The amazing, spectacular turf is a great one. The people’s champion your host, the hut so before we get into this video on jackie bradley jr let’s take a moment and a little moment of silence for the great hangar who passed away today. We’Ll talk about him tonight. All right now, we’ll have a the regular live stream tonight. We’Ll talk about hank garen. His accomplishments is his role as a hero in this country and uh all the great things about him. But this video is about jackie bradley jr. I saw a tweet a little while ago by john heyman, saying that the mets still have him on their radar. Obviously, a lot of people disappoint them, as did not get george springer, but jackie bradley jr is a very good player. He’S, a high ops guy he’s got a lot of great attributes as a player he’s, not a high batting average guy, but he’s a great defensive center, fielder he’s, a better centerfielder. Quite frankly than uh george springer was in fact i watched a live. A live stream with uh ron doll and keith henderson gary cohn yesterday and and darling, had said that he didn’t think that springer was that very good of a center fielder don is pretty good, he’s very smart. As you know, if you’re a med fan, you’ve watched him – and you know over the years – he’s very attuned to what what’s going on in the game and what he sees so.

But we all know that jackie bradley jean’s, a gold ball center, fielder he’s, a winning player. You know he’s he’s, been to the world series. He’S he’s won like the alcs mvp one year, uh 2018 he’s a very good player uh. Now that would make the mets very left handed, but it would give them an extremely talented outfield of nemo jackie, bradley and uh michael gafford that’s very left handed um and if we kind of they wouldn’t have to spend nearly as much money now i’m. Hearing that the five other teams involved, four other teams we’ll get into more the details later about the teams and um in the live stream. Well, i don’t know what time it’ll be on it’ll be earlier than usual, i’ll you’ll know when i, when i know and be around you know you never know with me. I went on a little bit later last night than i did uh i normally don’t but uh. So what do you think about jackie bradley jr? Now there are other outfielders out there. Obviously, that are right handed that are more backups like kevin. Pilar was kind of over the hill he’s still out there i’m, not too enthused about him, there’s kiki hernandez, who could play everywhere, he’s, not bad right, alberto, romaro, junior, he’s, he’s, all right! You know these aren’t big hitters. These guys are basically filling guys for guys that are a little bit better or are right handed of you know, versions of a platoon.

You know um we’ll get into more of a jake mariznick, who hid pretty good for the mets, but he couldn’t stay healthy. He is an interesting idea. Maybe the match could sign him as a backup as a fourth outfielder. You know and then still need bullpen help. I don’t know what’s going on brad hand. They said that john heyman said and john hammond did say that george briggs was going to be with the mets. You know he did say that brad hamm was going to be with the mess but brad hasn’t signed anywhere and jackie and now we’re talking about jackie bradley jr. That means he’s not going to sign with the message, but we’ll talk about jackie bradley over the next uh over the next few days. Obviously, my second best videos on jackie bradley jr by the way but uh. Let me know what you think about this video again. We’Ll talk a lot about uh hank aaron later on i’ll. Tell you what i think about him and a couple and a little story that i have when i was a kid you know and uh hopefully come by and subscribe to this channel we’re getting awfully close to a thousand subscribers and i can’t wait to get there. There’S gon na be something interesting next week you got ta keep your eye out, for i won’t talk about it here, but you’ll see about if you’re, a big meds fan and you’re a big fan of the the baseball youtubers that, like the mess so uh.

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