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If you got to see a part of the interview where he actually said that includes people who’ve been tested in south africa and brazil, did you pick up on that anjali? I did not hear the full part, but i do know that they have made comments uh about that in general company officials, talking about the idea that they are keeping track of these variants and that’s what every company seems to be doing right now. So let’s talk about j j. First, of course, we know it’s a one dose vaccine they’re, expecting the uh results early next week and after that is when we go into territory that we’re familiar with from our experience with visor and moderna, and that is getting into the eua, which could come late February, which would lead to a rollout of the vaccines in march and that’s important, because we also know that, in that interim is when we’re still relying on pfizer and moderna to continue vaccinating individuals here in the u.s. Now we know that they are also looking at a a two dose trial as well for uh later this year, that’s when we’ll hear more about that. Meanwhile, a lot of other news coming out for uh vaccines, pfizer saying that they’ve completed the enrollment for the 20 12 to 15 year old group, and that is a group that they started looking at in in july of last year. We know that, of course, vaccination for young adults and kids is still unknown, and we need to be looking at that so pfizer with that announcement.

Today, they’ve enrolled more than 46 000 individuals and are ready to go through with that. Meanwhile, also in the treatment space regeneron out with information on their cocktail body, uh cocktail, antibody therapy and about the positive results there. Of course, we don’t know the full data, and this is just based off of the press – release that says that it reduced symptomatic cases by a hundred percent and all cases by 50, and this is really interesting, because uh we’ve seen it as a potential for a Vaccine like treatment for individuals who are high risk. We also know that others like eli lilly, are also already out there, but they require more uh sort of in labor intensive administration. So this could be something that a lot of people are looking for. Meanwhile, all eyes on the strains we’ve got confirmation of that strain out of brazil p.1, as of yesterday from the minnesota health department, and that has spurred a lot of concern about travel. We know that the us is now really cracking down on travel with a negative test required 72 hours before arrival and certain areas and parts of the world like the uk, europe, brazil and south africa having banned – and this is not new – we saw this sometime last Year but we’ve also seen other countries take similar stances, so this is not new again, but it is a sort of a reaffirmation that the biden administration is really cracking down on all of these things that need to be done in order to help curb the spread.

Adam, hey andre: what do we know about the brazilian variant sky? I believe it’s called the p1 varian it was found like you were just saying in minnesota. But what can you tell us just about the transmissibility of this variant and what it could potentially mean? Just in terms of the us’s efforts to get the pandemic under control, how does it complicate that? Well, just like all the others, it is more virulent, but this one has more similarities to the south africa variants, and that is the reason why it is of concern. We know that we learned so much about south africa’s strain uh p, a p, sorry b, one three, fifty one yesterday uh because moderna had done the study with exact vaccine showing that it is still effective, um against that south africa stream, but just a little bit Less effective than it would be against the uk, and the other strains that are around so it seems like that is a reason for concern is that it shares that similar mutation. That would make it a little bit more resilient now, while this doesn’t affect vaccines that are already on the market, some experts are pointing to others that have lower efficacy rates. Remember moderna and pfizer have that 94 95 efficacy, and so with others that are lower.

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