Dogecoin, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin OGECOIN (DOGE) is PUMPING!! WHEN to Invest??

First and then we’ll jump over to tradingview and do some price analysis have a look at some potential areas that you could invest and then some targets going forward. There’S a lot of doge in the news recently. So let’s have a look into it. Those coin, which is ticket d, o g e, is currently ranked number 29 out of all crypto currencies that we have listed on coin market cap and that’s pretty much all cryptocurrencies that are out there. We have a total supply of 128 billion and all of those are in circulation. Just one fun fact for you to know about the actual um inventor of dogecoin um, never give himself an allocation and just made it as a joke uh, and he has nothing to do with a project now, so he must be um, spitting, feathers, every day, weather Market captured at 1.5 billion dollars, look at the volume that we are getting for 24 hour. Volume is up 1506, we are getting 2.4 billion dollars worth of volume, which is not to be um ignored. If you look at the price, it is 0.08 there’s. A lot of cost for this to go to one dollar i mean it would be an absolutely ridiculous supply, it’d be um. Sorry market cap would be up at 128 billion dollars, so we just need to take um things a little bit steady and um. I think i’ll have some estimates, but we’re not going to be as high as that um.

If we just look at the markets where then, where you can get all of it, it is on. A lot of exchanges is on binance. So if you’re looking to get older, you can get against the vcc exchanges, getting a fair bit. Eight percent of volume and we’re listed in a lot of places. We have at least 100 pairs where you can load more if you like, and all of them are on a high confidence exchange, so that’s good to know one key point before we jump over to price analysis. Is your time highs about 55 down from my mall time highs, which was hit three years ago on january 7? 2018.. Just remember that date, because a lot of altcoins did hit their all time highs in and around that time. So we are three years on from now, and i do think that this rise on doge um, which happened then, could be a signal to what could happen in a forthcoming old season. We do know that in previous times, uh btc has made its all time highs. Dogecon coin then goes on a run and then all altcoin so let’s hope that plays out and we can get some um some nice tasty prices soon. So if we just start off on my twitter page, it which is um operation, crypto you’ll, be able to search me at up crypto uk. I want to show you a doge tweet i put out yesterday and it was along the doge.

I think we was in quite a bit of a downtrend there on the daily time frame, but what’s coming to a peak, and i thought right. This is a perfect opportunity to long with a stop loss on the weekly support, just in case it did the bed, but it didn’t it popped up, and if we just take a look on the um, the chat what’s actually going on there boom absolutely smashed up. We jumped up let’s have a look at a price percentage from where we popped out there. We shut up 76, so that was an absolute savage move uh, but we have started to retrace now so that long is invalid um we have popped up and we have also broken out of this daily downtrend. So what we need to do now is have a look at some potential areas that you could invest if you have missed um buying some down here, because you know, like things go up, must come down at some point so i’m just going to drop right down Into hourly time frame, usually i would go um from a four hour time frame, but this is quite bullish and there’s. A lot of um a lot of people talking about doge at a minute uh. So let’s have a look at some potential areas that you could invest, so we will use this move here. Um up to the top. We have done a 61 retracement so that could have been the buy zone there get that right on so that could have been the potential buy zone um to play some orders, that’s, not to say it might not pop down again.

So if you’re looking to play some orders, i have some here at 0.0114 that could be a nice area to pick some up. If the market does allow um, we may even drop down to a 786 level which is down here at pretty much one cent on the note. So there are some potential areas that you could target to invest now, if we just drop back into the four hour time frame now, so we get a bit of a bigger feel to it. Here is the next major resistance, and that is 0.0169, so that is the um a solid level of weaklit resistance. What i want to do is just go back into a market cap and just double check for more time highs. Where are we 0.018 um so let’s? Just have a look at that um, so yes, that is your correct all time high there. So what i need to do really before we start pushing up to all time highs, is break through this area of resistance at 0.017. If we just look at as a price perspective from current prices to there it’s only 33, so it is not much of a move really. We could do it in blink of an eye um just look at that outside by the way, my favorite. It is massively overbought a minute, but when things are starting to push up in price uh, i wouldn’t worry about the rsi. We may trickle back down so that’s why.

I might pick some orders up down here, so we might trickle back into the green. But i i do fully expect us to pop out soon with um potential big fomo coming in on on all the tick tockers. So that is some potential areas that you could invest down here and then the first target pretty much is um 0.0169 um. If you are looking to take profit, that could be a good day to take profit, but depending how it market goes, it might absolutely smash your all time highs and start pushing up to two cents. So i think two cent is um, a nice target to aim for him short term, so that is um dogecoin versus tever on the um, the usdt pair. Also, if people are trading in btc, let’s have a look at this because sats matter, if we just drop into the daily time frame, in fact, i’m just going to drop into a weekly, see what the um the highs are on here. We’Ve got a wick upper 60 satoshi. So what does marco? That could be the potential all time high um? It might have gone higher than that in the past, but we have not quite got the data there. So we’ll just mark it up as um the binance. All time high – and that was at 60 sats and um. Where are we now currently at 40 satoshi’s? Back a few weeks ago, we were sat at 15 satoshi, so this has done a significant rise.

So what i need to do is drop into the daily time frame. You can’t really analyze that every bonus, let’s drop into four hour and then let’s drop into one hour. I think one hour is gon na be best bet. Yeah, so let’s have a look at some potential areas that you could invest on the btc pairing, so use a fib up to it up there i’ve already done a 38 retracement, so i need to do is look at some orders here. So if you’re looking to potentially buy some dogecoin in btc, then 33 sats could be a nice level to buy in that week was absolutely insane. I think it will have done the same price movement on the btc pairing. Yes, well, 96, so it did a bigger rise on the satoshi powers, but we did drop down and, like i say, profit taking will always up, and this could be just giving up for the next term. The next push really. So that is some potential areas where you could invest it freeze toasters. The first major target, though, is to close a daily candle above 50 satoshi’s. I think once we do close a daily candle above 50 sat. I think that could be um the um the time to start pushing on so we’ll just change that to the um. Let me change it to first target once you do close the daily candle above 50. Sats, give me a shot in my telegongle, which is the crypto troops.

You’Ll find my link in the pink comment on the description. I want to do a close above that i will do some more analysis and have a look at some higher levels to target all time highs will be fair up, so what we need to do, then, is look at um using the fibonacci extensions and evolut, where We can go. Let me just drop back to usdt pair um and we’ll get rid of this um this fib here. What i want to do is just drop into the daily. As you can see, we are doing quite a significant move. Now, um, the all time highs. Oh yeah we’ve got the database. Obviously the hit btc chat in it. So if we look at the hard time highs from there, we’ll do a fib retracement down to the lows which was in march of last year. You could look at really starting to target someone fib extension, so we have zero point. Zero two could be a first level to pretty much target, ignore that wick there ending normal uh that’ll, be the listing wick um yeah, so that is a could be a good first target once we do break above them all time highs, but i mean we’ve got A break for all time highs yeah up to that next fib level, it’s still a fair bit, so just take things um one at a time, but they are the next targets, really weekly resistance, all time highs and then that next fib level uh pretty much 2.

3. If i want to give a prediction on them on dogecoin it’s hard, because we have got quite a significant supply and all of those coins are in circulation, i’m gon na put a reasonable estimate on this of five cent. I think five cent will be a massive target for dogecoin um, but we just need to see how the market plays out and lm and how everybody pumps it because there’s a lot of people getting involved in this now. So you just have to monitor and see what goes on so that’s going to do it for today’s analysis. What is um the key statistics, some areas to buy in satoshi’s and btc, and then some targets to potentially aim for and a bit of a price analysis. Uh price target of five cents that’s going to do it for today’s video.

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