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If you’re new to this page go ahead and hit the like button subscribe button in the notification bell just go ahead and hit all three of them you’re going to want to be here. So the dow, the s p, the nasdaq all down and unfortunately their this week may be the correction. Now um i’ve been telling you guys that there’s a 10 to 12 percent correction coming i’ve, been telling you guys over and over been talking about stop losses. The correct times to put them on there’s only one stock that i didn’t have a stop loss on, and that is cciv and i actually doubled down today, right so there’s. So much going on with the stock market right now and i am as calm as ever as a matter of fact. I went shopping today so for those of us that that know about the stock market and have been here before over the last 20 years. I’Ve seen this so many times and what happens is there’s three things that people get into. One is emotional trading don’t. Do it emotional trading? You will lose every time, fomo fear of missing out it’s, going to get your cult right. So emotional trading, fomo and the third one which i think is is most important once you’ve bought the stock. Is panic selling you don’t pay, you never panic, sell there’s, nothing wrong with these companies that you invested in it’s just that the overall market is down and when the overall market is down, everything is down.

I always say: that’s the big wheel, let’s let’s use that terminology again that’s when a when a when a whale splashes everybody gets wet all right. So we’re talking about the s p, the dow and the nasdaq all at the same time take tanking that’s a big whale splashing. Everybody gets wet okay, but i will tell you this morning: i was down – probably nine nine thousand dollars. I looked at it and i’m like wow that’s right, i wouldn’t know i was like wow nine thousand dollars. What, without me doing anything within an hour now then i’m down twenty nine hundred dollars. So if i would have panic sold, i would have lost all of that money to people. This is what i’m trying to tell you. As a matter of fact, this is actually healthy. This is a healthy correction. A correction is when the stock market falls at least 10 percent right. This is actually a healthy correction, because it’s going in a parabolic, i think it’s going to be it’s kind of like going in a parabolic or reverse parabolic you’re like walking downstairs it’s better than it just straight tanking right most of you had if you’re listening to Me today i guarantee, if you were trading this morning, you couldn’t even trade, certain stocks, because the apps would stop working. There was a lot of stop losses going on. They were just like, like, like rat trap, all over the place and i’ll just tell you guys.

It’S now the time for cool heads right when others are courageous, you be fearful and when others are fearful, you’ll be courageous. I’M. Just paraphrasing, i know it’s, not the exact terminology that warren buffett said, but it’s the same meaning and it’s. True, when everybody else was panic selling you should have been buying exactly buying because got ta. Think about remember the principles the stock market has always always over a hundred years have always recovered, and this is just a correction. The entire market was over inflated. If this is your first day getting into the stock market, man you hit jackpot, because you’re buying everything on a fire sale right, but for those of you that’s been in the market a long time. I just want to show you this before uh tomorrow’s opening bail. I want you to look pull up a chart here. We go again we’ve been here before people pull up a chart um if you got an iphone, just go to where your stock app and then look at the entire year of 2020 pick any stock. You want to pick major company any stock just about let’s, just go to apple, look at it before march, when you know covet hit and look at it after march, so before march, covet after march, before and after it’s actually higher. So what happens? Was the smart people down here, didn’t sell they waited, and now they made a profit, just wait it out.

If you, you have no more money, just let your money sit, but the people that panic down here when you sell you lock in your losses, you don’t lose any money until you sell good people, and so i just want to. I just want to calm you guys down and what you should be doing now is looking for good stock. You you have a you know that home road show, uh and and and you somebody come with a painting and they bought it at somebody’s garage sale. For ten dollars and it’s worth fifty thousand dollars that’s the way the stock market is good. People don’t be the one that sells it for five dollars when it’s worth fifty thousand dollars, because your trash is somebody else. Gold, mine, somebody else’s, is getting fifty thousand dollars for what you sold for five, and so we got ta. We got ta be savvy. So now is not the time to listen to uh uh, the tick tock investors. These kids telling you bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye and that’s what’s, causing some of this fallout. Look at what’s that you know the whole reddit thing: how they’re squeezing uh uh these shorters out and and with game stop look at that. That was crazy. I’M gon na tell y’all something i did this morning before opening bail. I’Ll be honest with you. I was just straight flexing for those of you, don’t know what flex and mean is.

I was a little cocky this morning before open bail, so they what they did was they were running this stock up, gamestop gme. It was running it up right and so then they said: hey let’s do the same thing to to amc. So now they start running amc up companies not worth what the stock price is. Nowhere close to it and they’re running the price up. So this morning, 20 minutes before opening bail, i bought a hundred shares of amc at 14.49 10 minutes before the market opened. I sold it for 21.35, easy money. So remember good people, you got to think about chess. You got to think what other people is doing. Are doing and that’s what the institutions are doing to new investors they’re just toying with you, they they’re toying with you and making the money and so it’s easy to make money with people that’s new and unfortunately, tick, tock and those type of apps are just getting People in a lot of trouble so i’m, just telling you guys that look at it take a breath. Take a deep breath. Don’T sell if you’re in a good stock a good company, just look at it and then think you know what, if i’m in apple, especially these staples, it’s, it’s it’s on sale and if you have more money buy more and if not just sit back and relax. Let it come back, it’ll come back and that’s what the stock market is.

There’S, there’s, bull markets in bear markets, you know, bulls, make money bearers, make money, hogs are fit to be slaughtered, y’all know the whole saying and it’s true, but you got to be smart. Good people and that’s, why, for those of you that say, wow, why don’t you just give us a stock and don’t? Tell us i’m not trying to just give you fish i’m trying to teach you how to fish, and so our family. I thank god for the people, all you guys, because we’re we’re we’re thinkers, we’re savvy investors we’re, not. We know how to navigate through this. I am going to tell you this. The most money i’ve made in the stock market check this out was 2020 during covet and 2008 during the recession. Hands down those two years were the years that i made the most money when everybody else was panicking, because all you got to do is follow the big money just think about this here’s, a pie 75 of that pie, which represents all of the stock in the Stock market are owned by institutions. I have to keep saying this because i want you to get this in your mind, then only 25 of that are retail investors that’s you and i out of that that that small slice, which is 20, which represents 25 85 of that, are millionaires. What is that telling you – and they are all – are all in the stock market this year, they’re expecting to make money so i’ve been telling you guys there’s there’s a 10 to 12 percent uh correction coming it’s here, and it might continue this whole week and it’s It’S healthy right, i’m, not i’m, not worried, because the the stock that i’m in i’m solid – and you know, it’s time to start looking for some stock look at the ones just yesterday.

I talked about drive, shack ds some months ago and a lot of you guys what about drafts? It was making a comeback yesterday. So now i didn’t look at it today. This is probably down because everything else is down. So what is that telling you they’re hiring people they’re, hiring sports persons of professional golfers that are spokespersons because they’re getting ready to explode. So is it a good stock yep and you got stock like that that are set to explode when this is all when the smoke clears? So i just want you to know just think about trading places, the movie with eddie murphy when he’s on it. This is a perfect example he’s on a trading floor like this, and these people are everybody else. Oh sales he’s, like i love that movie, but that’s where you you need to be. You need to just chill take a chill pill. I should i should have titled this. Take a chill pill. We gon na make money good people, we’re gon na make a lot of money here’s. What i want you you guys to do today, if you just have a weeble app or a robin hood app or one of those phone based apps today, i want you to open up a fidelity account open it up, because i got news for a lot of You fidelity does fractional shares now you could buy it by the amount of money now. So if you want tesla, you can buy ten dollars worth of tesla with infidelity i’m going to talk about that.

Um um, probably tomorrow, i’m gon na make a video about that tomorrow, because i am going to do a five dollar a day challenge and what that is really is. Is dollar cost averaging over years, so here’s what’s going to surprise a lot of you. So if you invest in the same stock for 10 years and let’s say one year the the stock performs 40 up and in the second year it’s it’s it’s negative uh, two percent. You actually make more money when it’s negative, two percent, because you’re buying it at a discount. I want you guys to think about that where we are today right and i just wanted to just come in and just tell you guys to just chill don’t panic, sale. It’S it’s a fire sale right now, we’re going to be savvy and that’s. Why? I like channels like this channel stock up with larry jones? I like channels like chris sane. You know i like channels like stock mo, because we know what we’re talking about and so we’re not and if, if i’m, giving you 15 new stock every day, you ain’t got no money left yeah. I said ain’t i’m from chinatown i’m from chicago we say axe and ain’t, so i just want y’all to chill and watch your money come back like mine did this morning i mean if i were, to panic sale. I would have been out of thousands of dollars. So what you need to do is cash up and get ready open up that fidelity account it’s anybody that’s over 28, and you just have a weeble or a robin hood, app open up a fidelity account.

You don’t even have to fund it right now, open it up i’m, going to grab your hand and we’re going to walk through this together and we’re, going to make a lot of money i’m telling you so um, um, um and just remember. I am going to make a video tomorrow: i’m gon na. Do a five dollar a day challenge number one we’re gon na set it on automatic we’re gon na make it easy for you guys, and then i want you guys to get a fidelity, because if you’re, if, if you even thinking about retirement, you need to be In a swab or td, ameritrade or fidelity i’m, just say roll with fidelity because a lot of good tools in there and you can invest money into an ira ira and when you get ready to pull the money out, you won’t be taxed good people i’m. Trying to help y’all all right, and so you can’t you you’re, not doing all that with robin hood, and this robin hood is cool everybody. You know everybody got a robin hood. I got three different platforms, but you use it what it’s good for, and you cannot trade otc stock on robin hood and weeble over the counter stock penny stock and those of you that that roll with me so far, all of my penny stock, with the exception Of one that’s set to explode has exploded, one made three hundred and in in 381 percent one we doubled in a year.

In a month i mean in three weeks we doubled so let’s make this money, but i can tell you right now: it’s a lot of money to be made all right, good people i just wanted to stop in and let you guys know that and no don’t Panic, if you sell now you lock in your losses, you haven’t lost any money. You haven’t lost any money until you sell all right all right, let’s make this money.

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