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My name is paulin guma, founder of pedanology lab in today’s video i’m, going to be going over the top two stocks that you should be keeping in your watch list for today and i’m. Also going to be answering some of you guys questions for those of y’all who dropped your stocks of interest in the comments section of last night’s, video right after the intro all right, y’all right off the bat we got the spy despite a rebounded overnight, very strong Rebound the buyer stepped in and kept it above that level, which is a great sign. I told you that we could be heading towards the 3880 level to the ‘ 100 level later on this week, and i think i think we might see that i’m not bearish on the market at all. I like the way things are looking right now and, if you’re holding long, i don’t think you should be too worried on your stocks all right, but let’s talk about the very first stock. The very first style that should be keeping in your watch list for today is bng0 and there have been a lot of hype about the stock and i know um again too much hype about this, but i like this type because number one. I looked at this option chain. There is a solid option chain on here all right number, one it’s, not a penny stock anymore and number two. If you look at it on the daily right, if you look at it on the daily chart personally um, i would tell you to be cautious with this.

I know a lot of you are probably holding this right now be very cautious with this one right, but at the same time short sellers will and most likely get squeezed on this thing right personally, where i was short, this thing will be around 20, maybe even Like 25 so watch this thing for a short squeeze it’s opening up higher in pre market, and there is some news associated with this again. We do not based off their decision based off of the news only but watch this thing for a long. If not today, then it may happen on wednesday. All right, so keep this in your watch list for a short squeeze now the second stock that y’all should be keeping in your watch list for today, that stock is actually pfizer and pfizer. The reason why i like pfizer again is because, for technical reasons, and also for fundamental reasons, i know i did some research, i really rarely really do any but um. I saw the news and i had to do some digging in that, and i found something very interesting so very first reason why i, like it number one this cluster right here, right, very bullish, um candle pattern, formation watch this thing for a long. The stock is been going sideways for a very long time, and i think i think, it’s time for this thing to to make a strong rebound all right um. There was a move yesterday with um with moderna as well, and if you look on the side here, there is more good news about moderna, with their uh with the deliverance of more doses.

All right so keep this one on your watch list for sure for a continuation of for a break above, let me just erase all of that a break above this line right there, all right that line breaks. It might run all the way back up to 40. Again, and also keep in mind that earnings is right around the corner now the news about this thing is that um, pfizer and mioven sciences they’re collaborating together with their drug and apparently that data that phase three data showed uh. Some positive results all right now i looked at it if you’re gon na go on that news over here, we can see you can dig into this some more um. The point is: is that they’re combining these companies, drugs, which is um, which is relugalex right over here, right and they’re, combining it with um ingredients that are found in birth control? Again this showing some positive news i want. I want to go more in depth in that, but this is not the time or the channel again. This is about the stock market specifically, and i don’t want to make this too complicated and too complex and go into the sciences of it all right, but um just keep that one on your watch list as well within the next for the next four move within The next few days, all right now let’s talk about you guys, stocks of interest, the very first one that we’re going to be covering is fedex let’s see what fedex is uh doing right now, fedex has been going sideways.

I told you to watch this thing for a bounce over here after the morning star, and i think it may make a strong push today. I think so yeah i i think it’s done consolidating watch this thing for a long for a break to like 270 coming up very soon. The market is bullish, and i think that money is gon na trickle in here and push fedex even higher towards 270. If not today, then, probably by like thursday, all right i’m, not bearish on fedex the very next one that we’re going to be talking about. The reason why we’re going to talk about it is because it’s moving wildly on the side of my screen here. So if you’re gon na address what’s, going on with um with uh b y and d and b y and d is squeezing up very, very um, it’s squishing a lot right now. For some reason, apparently there is some news again: some magical news appeared um. The way i look at it is that there is a flag and it broke out overnight and everybody who got in here long they’re, they’re gon na sell the news like if you, if you waited for this used to appear before you took a trade you’re gon Na get sold upon all right this. This is the move that people actually get out. They dump all of the stocks as soon as the gates open, there is a giant pullback.

This is why i do not trade based off of news. This is why i make my move – and i come over here, and i tell you that some magical news is going to appear right. Like amc, for example, i make a video about it when it was at 3 25 and then the the following on monday spikes. The five dollars again: this is why we do not trade based off of news for the most. For the majority of the time we only trade base of the chart. So honestly, where do i think this is gon na go? People are gon na, sell, keep that in mind. Okay, there may be some hype here, but i i think that we’re gon na see some pullback here max is gon na open at 200 drop all the way down and do a whole lot of nothing for a long time and then, maybe later on, squeeze up A higher – but i just want to address this just in case that you know that way. Y’All don’t put that in the comment section like what about b and d by nd, so there you go um the very next one that we will be talking about in this video. That stock is visa and visa. I told all of you visa a long time ago that i wanted to see visa drop lower all right. There is a very bullish hammer here, which is right next to that doji that i wanted to see at that level at like 195 right it’s right at that level.

Um am, i satisfied completely kind of sort of. It looks good for a potential bounce, but i don’t think it’s gon na get any far over here. I don’t think it’s going to get past this zone until earnings. Erroneous is going to be the deciding factor, whether you shoot up or whether we drop all the way down to 185. Until then, you can make some money before that time. Right but then again, holding through earnings is 150 percent gambling in my eyes, and i do not donate or participate in such activities, so um yeah just keep that in mind, as you are trading the market next, one that we will be covering today. That stock is bb and bb. I told you all to watch this thing for a pullback yesterday it pulled back and they pull back a lot. So if you had massive wild interest about bb, hopefully y’all bought the dip kind of like what i told you on amc by the time right. So it gave y’all one chance, two chance three chance to get in right and then now it’s opening higher well kind of relatively higher from the close relatively his up like eight percent okay, could it do some damage honestly? I don’t think i don’t think we’re going to see anything too wild, maybe we’re going to bounce in here for a while, but i don’t think we’re going to be like there isn’t too much hype about this.

I don’t have high expectations regarding um black berry. Yet all right, so just keep that in mind now the next one, the next one that we’ll be covering today is uh, is an energy stock. Spwr an spwr just apply caution with this one. It is very, very overextended. It looks like a beautiful shorts and i think i think that it’s not gon na last for too long up there um, i wouldn’t, be surprised to actually see this thing just like go towards fifty dollars and then flush down. So be very careful if you have high hopes of in this um in this stock. It’S very overextended and the pullback is normal, it’s good for the stock, and it can invite more people into buying the stock. So, just again, just giving you all my thoughts and opinions about it all right, y’all, that is the end of the video, do not forget to destroy the like button for the youtube algorithm. As always, it helps the channel grow faster and it allows more people to get this knowledge as well. Also, if you are new to the channel, definitely click on subscribe and click on the notification bell, along with all notifications. That way, you don’t miss out on these pre market analysis, videos which are released from monday to friday at exactly 8 15 a.m. Central time, 15 minutes before the market opens any post market analysis, videos which are released every single day in the afternoon.

If you’re, not following us on social media, you can find me at paulinguma and at pedernologylab on instagram and on twitter. And lastly, if you are new to the channel, if you are new to investing, if you are new to um trading and we’ll, let you get started. I left some step by step directions in the description of the video below step, one through step. Four. It only takes about 15 minutes or less for you to get signed up with all the tools you need to start trading immediately. You can also get three free stocks after signing up with weibo is my very first link in the description below and one free stock. After the senator with robin hood use my second link in the description below as well. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, my name is paul and guma, with pedanology lab, where we trade patterns and patterns only – and i will see all of you in the next video – have fun out there. The market is bullish, there’s money to be made in regards to gme, be careful for all of you guys i’m very, very worried about people who are super hopeful about gme again.

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