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It’S 0.026 dollars it’s crazy, cheap, and you might see that here it says cigarette manufacturing company. Well, just a quick disclaimer. This company was manufacturing cigarettes for past, i don’t know 10 years or whatever how long it was, but since the previous year or two years ago they switched to uh full solar energy, and this is what this stock does. If you move their website, uh it’s single point specializes in acquisitions of small to mid sized solar companies currently operating in 34 states, our unique store model, research, residential commercial and structures capital, so wow 34 states is just amazing and i can’t wait to show you their Investor presentation, because then you’re gon na get your mind blown if you scroll down here, we can see at the solar power system at single point acquired direct solar america to provide the most cost effective, solar power systems for any needs, save money, save energy and receive More predictable energy costs through solar energy costs can skyrocket as much 300 percent during peak months and hours so again. Important stuff and single solar streamline the solar process with single source, automated mapping technology to generate estimated installation packages. So what they’re trying to say that, even though the component is called single point, they actually acquired a few small to mid sized companies which are focusing on the solar and renewable energy, which is huge, and i am surprised that not many companies, other companies are doing The same thing, this company single point is making it just way.

Smarter people are trying to achieve harder things, but they took it from the other end, they’re actually trying to raise money and acquire company, and i think they got a lot of money because cigarettes sell. Obviously, quite well and with this capital they had, they could easily easily acquired companies, but let’s now head into their powerpoint presentation or just let’s head into their investor presentation, which has been made and published on 20th of january, so it’s five days old. So i hope i’ll give you very fresh details here. We can see that they are having some kind of app on the mobile which has a website from one of their subsidiaries direct solar and that they are providing renewable energy solutions to consumers and small commercial businesses. We’Re, focusing on solar energy, as i said already but let’s check out, their investment highlights. Exponential growing market is expected to reach 223 billion dollars by 2026 that’s huge, a significant government support, investing heavily in renewable energy directly and through subsidies and tax credits. It’S really smart to do when now biden is being elected or is actually a president of the us um. This is just a huge smart move for them, and they are going to, i would say, expand quite exponentially upcoming value, driving milestones, planned growth through acquisitions and partnerships, expansion into high value, renewable platforms and, last but not least, highly scalable model expanded from 10 to 38 States over the past year wow.

This is such a huge, a growth it’s, almost 200 percent – i mean sorry 300, almost in their expansion. So while we would really love to see that as an investor right or even as just a trader, you like to have some kind of uh fundamental basis. Right here is their corporate structure, which has really amazed me. They say that they’re unlocking potential for significant value creation, so, as we can see, the biggest bubble is a single point company, which owns all the subsidiaries and in renewable energy assets. This is what we are focusing on today: i’ve not uh, really looked up their non energy assets, but it might be also interesting. We just want to focus on the renewable energy assets in our case solar energy, and we can see that there that their subsidiaries are direct solar of america and there’s another subsidiary of direct source of america, sunup solar. Then we have energy, wise and single solar. All of these companies are are installing stores onto the roofs and stuff like that establishing leadership position in renewable energy. So, as we can see, they are looking as to doing future expansion opportunities. The growth initiatives initiatives are looking to be ev charging solar as a subscription model, but that’s something new energy, efficient appliance and here’s. Some financial page solar market poised for exponential growth market expected to reach 223 billion dollars by 2026 that’s what we already heard. But what we haven’t heard is that 70 price decrease in the last 10 years, so wow from 45 000 in 2020 to twenty thousand dollars today, that’s over fifty that’s yeah.

Seventy percent decrease, as they mentioned, and only four percent of eligible homes and commercial buildings have solar, so there’s 96 of homes to be solarized. If i can say this so myself here, we can see a nice little graph how their blended average pv system price goes up and the install capacity goes down. I hope i’m saying it’s right and we can see here their growth with glass reduction, which is just really really nice to see here, is a little spot for their subsidiary direct solar of america, they’re modernizing the solar cells model averaging partnerships to maximize customer experience. Building the largest network of installers traditional solar sales process is inefficient, less options and more expensive aka door to door. So here is what they are trying to show is that solar company, one contacts, customers, circumstance, customers, etc. We can clearly get it from the picture that it’s not really working. However, here comes single point or direct store with their unique approach to this niche. There is customer and it comes to direct store of america and it got everything what you need. Lenders supplies contractors coordination. Its advantage is that a single point of contact and tailored solutions here we can see their preferred lending partner preference supplier and leading referral partner, so it’s always good that they have the partners already so it’s going to be easy, peasy just scaling across the united states Fully managed solution benefits all stakeholders enhance customer experience.

Consider each service provides options to homeowners and or small commercial customers contractor efficiencies. Contractors are not responsible for out of pocket product costs and can support more installs higher profit margins. Bulk ordering provides the opportunity for preferred pricing and higher margins. We, as we can see here, are mentioning or showing us the phone again. Therefore, i will probably say they have an app on phone, or at least some decent website. Each of the subsidiaries has its own website, it has its own revenues and all the good stuff, rapidly expanding national footprint available in through the estate and growing, as we could have seen before from 10 to 38 states. It’S. Just massive growth here is another spotlight from one of the subsidiaries, this time, it’s energy wise and they get really nice slogan. Fires are energy, still decisions, so wow good stuff, and they have extensive proprietary database of validated leads robust digital marketing campaigns. Operators on standby for immediate callback focused on enhanced customer experience and they are customer first lead generation, so you know, as we can see, there’s a little bit sneak peek from their website, they’re, really just trying to tailor the sewer for the customer uh even from home. You know through online and it’s always good to make it as easy as possible for the customers, so we can succeed and they are doing just that here. We have another other subsidiaries, single solar and they have the complete online solution to purchasing solar allows customer to complete the purchase completely online streamline process from quote to install, provides customer with as much or as little support as needed.

So just perfect and setup solar is the last of their subsidiaries of in the renewable energy sector, building a national network of installers securing state by state installation licenses so wow, even if there would be tesla they will have license for installing so it’s kind of checkmate. Right there here we can see some key operating metrics and how they succeed successfully executed last year’s in the last two years, so 27 customer installs increased from uh 2019 to 2020 100 network installers, almost 200 in sales, increased and 34 operating states. So from four to 38 states in from 2019 to 2020, so wow it’s crazy. You know an edgewise target minimum quarterly sales, starting between 2021 with one million dollars expected profit margin in 2021, 40 percent and their key initiatives are expanding. Star network expand to 50 states and increase gross margins by 10 percent that’s huge goals, but, as we can see there is they always executed their plans so i’m, really looking forward to that financial overview. So, first nine months of 2020 the revenue was 2.5 million dollars. Not too shabby for such a small company third quarter reported revenue of one million dollars, so almost half of their revenue is coming from one quarter, so we can see how big is their increase. How big is their expansion um first time once 2020 gross profit? Increased 15 such a good, such a good growth. First 9 months, 2020 operational expenses reduced by 2.

8 million beautiful and reduced debt by approximately 1.2 million dollars. Here we can see their team greg, lambrecht, chairman and chief executive officer is a visionary entrepreneur, backed by robust tenure. In company operations, investor relations and corporate leadership has a successful track record in founding and leading startup companies. Then we have will ratson, president and director leading companies, acquisition strategy and launching new product offerings from concept to production, onboarding market clients, including golf logics and montefiore inspired medicine, and he played an integral role in executing acquisition. After direct solar of america, corey lambert chief financial officer tried over 20 years public open executive with broad experience in strategy acquisitions, corporate turnarounds, new business development, pioneering consumer products, corporate licensing and interactive technology services. Oh also, here we have short investment summary that they’re targeting rapidly growing so market with highly skilled model, as we as we can see from their past and there’s, multiple near term expansion opportunities in a high value, renewable energy sector. Well, i have to agree with that. So what do i think about this company i’m really really stoked about this company? And i don’t, if you like, to get get this company yourself it’s on otc market, undertaker symbol s, i n g and i believe you can get it on td, ameritrade, e trade or schwepp, and i know i got a tip from comments that if you are Living in the uk, you can get otcs from on the interactive brokers, if i’m informed well so is single point with ticker symbol s, i n g a buy.

Definitely i can see this stock going to one dollar with ease. If we check the their five years chart as we can see since they moved to the solar energy, they kind of went down, you know they get kind of beat down, but since then they’ve got their highest points, 20 cents right, but now it went through the Roof it went to 26 cents, so it break and it through any resistance points, and there might be some correction tomorrow or this week because today it’s over 60. However, if there’s gon na be some kind of dip, i would jump in and just you know, enter with more position. Maybe the few hundred percent and leave just a small position to let it run in the long run, because if we know what pylon is going to do is going to invest into renewable energy sectors and support the solar systems support and any renewable energy. Basically, this stock is a kind of a no brainer and it’s super cheap at this price, and, as we are all aware of, penny stocks can do within a month about one thousand percent move upwards. Of course, there will be some corrections, some dips, but overall, in the end, in three three months we can see even two thousand percent upwards movement. So i hope i brought you some value. If i did please subscribe to the channel, so you don’t miss out on any exclusive videos and click on the thumbs up as well.

Both helps me out tremendously also, let me know down in the comment section below if you’ve ever heard of this company, if you have position in it or if you are going to get in with that being said, thank you.

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