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The world economic forum in davos went virtual this year due to the pandemic speaker of note today russian president vladimir putin, now in his first speech. At this event since 2009, he warned that global society risks a return of world wars without a concerted international effort. To avoid it, this as the u.s and russia are back in talks for an extension of the new start treaty due to expire in little more than a week. So joining us for analysis is former uk mp, george galloway, so george um vladimir putin’s speech has been characterized as dystopian, but he pointed out that quote, international institutions are weakening, regional conflicts are multiplying and global security is degrading. Now is that dystopian, or is that just simply factual? Well, if it’s dystopian it’s, because the world situation is dystopian and he was trying to focus uh interest and determination to change things uh on the people that run the world? Who are the participants in davos? It was a tour de force, the speech, i must tell you uh i’m, not sure president biden could have made it or most world leaders for that matter. It covered all these bases: world poverty, the danger of an arms race, the covet pandemic, the economic imbalance in the world. It was a truly remarkable speech and uh. I felt myself that most people in the world would think they’d be quite lucky if they had president putin as their leader. The truth is the world situation is grim and if we don’t act now, it’s going to slide from grim to potentially disastrous that’s.

What happened, as the president said in the 1930s, it wasn’t just the crash, followed by a a depression which we thought would never could never come back again: it’s that that depression led to a world cataclysm which, if there had been nuclear weapons at the time, if There had been would have meant the end of humanity. Imagine that yeah george another topic that putin hit on was reining in the power of big tech, and he said that the monopolistic practice isn’t in the public interest. How do you feel about that that analysis? Again? I think that’s very widely shared half of america shares it that’s for sure, because they supported president trump, who was literally closed down and even in the run up to the election. Important stories that might have had some bearing on the outcome of the election were literally wiped off the public uh square by big tech owners that are accountable to no one, largely pay no tax to anyone, but are themselves now becoming a billionaire so many times over. They probably couldn’t count their wealth, mr bezos, for example, he’s, not a billionaire he’s, a trillionaire, perhaps the world’s first, but probably not the last trillionaire, so big tech and its control of the public square, which can be used against individuals in any state that’s. One thing bad enough, but it can be used. As president putin said against whole states, entire states can be wiped off the map, literally from the technological perspective they might as well not be there.

You can’t see them, hear them or or reason with them. Absolutely george right on point and seeing as as putin and joe biden had their first official phone call last night. Is this a good barometer of how u.s russia relations will look over the next four years? Well, it’s a it’s, a rare ray of sunshine. I must say, and although i’m not president biden’s biggest fan, he deserves uh. Congratulations for acting so quickly and decisively on this matter, and it looks as if the strategic arms reduction treaty start is going to be renewed, albeit only for five years and in very short order. The russian parliament will be over there in the next two days and president biden is confident that the extension will be signed before the timetable runs out in just as you say a few days time now. These strategic arms do what they say on the chin. They allow the superpower to wipe out the other superpower as opposed to intermediate weapons. The only wipeout people like us here in europe who are neither russia nor america but strategic arms if used literally mean the end of the world. If japan had had a nuclear weapon to fire back and hit the united states, if germany had had one or uh had 700, which is what uh the us and russia now have even under the start treaty uh, then the world would no longer exist and we Would not be talking now, so this is vitally important news and uh it’s ironic isn’t it that trump who was said to be a kremlin agent broke all the nuclear weapons treaties and the authors of russiagate.

The democrats are the ones now doing business with russia sing hallelujah.

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