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m in the uk. Right now, as i’m doing this video and guys it’s one of those ones where i’ve you know, i’ve never done thought to do a video this late before. In my life, but there’s so much attention going on right now with dogecoin uh, you know this has to be said. If you are new watching guys drop that, like give me a subscribe and i’m gon na give you my thoughts on dogecoin and we’re gon na talk about how well i’m gon na talk about how insane this pump is – and you know, is this a good investment. So before i do so, i need to let you know i’m, not a financial advisor. These are just my own personal opinions on the market. So please always do your own research before investing any money. Okay, that being said guys in the space of 24 hours right 24 hours, dogecoin has pumped 773. That is absolutely insane and the reason behind it is because uh a platform called robin hood was stopping average people like you and me from trading certain stocks right after they realized that there was people on reddit it’s, just mad. When i think about it, when there was people already that um basically bankrupt people uh these, these uh hedge fund companies, because they saw that their hedge funds were short in uh, a particular stock uh. I think it’s called gme right game. Gamestop uh let’s see if it shows it down here, i’m, not sure if it is anything here, we go gme right so now that robin heard has tried to stop the average people from buying or selling gme gamestop.

The stock right. This is gme is like the stock tag right for gamestop people in the crypto industry have decided to take it upon themselves to try and pump dogecoin and guys, as you can see, it’s gone absolutely parabolic like this. Can this this whole chart here, it’s so parabolic? That is it just shocks me like it’s one of these ones, where you know it makes everybody want to get involved and have a piece of the action, but guys. I need to open up your mind to this right because well, as i sit here looking at this coin, four and a half pence literally we’re talking less than a couple of hours ago, you know it was point zero. Let me let me just zoom this in so you can see right, let’s, just really zoom in what’s happened. So you know what the 26 27 28. On the 28th floor, it was less than a penny, guys. 28Th 29th. It was less than a penny and it shot up so high and i think a coin that can go as high as this in the space of a day in my eyes is a very risky time to be putting in. I think you had to be one of these people that got in when it was around this time here you know: zero: zero, five, zero, zero, seven, zero, zero, nine! If you’re now, thinking that you wan na invest into dogecoin guys again not investment advice but i’m, just telling you my personal opinion and you want to invest, as is this high when it’s 700 percent high, you need to prepare yourself for this massive fall that’s about To come because something that goes that high and i mean let’s – put itself in the top 10 guys something that goes this high, so parabolic so fast is surely going to fall or correct or whatever word you want to call it and it’s going to come as As you know, when i see like crypto currencies correct, they usually correct as quick as they rise, and you know we can.

We can use bitcoin as an example right just to show you how parabolic trends work now have a look at 2017 right. It went straight up and it came straight back down. You know and we’re in this sort of phase. Now, where you know we may have had the top in for bitcoin already, and we could be seeing some form of a correction which could probably bring it down to about twenty thousand dollars. Who knows that’s just my personal opinion, but you know this is all about. Dogecoin – and i just want to give you guys – a warning really because as high as it is now and who knows this may go higher, it could go higher, you could put in uh whatever pounds or thousands whatever you want to put in, and it could reach A lot higher, but i can guarantee you now that this trend will not last forever, and i just want to prepare you guys, if you’re thinking about investing at the peak of what it is now because, like i said, you don’t see often that coins do 700. In the space of 24 hours, for me, it’s not healthy. For me, i just see dogecoin just becoming a new pump and dump coin, meaning that it’s gon na get pumped like you see and at some point it’s going to get dumped, probably like your ex or your anyway um. I just wanted to show you this because obviously it’s like just going everywhere, the news is just insane trending everywhere and uh.

I thought, if there’s any of my subscribers that are watching that you know it’s thinking getting into this, because they think that they’re missing out on it guys again, not investment advice. I am watching it it’s fun to watch but i’m not going to take that risk of investing anything to then obviously be be on the dump side, where people just dump it on me uh, but yeah i’m going to leave it here view. But before i do look look for yourself. Look at the the average, like you know, the top performing coins that we have like the chain links and the car demos. You know they’re sitting on. Like six percent, you know three percent. Even in the week look 21 for chain link look at the week: seven percent for card on it even guys even ethereum 16 in a week, even bitcoin 11 in a week or seven percent. You know we’re talking really like respectable coins. Right that have uh got a decent pump over the last 24 to seven days. So when you look at dogecoin with like 771 percent, that is a red flag for me, but yeah anyway, whoever’s bought into this at the time way before this pump happened. Congratulations to you big up to you guys, obviously, because you’re in insane profits but yeah think twice before investing in uh investing any money into these coins. Do your own research as well, if you’re gon na, do this, let me know how it goes for you drop your comments down below.

Do you have dogecoin already, because you might be one of these people that bought in you know when it was around here, flatlining or you know even around here, you might have been one of these people, so if you have it, let me know, drop your comments. Let me know what you think: these guys want to try and pump it to one pa one pound. I don’t know if it’s going to go that high or sorry one dollar. I really don’t believe it’s going to go that high, but anything’s possible. Like i said with the way this cryptocurrency market is going, anything is possible, but yeah guys i’m going to leave it here. You hope you enjoyed this. Please drop a like give me a subscribe.

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