Vladimir Putin, Russia, Globalization, World economy France: PACE members condemn arrest of Russian opposition figure Navalny

Now it’s absolute stalinism, it’s terror against its own citizens. Again navichoke against the leader of opposition chemical weapon, detain illegal of a person. Hundreds beat it. Thousands arrested and we cannot wait till even thursday, the earlier the better, the way in which the brave leader of the opposition alexei navalny, has been dealt with uh. When i raise this matter in parliament in the united kingdom, i point out that it is london, which is the center of the activity of the oligarchs surrounding putin. Is their investments uh their acquisition of property, and we need to take stronger action in relation to their activities? You know it’s even quite astonishing that our prime minister has nominated the son of a former kgb agent to be a member of our parliament in the house of lords. The russian authorities persistently continue to shrink political and civil liberties. The targeted campaign against the leader of the opposition and thousands of russian citizens confirm the conclusions of the court of human rights that the aim of the ongoing political process is to suppress the political tourism and therefore effective diplomacy, which is the central value of this organization. And we did nothing for the people in belarus and are still as far as ancient stone, doing nothing welcome nagano korabash in eastern europe, mediterranean, complex and progress and the finding of some sort of settlement of our neighbors in belarus bravely keep fighting for their rights. Basic rights and against an unseen, and sometimes too visual police brutality.

What is the following? 104 members voted in favor council of europe, the oldest and respected human rights organization actually on the planet has no answer to the cries and begs of help from a european country. Then really, what is the purpose of this organization? Having said that, i looked at the images how many thousands of peaceful protesters were treated the past weekend in some of the cities across russia. I most certainly this organization needs to look at itself very carefully. Half an hour, the group i expressed the great concern towards the situation related to the arrest and detention of anti corruption, activist alexey navalny in january, the arrest of his peaceful supporters and, more generally social political developments in russia. Therefore, we believe that navalny case has been included to the agenda this week, and it will be our response to challenges of democracy has been also prompt, including also monitoring of elections, as in georgia, where we fully support the report prepared by tina cox and a post Electoral mission there, the head of the georgian delegation for three minutes – and that is the last speaker for today, but also regarding political prisoners in turkey, where we have still to see a positive reaction on behalf of the turkish state. The case of demitas, a member of the turkish parliament, is emblematic. We should seek nothing less than full implementation of the decision of the court, so, as mr demeltas, one of many political prisoners in turkey, be immediately released and return to his parliamentary duties.

Allow me to be blunt: i cannot agree with the positive assessment of the 2020 elections according to the local ngos, which have been monitoring the elections in georgia for many years. Those were the worst elections in modern georgian history and stepped back on its democratic development paths. The likely result was the coalition government, the first one in georgia’s history. We remain hopeful that the opposition representatives, which uh will take up their mandates granted to them by 800 000 voters and shift to the democratic process from streets to the parliament because up to the date, there is not a single piece of evidence of any ground based On which the election results may be questioned, colleagues, azerbaijan is not getting ready for a peaceful coexistence with armenians and continues to pose a direct genocidal threat to physical security of armenians in nagorno karabakh. Under these circumstances, we must make sure that the peace process resumes within the framework of the osce means group co chairmanship. The further political solution to the status of nagorno karabakh on the basis of self determination is vital for the whole region.

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