Of course. We got ta, throw that asterisk in there uh. The cardinals are making moves, possibly trading for nolan, aronado, there’s, all sorts of stuff to talk about so let’s get right into it before we do get talking about it, though i do want to make sure you guys are following me on social media. I got my instagram and twitter that’ll be in the description. Also, if you want to hear all about this we’ll have an episode of the diamond in the rough podcast releasing today, where we’ll be talking all about these rumors and all sorts of other things. So be sure to follow and subscribe to those things subscribe if you enjoy the content drop a like on this video now let’s get talking about both of these deals. Uh potential deals i should say now: jack peterson has agreed to a one year. Seven million dollar deal with the chicago cubs now jack peterson. After coming up with the dodgers in 2014 uh as a top prospect in his rookie season in 2015, he played 150 games and hit 26 home runs uh. He only batted 210.. I remember he was really hot before the all star break because he participated in the home run derby and he kind of had a week at the end of the season that year uh. But since then, he’s been pretty reliable and hitting at least 20 home runs for you. He kind of had a down year.

In 2020, sorry 2017. We only hit 11 home runs, even though he played 102 games uh the last uh most recent history. We have from it was in 2019, where he put up 36 home runs, while adding 249 in 149 games played uh. Now last year in 2020 he wasn’t, really. He didn’t really have a spot on the team with the dodgers uh, but he’s definitely going to be a starter for the uh chicago cubs, probably going to be their starting left, fielder kind of filling the hole that kyle schwarber left well. This is kind of interesting to me because i feel like jack peterson’s, a very similar player to kyle schwarber. Obviously, he’s been a little bit better than kyle schwarber has uh, but this is kind of a very interesting deal to me now. I didn’t realize how similar jack peterson and kyle schwarber were. They have the exact same career, batting average. The exact same career on base percentage they’re, like 10 home, runs apart in their career. They are .01 apart, slugging percentage and oh career, ops uh. They are legitimately the same player they’re like 10 strikeouts away from each other in their career. They’Re, like 10 home, runs away. Yeah they’re insanely, similar it’s. Basically, the same player, jack peterson plays first base that’s, really the only thing that kyle schwarber didn’t do that jack. Peterson brings to them, i don’t know if they just like jack peterson, a little bit more or maybe he’s going to be a little bit cheaper for them.

I i really don’t, know i’m, not sure what the cubs see in him that they didn’t see in kyle. Schwarber, but maybe they just wanted to change a pace, get uh jack peterson instead of kyle uh, so very interesting how close in stats they are. The cubs were definitely not my favorite to sign uh jack peterson right now. I think a lot of teams could use him. The indians could have used him uh. The angels could have used him, the braves, uh literally there’s, so many teams that could have used this deal and chicago cubs weren’t. Even probably in my top ten of teams. I thought were gon na sign him, but hey the chicago cubs make their first big move of the offseason uh to add something to their squad. Obviously, they’ve done a lot to subtract from their squad. Uh so it’s gon na be a very interesting year in the nl central after this move. I think the cubs were the favorite before this move and i think they’re really the favorite now uh. They still have a really good core group of guys as long as they don’t trade chris bryant, they still got javi baez. They still got anthony rizzo jason hayward had a good year. Last year, ian hopp had a good year. Last year, wilson contreras stud. Behind the dish so 2021, the cubs could actually be kind of scary. They probably need to add a little bit more pitching now that kyle hendricks is the only real good pitcher in that rotation.

Unless alec mills breaks out or something next year, uh so we’re gon na have to see, but this shock peterson move is a very good one for the cubs and i’m very surprised i mean i’m, pleasantly surprised. I should say the cubs went out and made this move so good for them. Uh let’s talk about the other team in the nl central that is making some moves as well. Now the cardinals have been one of the quietest teams, this offseason doing just about nothing to better their squad. Uh, they lost key uh uh veterans like adam wainwright and yadier molina. They could go out and resign both of those guys uh, but we haven’t really heard much on that front yet uh, but they are in trade talks, apparently with nolan arenado right now now, nolan oronato uh has signed an eight year extension, the other uh a few Years back with the colorado rockies, where he gets paid an average of 35 million dollars a year, so his current contract, he is getting paid through the 2026 season, which is getting paid 35 million a year until 2025, where he gets 32 million and then 2026, where He’S getting 27 million a year uh, so it is going to be a very big contract to be taken on and nolan arnotto kind of had it down 2020.. So we’ll see what his trade value is right now, compared to what it would have been last year where he was one of the best third, probably the best third baseman in all the baseball.

Obviously, the mlb network came up with their third baseman rankings. The other day – and they did him kind of dirty uh, but if our cardinals are able to make this trade and not give up too much for him, this could be a big w for their squad. I imagine having him and paul goldschmidt batten back to back. In the lineup, that’d be crazy. Obviously dylan carlson came up last year and he’s going to be a stud, so they have a good future to look up to. They have three prospects in the top 100, including dylan carlson. So hopefully they don’t have to give up any of those, but they have a pretty good farm system, as well as some good major league talent that could definitely be heading over to the uh colorado rockies. So we’re gon na have to see if the colorado rockies make this move. They’Re, probably gon na end up tanking, so uh we’ll see trevor story could come over in the deal as well. Uh. Herman marquez is on the trade market if that’s the case uh. So the rockies have some pieces. They could be moving if they obviously don’t think they’re going to contend next year with how good the top of their division is and the giants have been making some moves as well uh. So i kind of like this move for the cardinals and if the rockies can get a haul back and maybe better their farm system or at least get a little bit of more major league talent on that roster uh, i think it could be a good move For both teams, so we’re gon na have to see if anything does come out, you know i’ll be making another video for it.

Of course, uh now it’s, looking known art out of stats as well now, nolan arnotto, since he came up with the rockies in 2013, has won a gold glove in every single season that he’s played he’s had a few years where he’s been down offensively, but in Colorado, of course, his stats are going to be boosted a little bit. He still has put up insane numbers. Offensively 42 home runs in 2015, 41 home runs in 2016, 37 and 38 in 2017 and 18, and then 41 home runs in 2019.. You bet at 3 15 in 2019. He has a career batting average of 293, a career ops plus of 120, a career ops of 890.. My man has been absolutely elite behind the plate, the last few years, with the exception of 2020, where he was kind of injured, and he has been absolutely by far the best defensive third baseman in all of baseball since he came up. So if the right, the cardinals are able to get him, not only is he going to make an impact at the plate, he’s going to make a big impact on defense behind some of those pitchers, so it’s going to be a very big help to the squad. If they’re able to get a guy like nolan, ronato and, like i said, he’ll, be really good in that lineup, with guys like dylan, carlson and paul goldschmidt uh. So if you’re a cardinals fan, this is a very exciting time, for you really hope that you can get this deal done and not have to give up too much.

Hopefully, you don’t have to give up either of those top 100 prospects in the process. Uh. So we’ll have to see it is a lot of money to take on as well, so it might affect the cap space a little bit. I know the cardinals aren’t big spenders, typically uh, but if they want to be, if they want to contend in the nl central, this is definitely a move that would help them do that now that is going to do it for us today. Thank you guys. So much for watching, i appreciate it be sure to hit that subscribe button if you enjoy the content. Leave a like on this video and comment. If you’re upset that your team missed out on angel’s legend jock peterson uh thanks again for watching, i do have some content getting ready for you guys. I got my first movie the show video coming out soon, so stay tuned for that hit that subscribe button turn those notes on.

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