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Now, if you read the morning news or attempt to search robin hood on google, you may notice there is no mention of ticker symbols such as gme, gamestop, bb, blackberry or nok nokia being entirely d platformed. Now robin hood did send this email out yesterday evening. The evening of the 27th just saying we wanted to reach out to you in the midst of the current volatile market conditions, it is as important as ever to be an informed investor, guys be informed. You can’t just go out trading whatever you want. We need to inform you and by informing you, of course we mean restricting everything you can do so that is what we mean by informing you, but they sent this email out and it mentioned nothing of the d platforming of these stocks. Now, td ameritrade, robin hood, is simply following suit, as td ameritrade did this as well, releasing a statement saying that they are restricting trading on ticker symbol, gme, gamestop and amc american movie company, so that is interesting as well. We have two platforms now uh completely delisting. These stocks now to coincide with all of this. As of 3 pm january 27, 2021, both wall street bets subreddit and their discord server counterpart have been taken down now. Discord released this statement, which is interesting because discord. They don’t usually get involved in these matters, but discord did release this statement, saying they’re de platforming them for hateful and discriminatory content very interesting as i have spent a lot of time on their discord server, and it really just feels like a call of duty server.

If you know what i mean, so many of us are still uncertain about what this is, but it does appear as of this morning of the 28th. We have two things to come out of that now number one: the wall street, that subreddit does look like. It is back up and running, there is no hope still for the discord server as that is down, but we also have a new subreddit subreddit wall street bets new. So we have a little bit of a backup plan, but it does seem like the war on retail traders and that’s you and i, the war on retail traders, is in full swing. Now it does look like on robinhood. The ability to trade options is something that has not yet been suspended. Now i was not able to actually search these up. All i had to do, and this may be for you as well as if you go to robin hood’s top 100 most popular stocks. You can scroll down and you can still locate gamestop nokia, blackberry and a couple of these other stocks, such as like bed bath and beyond dillard’s, is on the watch list. Ligand pharmaceuticals is on the watch list for that, so we are waiting to see what gets deplatformed next. However, it does look like options trading for the time being now. This is uh. 6. 50 a.m. General mountain time. They are still open to options now this may change throughout the day.

This may change over the weekend, but it does look like you can still enter an options position but i’m very interested to know what you all think about this. What you think about both the sec waging war? Some are saying on retail traders. We also have sites like reddit getting heavily involved in this, and we have discord of all people actually d platforming wall street bets so there’s a lot of things going on right now and i’m very interested to know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments below is this fair? Is this legitimate? Is this market manipulation on behalf of the sec and these uh companies, such as td, ameritrade and robin hood i’m? Not sure if e trade is is on the d platforming wagon yet, but we shall see – and i will try and keep you guys updated as this evolves.

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