I’M: your host guillermo i’m, not a financial expert, no licensed professional! If you plan on investing in the stock market, please can solve one first and invest at your own risk, so hope you’re having a great day today it is january 26. Let me know in the comment section below how you guys are doing today. As you can see, it is a green day for me. So far up 550 today we’ll see what the rest of the day brings us now in today’s video. I want to talk about a cheap stock arc. Invest is holding right now with a lot of growth potential. This stock is on fire and it’s. Had a lot of great news come out so before we get into the stock. All i ask is that guys hit the like button down below and subscribe guys. It really helps out the channel check out the discord link to it in the description below over sixteen thousand members punch great traders, bunch free resources check out the discord link to it. In the description below so let’s get right into this video, let me know in the comment section below, if any of you guys are holding this stock. So, firstly, arkhanvest is a global asset manager, they’re really good at identifying companies benefiting from disruptive innovation. Innovations like ai robotics, energy storage, dna, sequencing and blockchain technology. Their ceo is kathy wood, he’s, also the chief investment officer, and so this is their website, and if you scroll all the way down, you can actually click on this link to explore their managed innovation etfs, which are right here.

This is also the place where you can sign up for their trade notifications, so every day you’ll receive an email of the latest trades from them for that day what they bought, what they sold. But one thing that i don’t focus on as much are these indexed innovation etfs? As you can see, they have two ticker symbol, pr and t, and i zrl israel innovative technology etf. This is the one i want to focus on, because this is where the stock is in. This is actually their second biggest holding in this etf right now, so let’s take a look here, so just a high level overview of this etf. This is designed to track the price movements of exchange listed israeli companies whose main business operations are causing disruptive innovations in the areas of genomics, healthcare, biotech and a couple of other ones. So we click up here to take a look at their top 10 holdings. This will show us their top 10 stocks in this etf in terms of weight. As you can see, the second one here is ticker symbol, gi, lt, galat satellite network. So this is the stock i want to talk about. So let’s go back to robinhood very quickly. Let’S take a look at how this stock has been performing, because it is up a lot in the last week. So, first of all, this is going to be a company that is headquartered in israel and they develop and sell vsat satellites, ground stations and related equipment.

Vsat is a two way satellite ground station with a dish antenna, and so you can see currently at twelve dollars and seventy cents right now. It actually dipped. Quite a bit. Uh definitely presented a good buying opportunity this morning, but anyways in the last week. This stock is up 41 and, as you can see, it did pull back quite a bit from its high, where it did go above 14 in the last month. It is up a hundred percent six dollars and 54 cents. So, literally a couple days ago, the stock was at eight dollars a share, a lot of momentum on its side and again a bunch of great news that has come out now. The first thing i want to talk about here when it comes to the stock. Why? The stock might have a lot of potential is that this stock meets a lot of the criteria needed to be a stock that might be added to ark, invest an upcoming arc x, etf right. So i’ve mentioned this before they do plan on uh this new rx space exploration, etf, all right uh, so the uh tickers uh, this stock right glad gilt, could be a stock that might be added to this etf again, it meets a lot of the criteria. This is a stock that they already own, so it doesn’t look like they mind, owning more of it or at least in a separate etf, and if that is the case, this would be really big for the stock.

Now, of course, these are all speculations, but this is definitely something to keep an eye out. For so remember, the space exploration etf would focus on companies that are leading, enabling or benefiting from technologically enabled products and or services that occur beyond the surface of the earth. So again keep an eye out for that guys. This could be something really big uh when it comes to the arc x. Etf. That should be coming out here very soon, now take a look here, a couple of other things, so this is actually right from today. Guys four tech stocks to watch probably it’s actually from yesterday january 25th uh for tech stocks to watch so let’s, take a look here. Palantir i talked about the stock yesterday really excited about demo day coming up here, uh today, after uh at 4 pm, as you can see, nano dimension, another stock we’ve talked about apple, also excited about earnings tomorrow, but those stock that they do also mention is galat. Satellite networks, ticker symbol, g ilt, so let’s see what they have to say about this stock. So this is a leading global provider of satellite based broadband communications, the company designs and manufactures cutting edge ground segment equipment and provides comprehensive communication solutions. So again, like i mentioned, there’s, been a lot of great news and we’ll dive deeper into these news, but they did receive a multi million dollar contract here very recently for cellular backhaul projects in mexico.

Company also announced a successful test run of its electronically steered antenna. Esa now, when it comes to their financials in its most recent quarter, fiscal, they posted a revenue of 37.27 million dollars. They also reported that they had about 52 million dollars in cash on hand by the end of the quarter, so that’s quite a bit of cash. That they’re sitting on we’ll see what happens here on the next earnings report, but anyways. This is kind of a high level overview of this company, and again, analysts seem to be taking a notice of the stock, as noticed in this article again for tech stocks to watch this week now, let’s take a look here more closely at these two different news That i talked about so again, they were awarded a new contract in mexico, a multi million dollar contract with two mobile operators in mexico by access networks. So galat provides cellular, backhaul solutions via satellites that will allow access uh to act, to connect hundreds of its cellular sites for two of its mobile network operators. So access chose galat due to its leading technology, global expertise and local presence for providing services to two of the most important cellular connectivity projects in mexico. Contract is worth multi million dollars, didn’t disclose any other specifics about the financial agreement, so this is really great, for the company again gives them more exposure uh as a company, and you know, allows them to expand, hopefully uh to other areas but anyways let’s.

Take a look here at the other big thing that came out uh, so this is from yesterday, so they actually, the stock touched a new high yesterday after successful esa technology testing, so uh satellite network technology solutions and services provider, glad satellite networks announced that its electronically Steered antenna esa has been successfully tested over inmarsat’s global, express network collat cell, pointing antenna logged on automatically to the gx network, supporting bi directional real time communication in both fixed and dynamic antenna positioning modes, beam steering under the changing elevation and skew angles was done while Managing the power spectral density threshold in order to minimize interference with neighboring satellites. This is the first time a live. Demonstration of an es8 terminal was performed on an nmrsat, operational, gx satellite. So having integrated galats esa with nmr sets g dash mod man further emphasizes galat’s esa leadership and readiness for commercial deployment. So again, a bunch of great news going on with the stock arc invest is holding on to the stock, could be a stock again might be added to the arc x etf. Now, on top of all of that, this is also a dividend stock, guys uh. Now one thing i do want you guys to note is that this is a stock that only pays out once a year so annually and unfortunately it does look like they just actually paid it out for this year, uh the record date being january 11. 2021. So it looks like you might have to wait till next year to collect on the dividend uh, but according to the nasdaq here dividend yield of 6.

14 uh their annual dividend looks like will be 74 cents next time. But as you can see, uh the last one that was paid out again not too long ago, was 63 cents. So again, this is a dividend. Stock it’s also a tech stock, which is something that is very uh, unique to see right tech stocks, most tech stocks. Usually don’t have dividends, but anyways guys. This is all i wanted to talk about today, definitely again a stock to keep on your watch list. If any of you guys have any questions about anything that i just talked about, feel free to leave them in the comment section below check out the discord link to that in the description below and if any of you plan on using robinhood in the future feel Free to use my referral link, which is also in the description below, if you sign up using my referral link, both you and i will receive one free stock, which is free money for both of us, so let’s help each other out guys. I hope you enjoyed the video.

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