Stock, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company PFIZER STOCK 45-50$ Price target after 02.02 EXPLAINED! PFE stock analysis

Estimations are that we will earn earnings. Pressures are estimated of 0.96 previous year. It was 0. 57, estimated and 55. It was announced, but this one it will be at least at least, which is twice as big and wide because of copied boxing sales. I will go through it. I have exact articles which are showing that that this one will be absolutely absolutely massive. So, first of all, we should start with pfizer, like previous year, we’re sitting at we’re sitting at from 40 33 to 38, so we we wasn’t sitting at the lower level. So we still didn’t grow. We are sitting at 36 dollars same as one year ago and plus all these of this copied vaccines. This is absolutely absolutely massive massive possible gain because we still didn’t grow. We are sitting at the same price like one year ago. We are sitting at the same price and adding this all of this hobby. Bucks in the revenue can double what will be means for the stock price will fly i’m telling you. If you want to be happy like this, you should buy the pfizer stock because it’s easy buy, look just take. Take a look at sales from the coffee vaccine, then just take a look at it. First of all, let’s take a look at the market cap. As you can see, pfizer city gets 200 billions market cup and a pe ratio of 23. So the end it’s easy calculations 203 billions.

If you divide it by 23.76, you got 8.5 billions revenue in the whole year and what is coming for the next year for this year for 2021. I will just show you something: there is expected of 13.6 billion in global sales for pfizer in 2021, so it will double from the previous year if earnings double pro stock price can easily double. So the pfizer can trade at 70 dollars not even killing, but we are not going so far because this one will be just first quarter and we got few few quarters more to go. But in this quarter we should see already huge revenue. Still, there are more orders for biden signs more covet 19 orders files. Furniture wants to expand the sales in this article it’s written that pfizer moderna are about 133 billions from vaccines in 2021 and in this one is that they are even expected to and 19 billions from revenue in 2021. Here is written 14 billion, so we can average. This out, it can be easily they sold so much back since this revenue can be absolutely absolutely massive if they got possible of 19 billions or or 14 billions in revenue in 2021. So in this quarter we already should see a massive spike massive spikes, also the earnings we already estimated that the earnings per per share will be almost twice as big as previous year, but it will be even higher. Like trust me like, we will have so huge revenue in this year will have so such a huge revenue.

So what what does it will means for a stock? I will just show you guys and guys, as you can see what is happening with the stock. We are so low on the four hour third frame, as you can see, rsi very low level. We see it on the four hour chart frame daily, so we got easy room. We can just flow so till the in the second of february same there easy. We can just go four hour turn frame daily chart frame. I am super bullish about it. First of all, we got solids upward at this level of 36 dollars. We shouldn’t break below this level, so we should be trading above this level at above this 36 dollars. It was validating many times many times so it’s a very strong support, so we won’t drop below so now, it’s the perfect buying opportunity. I don’t believe that we’ll drop below earnings, you won’t, see the lower prices, maybe we’ll just consolidate. I like, like. I will draw you the chart so right now, we’ll we might just consolidate, maybe go a little higher till the earnings will be like there might be ‘ dollars. We will see, but after earnings we’ll still be testing, this 43 consolidate and go even higher, because this earnings will be massive. So what i expect at least 43 dollars is my minimum for after the fisher earnings, but i would expect 45 it’s a strong, buy and it’s just strong buy guys like i will be buying fizer.

I will load a lot. I will load most of my money after the apple’s earnings, big and cci earnings, because these events come now now we got apple’s earnings. Now we got apple earnings, which will be, which can be massive massive massive. So, first we go for apple earnings and for ccib for cciv mad and straight after we take our profits. We we take our profits apple. I will sell all of my shares at the rent or 170 180 and then i will load up pfizer. I will load up everything in pfizer, because this one is absolutely absolutely massive massive growth for this company, so it’s a huge potential guys and also, as you can see there, moderna also is about to earn a lot of money. Moderna is also expected: 13 billion from revenue and market cup of modern is much much lower, it’s also a strong buy. I told you guys when moderna was trading at the level like there one hundred three dollars. I was telling you that it’s a buy and go that you buy. We are 30 percent up in this month, just from modern pfizer. We can earn at least 20, but what i think it will be. 30 40 percent. Massive gains from pfizer are expected and then we got also moderna because moderna but moderna. We should wait for the earnings, because modern earnings is 24th of february. So what we do we just load up pfizer after the apple and cciv.

We take our profit at third or fourth, the february we sell the pfizer of at this level of 43 50. We sell it and then we load up the and then we go for moderna, because modern market cap is small 50. Billions and revenue is also estimated to be 13 billions in the in this year, but modern. I will also make the detailed analysis about about this stock, because this stock is also worth mentioning, because now we are like that, maybe we’ll consolidate, but after earnings after earnings we will go huge man to 170 180 will retest this highs of 180 dollars. I think, and i will drop video about moderna, so you know exactly what to do with the stock. Also, but yes, just just look at it, we are so low. We might be like we won’t, be we won’t see the lower prices. Maybe we’ll be like that, but closer to earnings will be like there and then we shoot up 43 and even higher so 20 percent again that’s it guys from my side. Thank you for watching and tomorrow or today i will drop video also about moderna and analysis of neo.

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