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This, as the new biden administration, says they are interested in opening bilateral talks to extend the new start treaty due to expire in just a few weeks. For more on this, we will go to jeremy kuzmarov he’s, the managing editor of covert action magazine and author of the book. The russians are coming again. I still want to call you, professor, so that might come out. Professor jeremy kuzmarov is here good to see you. First of all, professor kremlin spokesman, dmitry peskov, fired back saying. The u.s is meddling in their country’s internal affairs and the u.s is supporting law breakers within the federation. How do you view the battle of the spokespeople in washington and moscow? Well, this case has been very politicized and i think russia does have a point whether they’re correct in their treatment of navalny or not. They do have a point that the united states should stay out. I mean there is the issue of of state sovereignty, and russia has, you know, should have the right to deal with their affairs and problems without the united states. You know taking a stand on the issue, i mean that could be very dangerous and and provocative from the from the russian government point of view and the united states doesn’t want. You know russia, meddling or commenting on internal affairs in the united states. So uh. You know there should be. I mean russia’s justified in that respect, because the united states would feel the same way yeah in their position.

On that note, that’s exactly right: jen saki, the press secretary, echoed the sentiments of the state department this weekend condemning the arrests of many protesters and even journalists who participated in these navalny protests just a few days ago. So why would she issue such a statement when, just months ago, the u.s did the very same thing here during blm protests, which saw even reporters being arrested, live on tv live on air isn’t that pretty hypocritical? Well, i think so. Yeah i mean russia again uh! You know doesn’t want the united states meddling in their affairs or commenting on developments within their country, as the united states doesn’t want russia doing the same so, and i mean there is, you know, a pattern here: the united states, for instance, you know in the cold War with supporting soviet dissidents, the united states clearly dislikes vladimir putin, has been you know. Navalny has been kind of darling in the western media, their allegations of u.s support for him. Those haven’t been corroborated, but the us clearly has been encouraging the opposition to putin and dislikes putin. You know who’s a strong russian nationalists and has stood up against certain american interests, so there’s a very clear political agenda in trying to support navalny and undermine putin. So you can clearly see why russia would be uh upset about all this. Would you compare this action similar to to like the color revolutions? We saw in neighboring georgia, and perhaps even ukraine, yes, and also belarus.

The united states over the last 20 25 years has supported starting in serbia against milosevic. Many of these color revolutions, where they support the opposition and they you know, present the opposition movements usually to pro russian governments. As these led by democrats and these leaders like in georgia, it was mikhail sakashvili. He was presented as this great beacon of democracy, but zakish feel he proved to be very corrupt and he started a war with russia and a lot of the leaders of the u.s has supported or very unsavory, and there are big question marks about navalny and whether He’S, an opportunist and he’s had some association with far right wing groups in russia and generally promote a fairly conservative economic program, and you know maybe more the interest of the united states uh he would uphold rather than russian state interests. So this very well may be fitting the pattern that we’ve seen before, and you know russia has a right to be suspicious. Given what’s happened on its borders that there’s an effort by the united states to try and overthrow the putin government and trigger a color revolution and belarusian navalny has supported the leader. The opposition movement in belarus, which has received a lot of funding from the national endowment for democracy, trying to overthrow the pro socialist pro russian government of lukashenko in belarus. And how do you view navalny’s role in how the u.s will engage with russia? On the new start treaty will navalny be kind of used as a bargaining chip.

He could be yeah people, you know russia hawks could stand up and say you know we don’t want to forge any alliance with russia or make any agreement with them. I think there’s. Also, the issue the nordstream pipeline and the volney case is being used by elements in europe and the united states to try and block the nordstream pipeline. A gas pipeline from russia to germany from going forward, and also to ratchet up sanctions against russia, which are harmful to russia and unjustified and i’d, like to add that there’s, no proof established that navalny was poisoned or poisoned by russia. That the case with this poisoning. Very murky has been very politicized. You know is being used to advance a cold war political agenda yeah. We should definitely point out that it was the russians who were asking the germans to share their medical information, to which the german government has yet declined. So we’ll see how that shakes out if they ever do cooperate on this full cooperation.

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