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Welcome back to practical, investing today, i’d like to share three penny stocks. You need to add to your watch list immediately, be sure to watch all the way through, so you don’t miss any of the important details, as we do have a lot to cover before i hop into this video. If you are new to this channel you’re going to want to subscribe as i talk about the hottest stocks and always get straight to the point, so please consider subscribing and turning on your post notifications, if you like channels that get straight to the point with that Said let’s get right into this video, so the first penny stock on the list is celseon corporation ticker, symbol, clsn guys. Let me break down this potentially explosive stock and give you my price target. So celsion corporation is an integrated development, clinical stage oncology, drug company which focuses on the development and commercialization of directed chemotherapies dna mediated immunotherapy and rna based therapies for the treatments of cancer. Its lead product candidate, it’s thermodox, a liposomal encapsulation of doxorubicin, that is in phase 3 clinical trial for treating primary liver cancer. The company is also developing gen 1, a dna based immunotherapeutic product for the treatment of ovarian and brain cancers, guys. This is huge, especially when you understand that there aren’t a lot of treatment options available for those illnesses. At the moment now, clsn stock has shot up by about 150 percent in the past month alone and 260 since november.

This steep rise is underlined by the company’s work in the biotech sector, as the company is working on life changing new drugs, while it isn’t working on a covid related treatment. The company has seen heightened bullish interest from the uptick in bullish sentiment surrounding biotech penny stocks. A week or so ago, the company announced a market offering worth around 35 million dollars. This offering should help accelerate the company’s growth. The current market cap for celsion is 67 million dollars. My price target for clsn is four dollars by the end of 2021. Definitely add celsius onto your watch list immediately. I plan on picking up some shares, starting today by cost averaging. In remember, none of this is financial advice. The goal with penny stocks is to get in make money and get out. The next penny stock on the list is neos therapeutics, inc, ticker, symbol, n e, o s neos therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing and manufacturing central nervous system focused products in the past month. Shares of neos have shot up by over 30 percent and since mid october, by almost 90 percent, the pharmaceutical company develops treatment for adhd. Its pipeline includes a large range of compounds that have expanded beyond adhd into everything from cough and respiratory treatments to the treatment of chronic seolora. In december of 2020, the company was acquired by a2 bioscientist ticker symbol aytu, which intends on adding more adhd drugs to its pipeline. This is an important factor for investors to consider, as it adds a great deal of capital into any os day to day operations.

This means that it could, theoretically continue to produce new drugs and further its research on existing compounds a2 states that this acquisition could help derive growth for both companies involved guys. This is huge when you think about the added capital that will help accelerate the new drug development and testing the current market cap for neos therapeutics is 46 million dollars, and my price target for neos is two dollars by the end of 2021, and i do plan On holding long term definitely add any os to your watch list immediately. The third penny stock on the list is geron corporation ticker, symbol, g e r, n gerand corporation is a biotechnology company located in foster city, california, which specializes in the development and commercializing therapeutic products for cancer that inhibits telomores guys juron has carved out a large niche For itself in the biotech industry, the company’s most prominent drug is a telomoras inhibitor known as a metallostat. This drug is currently in two phase three clinical trials for this compound. In the previous stage, the company stated that the positive clinical data showed that the treatment could modify certain aspects of myelodystic plastic syndromes, guys. This is a potentially life changing treatment. A month or so ago the company announced that it would be opening a new phase. 3 clinical trial utilizing its impact mf product to evaluate immo telstat. The chief medical officer for geron alexander raizo states that the impact mf trial represents a milestone for the company.

The impact mf trial will evaluate imma telestat in poor prognosis, refractory mf patient population to confirm the clinical benefits of extended overall survival and symptom improvement. My price target for gern is going to be six dollars by the end of 2021. I already have a small position built and will be adding more shares on any potential dips. Starting today definitely add gern to your watch list immediately. Remember to do your own due diligence prior to making an investment so guys before we conclude, i just created a membership for this channel. The cost is 99 cents. If you’d like to join and support, the channel perks will include having access to some of my picks early, usually the night before in a youtube member, only community post. You will also get a badge next to your name, to stand out in the comment section along with special emojis you can use. I will also attempt to respond to your comments faster. If you are a member for a limited time, the first 25 members will get a free, practical, investing t shirt. If you stay a member until we reach 30 000 subs guys, i will use all of the membership proceeds to purchase tools and subscriptions to find the best picks available. So what do you guys think of these three picks: go ahead and drop your comments down below, feel free to suggest a penny stock and, if i think, it’s a good choice, it may be featured in the next video.

Also, if you want to earn four free stocks, valued up to seven hundred dollars, sign up to weeble and make a minimum of a hundred dollar deposit using my link in the description guys, this is basically free money. Also, i have a link for robinhood that will give you a free stock guys. My goal with this channel is to help you reach financial freedom, whether that is with stocks, passive income or some other form of investment. The thing that really separates my channel from other stock market channels is that i do not waste your valuable time and get straight to the point. If you join me, i promise you will thank me sooner rather than later with that said, if you enjoyed this video, be sure to smash that like button along with dropping a comment for me and the youtube algorithm also consider subscribing and turning on your post notifications, I really would appreciate it guys it’s very important to turn on your post notifications, so you don’t miss an opportunity, as some of my picks are very hot and could run quickly thanks for watching, and i will catch you in the next video Music, Music, Music, Music.

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