Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, Greece, Russia India expresses concern over vandalism of India's Italy embassy by Khalistanis | Latest English News

In fact, a video of the incident was also taken, and india has now reminded italy that the safety of indian diplomats and officials is their utmost responsibility. It has also demanded action against the perpetrators. At the same time, it has also praised britain for tackling the situation promptly. These miss koreans were backed by outlawed groups like seeks for justice. They have been active in many western european countries and north american countries as well. In fact, in december writers protested in front of the indian high commission in london, however, 13 people were arrested. Uk strong action has prevented any untoward acts by the khalasani supporters in london. The indian government has now lauded the uk for its proactive role and india had in fact been in touch with many countries over safety and security of its diplomatic premises. For more on this story, we are now being joined by our principal diplomatic, correspondent, sadhan civil, for more satan thanks. So much for joining us tell us more about this act of vandalism in italy and the indian government’s strong response to the same priyanka. Ahead of the republic day. India had shared credible inputs of kalistanis trying to do activities in front of indian missions in western europe and north america. That, of course, is a new sense, a regular nuisance in ahead of independence, day republic day or any other national day of india, and now, of course, we have seen the only major case being reported that too from italy.

What happened basically was ahead of the republic. There, in the dead of night, the miscreants came and defaced and vandalized the indian mission and of course we have seen the visuals as well scribbling kalistan zindabad in front of the indian in indian mission. And, of course, we know uh that, usually what the protocol dictates is that the safety and security of diplomatic personnel and diplomatic missions is with the host government like, for example, here in india. The safety of the the the italian mission or any other mission is with the indian authorities, but it looks like the italian government failed, and that is why india strongly took up the matter and if we look uh at the comparative examples has been a place where There have been number of kalistani elements who have been in the past, taking a lot of a lot of activities in terms of protests taking place in front of the indian mission. This is something that india had repeatedly raised with the uk government and we saw a strong action. In fact, the last such incident took place in the month of december. There was a huge protest even violating the covet norms, and then, of course, we saw uh the med police there in london taking a strong action right. The worst such incident before the current incident in italy, which has happened, was in 2018 when, in the aftermath of india, removing the special status first world state of jammu and kashmir, we saw uh that how uh there was the the window pane of the mission in London being broken by uh, the the the protesters there most of them being backed by pakistan right now.

My final question: is the indian government also answered anticipating more such actions by miscreants globally in other countries as well? Well, we have seen such incidences uh occurring on on a regular routine. In fact, there was a minor protest in front of the indian mission in washington as well uh, just yesterday on india’s republic day, but this is something that the local authorities need to uh brace up and, of course, india does believe that there could be certain actions As well, in fact, propaganda being used by seek for justice, which is an outlawed group, especially videos coming from here, uh the the clashes which took place here in delhi. These videos might be used by these, these these all cloud groups on social media and, of course, trying to incite violence or radicalize youth in these western countries. This is something that india has been regularly taking through diplomatic through channel channels and, of course, sensitizing uh. Their counterparts about uh this impacting the security and, of course, stability. Here in india, we know that whether it is canada, whether it is uk or other western european countries, they have come solidly in support of new delhi and have been regularly exchanging information. Whether it is the issue of terrorism or propaganda right absolutely sit down, we leave it there.

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