Today it is at .06 and that’s, because elon musk tweeted this picture here of a dog and look at the title d, o g? U e! Well! That was definitely a sign for people to get into dogecoin, so he has tweeted many times on his twitter account the last time it was back in december 21st, elon tweeted about a bitcoin rival in a store 20, and that time he tweeted one word doge. Take a look at the date december 20th. 2020. The time was 1 30 a.m. I had dogecoin. If we check out this date, we can see that the date was december. 19. 2020. It was at 1, 42 p.m and look at the fill quantity. It was a point: zero, zero. Three, nine six, nine made a video as i was selling this and then that night. I got a lot of comments about. Why did i sell? Well, i didn’t know that elon musk was going to tweet, something that was going to make dogecoin go up and look it’s at .07 right now, and i don’t know how much would i have made guys. I had about 500 of dogecoin at the time at .00’69 and the price right now is at .07, probably a few hundred dollars or more possibly elon musk can move anything he wants, because yesterday he tweeted something. I think it was games, donks and inmate. Gamestock, skyrocket and now dogecoin, and also back in may he tweeted that tesla stocks were so high.

This was the tweets tesla stock price is too high, in my opinion. So what happened after he tweeted that this stock plummeted, but the following monday. It did go back up again, but the point is every time he tweets something it has a major effect on whatever he is tweeting about, and i do regret selling too early and not just not being patient with myself – and i know it was just 500 and I should have just risked that money, because i had the same problem with bitcoin guys. I had bitcoin two years ago, so i put a thousand dollars into bitcoin two years ago when it was going up and then it started to fall down and i lost roughly three hundred dollars and then i decided to cash out. And if you look at the exchange rate at that time, it was nine thousand one hundred fifty eight. What is the price right now it’s completed november 1st 2019.. If i waited one more year, i would have seen some profit bitcoin right now is at 33 933. The point i’m trying to make is patience will always pay off in the end, and that can take days months or even years. If i had just patience with dogecoin, i would have seen some results. If i had to stay patient with bitcoin, i would have seen results. If you got this far, do you think dogecoin can reach one dollar and before i go, i just want to let you know that i am not a financial advisor.

This is just for entertainment purposes.

What do you think?

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