below and one free stock after setting up with robinhood, using my second link in the description below as well. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, my name is pauline guma, with pedanology lab, where we trade patterns and patterns only – and i will see all of you in tomorrow – morning’s video at exactly 8 15 a.


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