May the tendy man come to send a rocket into the sun one day when the training is done, we’ll take our gains and go what’s up guys. I’M back, like never left in this video we’re gon na be talking about gamestop stock. Is this a once in a decade opportunity i’m going to be going over a company that experienced similar type of price action due to a short squeeze more than a decade ago? We’Re going to be talking about, if that kind of similar price action can happen to gamestop we’re, also going to be hearing from one of the billionaires that took a position on gamestop. What is he doing right now and what is the outlook for this company moving forward i’m gon na be going over an update of all the other short squeeze potential candidate companies that we talked about. You know on amc, pby, bb i’m, going to cover all those companies, so all these important information coming up before we get into the video. I appreciate if you can hit the like button. If you have any questions, any comments make sure you drop in the comment section below we have more than 10 000 people turn on notification. So i really appreciate that if you want to stay up to date on these specific companies make sure you subscribe to the channel. So, as you can see right here, we have a gamestop stock. You know it’s up 134, today alone and after hours, it’s pulling back a little bit to the downside.

So, as i mentioned, is this company once in a decade opportunity so in order to compare it? We’Re gon na be looking back to exactly a scenario that happened more than a decade ago in 2008, where volkswagen was actually squeezing up and the stock went up to a thousand dollars. So when we talked about shorts, what sure sellers, what they do exactly on the past previous videos, you know they actually look for companies that could potentially be going down and potentially go bankrupt, so they make money if this stock price goes to the downside. So at that point in time in 2008 you know volkswagen fit that criteria, so we had a lot of people a lot of hedge funds that shorted the company. So on 2008 we have a lot of companies that was going under. You know the financial crisis happen, and this was just a prime candidate for short sellers to attack this company, so that is exactly what they did. So when you look at a company, if you’re trying to short it, usually there is no ceiling, it can theoretically go to infinity. So when you actually buy a stock, it can only go to zero. So if you put in let’s, say five thousand dollars in a company you buy it, you know you can only lose five thousand dollars if it goes to zero, even though it goes bankrupt, you’re only going to be losing five thousand dollars. However, if you actually short a company let’s say you shorted, you know at that point in time at five hundred dollars or you shredded around a hundred dollars, a volkswagen stock.

You know theoretically, go to you know a thousand, maybe above that there’s no limit for this stock to go to the upside, so that is why it’s usually referred to as an infinite squeeze that happened. So usually, this kind of stuff happens a lot in the past. Not only to volkswagen, also in the 90s, there are the companies that actually experience this similar type of price action, so this company can go to a thousand dollars more than a decade ago. Can gamestop experience the same type of price action so, as you can see over here, this is kind of the similar price action that happened to volkswagen. So the most important thing that you want to be looking at when you compare it to volkswagen is that currently the gamestop sure starters they’re over leverage. You know they are over the top they’re shorting more than 100 of gamestop shares, so that is exposing them to a lot of risk and right now, as i mentioned on yesterday’s video, they are not backing down. So what could potentially happen for a gamestop stock? Now is it could potentially, the short sellers can be forced to cover, even though they still battling this company. We might see the price actions like volkswagen, so it shot up all the way to 1 000 and this happened within a matter of hours within a matter of a day within a day that the stock price went all the way up, and then it went down.

So usually, when you see price action like this, this is mainly to due to they’re having a hard time covering. So maybe they do not want to close out their positions, maybe they’re forced because they’re already leveraged, you know they have more than billions and billions of dollars that they have, and if the creditors or the people that they’re borrowing money to short this company, then this Can potentially be going to a thousand dollars within a matter of hours, so you have to be looking out for that and, as i mentioned yesterday, they are not backing down. The short sellers are not backing down, so they’re, actually very how they have a high conviction. So just like on volkswagen, you know, when you see a prime candidate for a company that can potentially be going bankrupt. You know you’re definitely going to see short sellers battling. You know to stay in it. This is going to be who’s going to outlast. Who so now we have a lot of retail investors that are coming in they’re, looking at the opportunity, they’re investing in it they’re getting involved in it, they’re saying they’re not going to be selling their shares, no matter what so that could potentially be the one that’s Going to be driving this specific stock to even go higher, but let’s talk about the other company, so we have amc stock. You know, which is up 301 percent, so we talked about this company a few days ago when it was like trading like below seven dollars.

Like five four dollars so right now, it’s up 301 percent of the upside. A lot of people are aggressively getting involved in this company. We also talked about bby it’s up 43. We also have other people that are, you know, lacking bb, which is blackberry, which is also up 32 today, it’s, not relatively not that much, but the main one of the talk of the town is amc. A lot of people are getting involved in this company. As you can see over here, the stock price is just going up a lot and after hours it went down to you know 11.70. So we’ll see tomorrow. If this price actually continues it’s down 41 to the downside, so we can see the down 41 percent up. 50, you know this is going to be really dramatic, but let’s hear from the billionaire that got involved in gamestop and what is he doing right now? What is the outlook for game stock so let’s check out that video next guest he tweeted on tuesday that he’d gone long through call options? Chamath paulie hapatia is the ceo of social capital. He joins us now on the phone jamal. Thank you for being here. Hi scott, how are you i’m good thanks, so you tweeted yesterday that you bought 115 dollar calls in gamestop. Can you tell me what your position is as of this very moment yeah um? Can i can i uh tell you a little story before all of that or no? Why don’t you tell me that first and then we’ll go from there.

So this morning i woke up after spending all time all last night in wall street bets reading about all of this stuff um. I ended up closing out my position this morning and i wanted to announce that i’m, taking all the profits that i made, plus my original position so i’m, going to take 500, 000 and i’m going to donate to the bar stool fund for small businesses um. But i really want to tell you, beyond the 500 grand um donation or the the money that i invested, which was you know, not a huge amount in the grand scheme of that stock or the entire market. What i learned, because i think what i learned over the last couple of days is important for everybody that’s watching cnbc, and that is, i think, that what you’re seeing is um, essentially a push back against the establishment in a really important way. You have a lot of people and i would encourage anybody who is dismissive of this thing to go into wall street bets and actually just read the forums, and i think that you’re going to see three kinds of posts. The first kind of content are a lot of people, doing some incredible fundamental diligence on companies trying to think about long term value and, in my opinion, many of them are doing as good and, frankly, a better job than a lot of hedge fund. Analysts that i work with that’s number one.

The second are a lot of people who believe that you know coming out of 2008. What happened was wall street took an enormous amount of risk and they left retail as the bag holder, and a lot of these kids were in grade school in high school. When that happened, they lost their homes, their parents lost their jobs and they’ve always wondered like. Why did those folks get bailed out for taking enormous amounts of risk and nobody helped and showed up to help my family and then? The third thing is a realization that, instead of having idea, dinners or you know, quiet, whispered conversations amongst hedge funds in the hamptons, these kids have the courage to do it transparently in a forum and i’m not saying all of it is perfect by any means. But i think it takes an enormous amount of faith in the system to be that transparent to talk about things and then for each individual to make their own mind up and to do things whether it’s to buy and to sell. As you saw in the video, he covered his position so later on i’m, going to be posting another video we’re going to go over wall street bets. You know what are the massive amounts of gains. People are making right now and what could potentially be their next stock pick so we’re going to talk about all of that in the next video so make sure you stay tuned, but you have any questions.

Any comments make sure you drop in the comment section below make sure you subscribe to the channel if you want to be early in amc, get into five dollars or six dollars. You know if you want to stay up to date. Information about all these stocks make sure you subscribe, but i’ll catch.

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